PWE (Pro-Wrestling Entertainment), is an E-Wrestling site that was formed during the summer of 2003 and still continues strong to this day. It is currently found at PWE was originally known as PWSE - which stood for Pro-Wrestling SCOOPS Entertainment - as it was a subsidiary of PWS, a wrestling information site. In early 2004, PWSE would split away from PWS and move to its own site, where it would be renamed "PWE." The federation currently runs on invisionfree forums and is #2 on the Wrestling Directory of Invisionfree.

PWE was founded by Joe Peters (going under the alias "Sean O'Haire") and Wayne Wiggins (going under the alias "Double U").

Role players are allowed to RP as both real wrestlers and made-up characters in PWE.

Recently, the PWE has developed a new format, with PWE only running one show a month with a two week RPing limit and a five role play maximum for each participant. PWE has no set roster, as each role player must sign up for every show on a monthly basis. This allows role players the opportunity to come and go from the fed as they please.

The History of PW(S)E

EVERYTHING BELOW THIS IS CURRENTLY BEING REVISED This section is just a rough draft, and will likely contain factual and clerical errors.

The Beginning

Before, PW(S)E was born, there was the GWF (Global Wrestling Federation). This was an e-fed ran by Cody McLaughlin, a future PWE role player and hall-of-famer. The federation was ran in a similar way to PWE in that it was role-play based. Many future PWE role-players were involved with the federation, including Jason Bush, Dylann Bobei, Andy Napier, Laces Cassidy, Rick Robinson, Jobe Peters, and Wayne Williams. The latter two were involved in a tag-team match in which they believed they lost wrongfully. Their disillusion with the federation led them to attmept to start their own fed. This resulted in PWSE (Pro-Wrestling Scoops Entertainment), located on the message board of pro-wrestling news site, Pro Wrestling Scoops.

PWSE's first show, The Saga Begins, in Tampa Bay, Florida, was notable for the birth of the X-Flex, a powerful stable consisting of Jacob "The One" Hein, Kidd Krazy, and K.W. Studd. The Rock defeated Hein in a one on one match to gain entrance to the Heavyweight /Television title match scheduled for the first episode of Revenge. Crazy Brain became his opponent by defeating Shawn Michaels.

On PWSE's second show, PWSE Revenge from Newcastle, England, The Rock won the Heavyweight Title in a match versus Crazy Brain. In defeat, Crazy Brain was awarded the Television Title. Clarke X-Treme won the Dream Title by winning a battle royal.

The End

All great things must come to an end, and that includes PWE. PWE began to slow down in late 2006, but was still running better than most feds, that was until the almighty Jobe left. With out Jobe PWE went into frenzy, first Andy Napier was in charge, but couldn't find ways to agree with PWE. Then Jason Spencer took a crack at it, but just couldn't keep the dead weight above water. Now the board still stands up like the Pyramids a reminder of a once great thing. People still go to the forum but rarely post. If one wants to you can check out the archives of PWE to see the great matches and awesome threads.

Or was it?

Jobe came back to do a Saga Ends show. It was relatively successful. But PWE couldn't go out like that. So he and Wayne started PFE (Pro-FIGHTING Entertainment). This was decent but just wasn't the same fire as before. So they brought back good ole PWE.

Past Owners

PWE has seen several owners over its existence. They are:

Jobe Peters (Revenge, Underground, PWE & Admin of the site)

Wayne Wiggins (Revenge & Underground)- June 2003 to February 2005.

Andy Napier (Revenge & Underground)

Dylann Bobei (Revenge)

Bill Saporito (Underground)- June 2004 - November 2004

Mike (Ultimo) (Revenge)

Joshua Riess (Revenge)

Matt Senn (Revenge)

John Lennex (Underground)

Jason Spencer (Underground) - Now Current Head Owner -

Rease Nash (Underground)

Aldous (Underground)

Mik (The Mask) (Underground)

Trevor B.P. Sexton (Underground)

Rob Merriam (Revenge)

Michael "Mikel" Sweeten (Revenge)


PWE had hosted two separate development leagues where talent was carefully monitored until they were deemed to be ready for the competition of Revenge and Underground. The Proving Grounds was the first to be formed and was joined by The Foundation of Brutality shortly after. Currently, "The Proving Grounds" is the only development league. Currently, Underground and TPG are out of commission, because of a dramatic drop in RPers (Due to certain owner judgments *COUGH Lennex COUGH*).

Some foresaw this dramatic drop happening, because of a lack of attention to new RPers and favoring certain Role Players who seemingly were handed championship shots.

