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Princess Kaylen
Real name Kaylen Audrey Townsend
Ring Names Queen Kaylen

Princess Kaylen Kay Dee

Height 5'4"
Weight 128 lbs
Date of birth August 4, 1978 (age 33)
Place of birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Resides Springfield, Massachusetts
Billed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Trainer Jesse Hernandez, Jim Evers
Bloodstone Wrestling Federation

Sports Entertainment Alliance RAW Alliance

Handled by Kendra
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Debut August 16, 2001
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Kaylen Audrey Townsend (born on August 4, 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American professional wrestler.

She is best known as Princess Kaylen, and is a member of the stable the Brat Pack.

Early life

Townsend was born the only child of Steven and Valerie Townsend, living in Pittsburgh for the majority of her life. She was a soloist in her choir, and excelled in creative writing during high school. Her main sport to play was volleyball, however she (clearly) had a huge fascination with wrestling, and had tried out for the wrestling team several times but was always turned down because of her feminity.

She eventually graduated from Penn State and received a degree in foreign studies. Instead of pursuing this study, she used money made from working at a local pizzeria to travel to Los Angeles, California to train with famed wrestling trainer Jesse Hernandez.

Independent Circuit

Kaylen's very first wrestling promotion was a small-time company known as Great Championship Wrestling. She debuted in August 2001 as Kay Dee, the two-faced sidekick of the popular Jason Cross. During segments, she would appear to be an excited rookie, one that the fans identified with. However, when she entered the ring, she would turn "psycho" (as described by analysts), and would argue with the referee, often getting herself disqualified for physical abuse soon after.

She defeated three other women in October of the same year to become the first-ever Women's Champion, and soon declared herself wrestling royalty. However, after only four months of holding the championship, she was stripped of the title due to inappropriate backstage conduct, resulting also in her release.

She decided to sign with a new company, Major League Wrestling, based in her homestate of Pennsylvania. It was there that she used just her first name, and first appeared as a heel, competing against junior heavyweight-classed males, since there wasn't a strong enough women's division.

Trish Stratus

Once she had captured the Junior Heavyweight Championship in 2002, Townsend went on a tyraid about the women in professional wrestling that seemed to be getting more attention for their looks, rather than their abilities. One woman that she mainly focused on was Trish Stratus from World Wrestling Entertainment.


Kaylen disguised as Stratus, performing the Chick Kick on an opponent

In late 2002, Kaylen had changed her appearance to resemble that of Stratus and used all of her signatures, claiming she was handing out "100% Kaylifaction Guaranteed." The majority of wrestling fans that watched her were furious at her attempts to challenge a much more advanced grappler as herself - however at the same time, a cult following was building in her favor, giving her a controversial image. Because of her repeated use of Stratus's moves, her current signatures are known as Ode to the Blonde Parts one and two, using both her taunt, and her Chick Kick.

It was also during this time that she referred to herself as Queen Kaylen, further proving her point of royalty in 2003 when she began challenging Sable's status during her return to WWE in May of that year. She soon went under the tutelage of a wrestling legend in MLW and was christened as Princess Kaylen, rather than Queen, because "[she] had yet to reach top Diva status." Because of that comment, and the mentioning of the word 'diva,' Kaylen snapped and attacked her mentor with a vicious Tornado DDT, aptly named God Killed the Queen, and announced herself as Princess Kaylen.

Evangelina Ramos and Ultimate Wrestling Inc

After much practice in the independent world, Kaylen was signed to Ultimate Wrestling Inc in 2006, a company owned by one Evangelina Ramos and her first professional promotion. Since being recruited by Chandler Evers to join The Brat Pack, Townsend tagged with stable member Nick Branson and called him her 'caddy,' having him escort her to the ring for matches. Due to this, and her bouncy attitude, she was given the alignment of a baby face by the UWI fans. Also during this time, she had aligned herself with the heel Ramos, calling herself the biggest fan of hers.

This kind of "sellout" attitude did not sit well with most of Kaylen's fans, and thus a backlash ensued. Instead of staying in UWI to resolve these issues, however, Kaylen and Nick took their leave from the company and decided to stick to independent promotions for an extended amount of time.

RAW Alliance

In August 2007, Kaylen returned to wrestling in RAW Alliance, along with her caddy and a fresh heel attitude. She was immediately targeted by Robert Michaels, based on small comments made about him during her first interview. However, the two wouldn't get to continue their feud because of the fact that Michaels refused to wrestle a female. Kaylen had no comment.

Townsend was also scheduled to face off against three other women for a chance to become the first-ever RAW:A Women's Champion, but the company folded before she could compete.

World Wide Entertainment

Soon after, she joined WWE - however it was against her wishes, for she had a strong dislike for every competitor on the roster, especially in the women's division.

Her first match was against Stephanie McMahon, to which she had ultimately won before she decided to quit the company.

Xtreme Championship Wrestling Alliance and New Extreme Wrestling

Later in the month, Townsend joined XCWA based on requests from both Matthew Crosslin and Jamie Static. She engaged in a brief feud against Shannon Santana, along with Tammi Marley, both of which fans claimed to be "bogus" and pointless for entertainment. Even Kaylen agreed that they weren't as intense as she had wanted them to be.

Also during this time, she began - but did not continue - a storyline with one Tyler Silvano, one that was supposed to allow Branson a chance to grow jealousy and make his XCWA debut against Silvano while Kaylen is stuck in the middle. However, XCWA folded around the time that the storyline began.

While she was in XCWA, Kaylen signed with New Extreme Wrestling just to try it out - however it wasn't to her likings, and after cutting one promo, both she and the company parted ways with the wrestling world.

