Nana Osei Bandoh
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nana Osei Bandoh]]
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Ring Names Prince Nana
Height 5’11”
Weight 235 lbs
Date of birth 1977
Place of birth
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Resides New York, New York, United States
Billed from "Ghana, West Africa"
Trainer Angel
Big Vito
D-Von Dudley
Johnny Rodz
Mr. Fabian Street
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Debut 1996 for the East Coast Wrestling Association
Retired {{{retired}}}

Prince Nana Osei Bandoh is an American professional wrestler of Ghanaian extraction, better known by his ring name, Prince Nana. He also claims to be an Ashanti prince.


Although Nana was born in the United States, he claims also to be the son of an Ashanti tribe member with royal heritage and the heir to the throne of Ashanti in Ghana. When Nana was three, his family relocated to Ghana for five years, returning so that Nana could be educated in America. As a teenager, he relocated to New York City in America as an exchange student. In 1992, at the age of fifteen, Nana watched WrestleMania VIII, and was inspired by the WWF World Heavyweight Championship match between "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Ric Flair to become a wrestler. A year later, he wrote to the World Wrestling Federation and asked their advice as to which professional wrestling school he should attend. The WWF recommended that he train under Larry Sharpe, but Nana felt that Sharpe's school (in Westville, New Jersey) was too far away. Instead, Nana became a photographer for Johnny Rodz, who operated Gleason's Gym in New York. Nana worked for Rodz until he turned eighteen, when Rodz began training him as a wrestler. He debuted in 1996, wrestling Big Vito in a church in Spanish Harlem.

Nana worked regularly for the East Coast Wrestling Association in Delaware and USA Pro Wrestling in New York, as well as making appearances with the WWF and with ZERO ONE in Japan. In 2002, he joined the upstart Ring of Honor promotion, where in 2004 he formed a heel stable known as The Embassy. He remained with Ring of Honor until September 2006, when he gave his notice.

In 2007, Nana joined the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance as the heel manager for James Andrews. Nana was used as a comedy character and manager mostly. Later that year, Nana and Andrews teamed with Genesius Annaya to form the heel stable C.P.R (Counter Point Radicals. After a few weeks, Nana would turn on Andrews, leading to his departure from the XWA. Nana remained Genesius Annaya's manager nevertheless. In 2008, Nana and Annaya joined Chaos in creating the new C.P.R (Counter Point Rejects), a faction still active to this day.

At XWA Supremacy, Nana physically interfered in Genesius Annaya's XWA Xtreme Championship Ladder Match by distracting Annaya's opponent, and allowing his partner to grab the title and win the match.

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