Big Names

PWE has housed many names that have gone on to be inducted into the PWE Hall of Fame or were simply very impactful to the company:

Shawn Michaels was RPed as by Honest Bharani Dharan and he is often referred to as the most dedicated person ever to grace the federation. His career lasted from the start of PWE in June 2003 until June 2006.

The Rock was RPed as by Jeremy Engele and was the first ever PWE Heavyweight Champion when he won the belt in 2003.

Kurt Angle was RPed as by Jason Bush and was The Rock's biggest rival in PWE's early stages. He was the second ever Heavyweight Champion in PWE's history.

Blue Lightning was RPed as by Dylann Bobei and is widely accepted as one of the biggest legends in PWE's history. He is the second-longest reigning PWE Heavyweight Champion ever. His reign lasted from January 2004 until November of 2004 for a total of 296 Days.

Tex Graham was RPed as by M. Rease Nash and is also widely accepted as one of the biggest legends in PWE's history. He was the longest reigning Television Champion with 211 Days until he was later surpassed by WildFool, and is the most decorated wrestler in PWE history with two PWE Heavyweight Title reigns, two PWE World Title reigns, two Pure Title reigns, a Television Title reign, and a Tag Team Title reign. In addition, he won the inaugural Last Man Standing tournament in 2003, the inaugural Trials 'N Tribulations match in 2004, and won the Deadly Game Deadly Game match in 2009 to become the first man to win all three events.

The Regulator was RPed as by William Daniel and is widely recognized as the most dominant force in PWE history. He was the longest reigning PWE Television Champion with 308 Days—the first PWE title reign to exceed 300 days, the longest-reigning PWE Heavyweight Champion ever with 336 days, and holds the record for the most PWE Heavyweight Title reigns with four—no one else has more than two.

There are several other big names in PWE's illustrious history such as Mikey Whipwreck (RPed as by Paul Collins), Ryan Styles (RPed as by Ryan Shields), WildFool (RPed as by Bill Saporito), Deuce "The Beast" Jackson, (RPed as by Andrew Yenchko), "the Professor" Nicholas Pryde (RPed as by Rob Merriam), and Gladiator (RPed as by Carlo Sobral).

The Explosion was RPed by Michael V2 and remains to be one of the greatest characters ever to be involved in PWE.

Historic PWE Events and People

- In June 2003, PWE was instated on PWS Forums.

- In January 2004, PWE would split into a separate entity.

- In June 2004, PWE would split into two separate brands, PWE Revenge and PWE Underground.

- In May 2005, PWE would go through another brand split to shake up the placement of talent on the two brands.

- 2007 Jobe leaves PWE dies instantly.

-2008 Jobe returns, PRAISE ALLAH, PWE rises from ashes.

One of the largest and most influential people to grace PWE was Jason Twisted. He was quickly mocked for his absurd way of speaking and his unbelievable lack of intelligence, but was also a man people loved to hate for his humor factor. Jason Twisted crowned the phrase "Jason run away now" and was known for his 5000+ word RPs that no one read.

During one of Jason's several comebacks to the site, he introduced his cousin, Black Reaper to RPing. Reaper was known for his lewd roleplays, including one now infamous scene in which he had sex with a prostitute (for free [because his member was so large)]. Many people believe Jason Twisted and Black Reaper to be one in the same.

PWE in Pop Culture

The term known as "NIGGER" was also instituted on PWE soil by one, Andy Napier.

PWE personel also argue that they helped start, along with Counter-Strike, the word "Pwnd", a supplement for the word Owned. This is probably false.

PWE hated people who act stupid and immature, yet are actually stupid and immature themselves.

PWE invented, you should check it out.


- PWE used to be called PWSE, for Pro-Wrestling Scoops Entertainment, the site PWE was originally founded upon.

- PWE houses several RPing legends such as Andy Napier and Paul Collins.

- In June 2003, Retribution (taking place that year in August) was originally created to be PWE's equivalent to WWE's Wrestlemania. This was due to the fact that the owners at that time (Joe & Wayne) were uncertain that PWE would live longer than one summer, and wanted to end the federation on a high note. When PWE lived well beyond the summer of 2003, the switch was made for PWE's one year anniversary show - Saga - to take Retribution's place as the year’s premiere show. Retribution would then be made into PWE's equivalent to WWE's Summerslam before being demoted even further to an average PPV after the PWE draft in 2004.

- The Saga Begins, the title of the first PWE show ever (and later changed to just "Saga"), was actually taken from the tagline for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The tagline reads as follows: "Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning."