Sports Entertainment Alliance

On March 16, 2008, Townsend made her return to the wrestling ring in Sports Entertainment Alliance, appearing as a masked figure attacking Sheridan Ferguson in the middle of her match against Angel Evans. She revealed herself after the match was won by Evans, and was seen backstage discussing plans with SEA co-owner Mackenzie Adams.

The following week, Kaylen was entered in the Women's World Championship tournament, taking on Cassandra Daniels to officially enter herself in the competition. She had won the match, and later that evening was crowned the Princess of SEA by Lennix and Adams.

Townsend was taken out of the tournament due to personal reasons (revealed to be that she had lost a family member), but was scheduled to return and run for the Women's World Championship again. However, the company folded before the match could take place.

Bloodstone Wrestling Federation


Kaylen with the Women's Championship

Kaylen was introduced as a newcomer in BWF in July 2009, marking her first appearance in a wrestling ring in over a year. She debuted in a winning effort in a dark match against Jessica Allen - accompanied by Nick Branson. Soon after, Townsend appeared in several one-on-one encounters and battle royals before she defeated Kendra Taylor to enter a Triangle Ladder Match for the #1 contendership at Relapse. There, she competed against Tapanga Britt and Serenity in a losing effort to Britt.

Since then, Townsend has been self-promoting her ability to become Women's Champion, constantly challenging the current champion Morgan Adams. Her best physical proof of this was a submission victory over Adams' partner, Brooklyn Daniels, using a triangle chokehold. To promote at the upcoming pay-per-view Night of the Dead, Kaylen was placed in a tag team match, her partner being former Women's Champion Kasey, against Hollywood Glamour (Adams and Daniels) to which the latter won. The following week, in non-title competition, Kaylen defeated Adams heading into their Triple Threat confrontation with Kasey at the PPV. She was unsuccessful in her quest for the BWF Women's Championship, and after a loss to the Blue Marvel the following Prime, she announced a sabbatical with an intent to return with a "new plan."

She returned the Prime after the New Dawn pay-per-view, competing in a Fatal Four-Way (featuring former foe Morgan Adams) to determine the number one contender to the Women's Championship (which was won by Jasmine Kaydance from Karrie Winter later in the evening). This subsequently saw Kaylen's first official face turn, complete with a new look and theme song. The following Prime, Townsend finally reached the pinnacle of the BWF women's division when she defeated Kaydance to become the Women's Champion. She lost the title, however, to (the renamed) Morgan Daniels on the March 29th edition of Prime. This unsettling loss resulted in Kaylen taking another break from BWF, and ultimately leaving soon after.

Kaylen has said about BWF:

"I have everything against BWF. I thought it was a safe-haven, a place where I could thrive and improve on this Princess Kaylen persona - and while I could say that people know me better and whatnot, they don't understand where this character is going. I'm just some nutty person with a royalty name attached to sound cool or whatever, and that's not what my career is about. I'm also not some psychotic freak who wants a championship every day of the week; I want competition. There is no competition with people like Morgan Daniels and Company, people who waste time in pro wrestling. If you think they'll give you a run for your money then you obviously haven't gone toe-to-toe with the best of them and you haven't given your best to this business. THAT'S what I want out of a company. I'm not an employee; I'm an athlete. It's too bad they don't realize that."

Townsend is set to make her much-anticipated return to BWF on the August 9th edition of Prime. She had returned but left again as the company soon folded.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Signature and Common Moves
    • Ode to the Blonde Parts I and II (Pointing taunt / Roundhouse Kick)
    • Spinebuster
    • Running Shoulder Block
    • Open Right-hand Punches
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Sleeper Hold
    • Spinning Back Kick
    • Triangle Chokehold
    • Flying Cross Body
    • Catatonic Backbreaker
    • Jumping Clothesline
    • Figure-Four Leglock
    • Lady in the Lake
    • Standard DDT
    • Headscissors Takedown
    • Belly to Belly Throw
    • Various Kicks
    • Uppercuts
  • Nicknames
    • "The Kaylen"
    • "The Holy Villain"
    • "The Alpha Girl"
    • "The DDT Dominatrix"
    • "Your Majesty"
    • "The Princess of SEA"
    • "The (self-proclaimed) Apex Predator"
    • "The Modern-Day Joan of Arc"
  • Entrance Music
    • "God Killed the Queen" by Louis XIV (used in independent companies)
    • "Dance in My Blood" by Men, Women & Children (RAW Alliance)
    • "Date with the Night" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (RAW Alliance/WWE)
    • "Tick" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (BWF)
    • "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central (current)
  • Managers
    • Nick Branson
    • Monica Massacre
  • Wrestlers Managed by Princess Kaylen

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Great Championship Wrestling
    • GCW Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Major League Wrestling
    • MLW Junior Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
  • Continental Wrestling Enterprise
    • CWE Women's Championship (2 times)
  • Atlantic All-Pro Wrestling
    • AAP Women's Championship (3 times)
  • Bloodstone Wrestling Federation
    • BWF Women's Championship (1 time)

Personal life

Townsend is a huge fan of the bands Linkin Park and the Rolling Stones. She has frequent dreams of seeing the Stones in concert, and hopes to marry Mick Jagger in the future.

Townsend is known backstage to have flings with a few of her co-workers. This was most notable in XCWA, where she had a slight off-screen interest in fellow Superstar Tyler Silvano before she decided to leave the company. She has even been linked to her own caddy, Nick Branson, with many still assuming she and him are together "in secret."

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