- Saga II was originally going to be named “The Saga Continues,” but once it was decided that the name was not edgy enough for PWE's premiere show, the fed opted to go with Roman numerals instead.

- Aftermath, the title for PWE's July PPV, was named due to it being the "aftermath" of The Reckoning, PWE's June PPV. The first Reckoning was seen as a huge show, due to the fact that it was technically PWE's first built-up PPV. Thus, "Aftermath" is referring to the aftermath of The Reckoning.

- Revenge, one of PWE's premiere shows, is named after the video game WCW/nWo Revenge, for the N64 console.

- All three winners of The first three Last Man Standing Tournaments went on to win the Heavyweight Title. Though only Tex Graham and Nicholas Pryde won the title with the shot that was awarded to them by winning the tournament. Mikey Whipwreck won it in a rematch. This trend ended at the fourth Last Man Standing as Will Esco won the tournament, but would end up quitting the federation only a month after winning. No Last Man Standing Tournament winner has won the Heavyweight Title since.

- Ryan Styles, Michael Disney and Randy "The Ram" Robinson are the only winners of The TnT Match to successfully win the Heavyweight/World Title at Saga.

- Crash is the only winner of Underground's annual "Classics" Tournament (held at Vehemence) to win a World Title.

- Tex Graham and Nicholas Pryde are the only two RPers to ever have accomplished the Triple Crown of holding the Heavyweight/World championship, wining Last Man Standing, and winning the TNT match.

-In early 2009 The Explosion won the award for greatest character ever in the history of the world. True Story.

PWE Pay-Per-View Events (Under Construction)

Vehemence (January - Presented By Underground)

Notable Events & Facts

- In 2004, Blue Lightning would caputre his first and only Heavyweight title at this event by defeating both Tex Graham and Shawn Michaels. He'd go on to hold that title for a then-record setting 296 days.

- In 2005, Deuce Jackson would capture his first of three Heavyweight titles at this event by defeating Tex Graham.

- Crash Holly Classics winner (2004): Jeff Jarrett

- The Big Bossman Classics winner (2005): Crash

- Chris Candido Classics winner (2006): DeShaun Christian "The No Gimmick Superstar" won after defeating Tex Graham, hey wait wouldn't having no gimmick as a gimmick be a gimmick....FUCK

Massacre (March - Presented By Revenge)

Notable Events & Facts

- In 2005, Wildfool defeated Mikey Whipwreck in the main event in order to capture his first and only Heavyweight Title.

Annihilation (April - Presented By Underground)

Notable Events & Facts

- In 2004, this event culminated the long lasting GWF Vs PWE feud, the first of many Federation Vs Federation storylines. GWF ended up winning the event 3-2.

- Deadly Game Match (2004): Blue Lightning was the Sole Survivor

- The Reckoning (June - Presented By Revenge)

Notable Facts & Events

- In 2004, this event would be the first pay-per-view to occur after the PWE brand split, being a Revenge PPV.

- In 2004, Mortuary defeated both The Rome Bros. & The Fear in order to become the first World Tag Team Champions.

- In 2006, Mark Garrett defeated both Cezar Wickanannish and DeShaun Christian in order to win the PWE Television Championship.

- Aftermath

- Retribution

- Carnage

- Payback

PWE Inter-Promotional PPVs (Under Construction)

The big four are the only four PWE shows in which both PWE Brands - Underground and Revenge - participate together, oftentimes in inter-promotional matches. The big four are modeled after what used to be the major five in WWE (PWE has no equivalent for Summerslam). The big four include:

- Last Man Standing (August - Equivalent to King Of The Ring)

Notable Events & Facts

- Neither the World or Heavyweight title has ever changed hands at this event.

- In 2004, "The Phenomenal" A.J Styles defeated eight other men in a battle royal in order to become the first Iron Man Champion in PWE history.

- In 2005, The Prodigal Sons captured the Undisputed Tag Team Championship by defeating The Patriots. They have held the titles since, giving them the longest title reign of any title in PWE history.

- Last Man Standing Winner (2003): Tex Graham

- Last Man Standing Winner (2004): Mikey Whipwreck

- Last Man Standing Winner (2005): "The Professor" Nicholas Pryde

- Last Man Standing Winner (2006): Will Esco

- Last Man Standing Winner (2007): The Elite

- Last Man Standing Winner (2009): Martin Barclay

- Deadly Game (November - Equivalent to Survivor Series)

- Trials and Tribulations (February - Equivalent to Royal Rumble)

- TnT Match Winner (2004): Tex Graham

- TnT Match Winner (2005): Ryan Styles

- TnT Match Winner (2006): Will Esco

- TnT Match Winner (2007): Michael Disney

- TnT Match Winner (2008): Nicholas Pryde

- TnT Match Winner (2009): Randy "The Ram" Robinson

- TnT Match Winner (2010): Johnny Starr

Saga (May - Equivalent to Wrestlemania)

Notable Events & Facts

- The Saga Begins (or Saga I) was the first PWE show ever. It occurred on June 6, 2003 and consisted of five matches - one of which was written in as a storyline and not actually RPed for (Clarke X-Treme Vs Sean O'Haire).

- It was announced at Saga II that PWE would be holding a draft. Splitting it's roster into two main brands - Revenge and Underground. This announcement would shake the PWE world and affect it to this very day, as the brand split is still presently in effect.

- Every year since Saga II, this event has held a Legends Battle Royal, allowing RPers who've quit PWE during the course of the year to come back for one last match. This match has been won by Gladiator at Saga II, Robbie Crockett at Saga III, and Sabu at Saga IV. Coincidentally, both Robbie Crockett and Sabu were handled by the same RPer - Paul Collins.

- At Saga II (2004), PWE's first ever Elimination Chamber match took place in which the PWE Heavyweight Title was on the line. Blue Lightning defeated Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Tex Graham, Jeff Jarrett and Zer0 to retain his championship belt. This match began the deterioration of Tex Graham, who was supposed to have a one-on-one shot against Blue Lightning, which he earned in the Trials 'n Tribulations match. He was promised the first shot if he lost at Saga II, but was then the first pick of the Underground Brand, which prevented him from getting a Heavyweight Title shot.

- At Saga III (2005), Ryan Styles defeated Wildfool in the main event in order to win his first and only PWE Heavyweight Title.

- At Saga III (2005), Deuce Jackson defeated Alex, "Chaos," Miller to defend the PWE World Championship.

- At Saga IV (2006), The Regulator defeated “The Professor” Nicholas Pryde to win the first of his record four PWE Heavyweight Titles.

- At "Saga V" (2007), Deuce Jackson obtained his third PWE World Championship by default when Chris Colton refused to Role Play so he could claim he, "never lost it."

- Saga III holds the PWE record for most RPs produced for a single show. That record currently stands at 213 Role Plays.

- Blue Lightning has won all three "Legend v. Legend" matches in PWE History at this event. Saga III (2005) when he defeated Tex Graham, Saga IV (2006), when he defeated Ryan Styles, ans "Saga V" (2007) when he defeated the Regulator. Sting v Tom Brandi was also billed as a Legend v Legend match...but it doesn't count.

Current PWE Title Belt Holders

- PWE Heavyweight Championship - Whiplash

- PWE Television Championship - Delirious

- PWE Dream Championship - Whiplash

- PWE Tag Team Championships - Circus Folk

PWE Hall of Fame

PWE Hall of Fame



Year One

1. Honest Bharani (Shawn Michaels)

2. Jeremy Engele (The Rock, Petey Williams)

3. Jason Bush (Kurt Angle, Ryan Sheldon)

4. Dylann Bobei (Blue Lightning, Lionheart/Chris Jericho)

5. Rease Nash (Tex Graham)

6. Carlo Sobral (Gladiator)

7. Getrude Nipple (Sean O’Haire, Michael Disney)

8. Wayne Wiggles (Double U, Tysom Tittie)

9. Chris Boyce (Zer0)

10. Cody McLaughlin (Jeff Jarrett)

Year Two

1. Josh Riess (RiPsTa, C.R.A.P.)

2. Jason Spencer (Sting)

3. Vanilla Dong (John Cena)

4. Bill Saporito (Wildfool)

5. Paul Collins (Mikey Whipwreck, Samoa Joe)

Year Three

1. William Daniel (The Regulator)

2. Laces Cassidy (Shelton Benjamin, Chris Harvard)

3. Christopher Park (Crash)

4. Andy Napier (Homicide, Eddy Guerrero, Jamie Noble)

5. Tim Hutton (The Postal Maniac)

Year Four

1. Colin Thomas (Mortis)

2. Jeff Provencher (Alex, "Chaos," Miller)

3. Andrew Yenchko (Deuce, "The Beast," Jackson)

4. Ryan Shields (Ryan Styles, Jarrell Young)

5. John Lennex (John Lennex, "Stone Cold," Steve Austin

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