Pro Action Wrestling (PAW) Started In January 2007, By Snazzy-Cazzy-Ice.

Snazzy decided to start PAW By being in previous e-feds and decided he should take the oppourtunity, He then asked many friends from other e-feds and they seemed pleased to join.

PAW's 1st Pay Per View was Called The Cage Of Death which showed the 4 men that would battle in that very match they were; Vengeance, Hypocrisy, Rogue and Snazzy Cazzy Himself, The Match had a sick ending with Vengeance coming out on top to win the PAW Pro HardKore Championship.

Later in that night PAW Crowned the 1st PAW World Champion when St.Eldor managed to pick up the victory against Razor Rob and Born Star.

PAW Did many shows After Cage of Death but none was Memorable than there House Show which was a tribute to Bam Bam Bigelow. They Had The Bigelow Battle Royal where Hypocrisy won the match but Ex - PAW Star Rogue jumped over the barricade and went into the match chucking Hypocrisy and declaring himself the winner. Snazzy Cazzy Refused to hand him the trophy but Rogue attacked Cazzy and escaped the building.

PAW Was then planning to have a war between IPW(Rogue's Federation) the problem that occurred was Snazzy Cazzy stop visiting PAW, Which everyone believed was the downfall.

On February the 8th 2007, Snazzy Cazzy handed down Ownership to Two Members, Hypocrisy and Rogue, On February the 10th The New Named Show "Sacrament" went on air and became a success revealing Titanium Tim! as the new Contender for the PAW Pro Hardkore Championship and Later in the night Pillage pinning Hypocrisy to win the belt.

On February the 10th PAW Announced a Draft, Hypocrisy Running Sacrament and Rogue running Equilibrium, Hypocrisy got the better by Signing St.Eldor The Current PAW World Champion(Sacrament World Champion) and Pillage PAW Pro HardKore Champion(Sacrament Pro HardKore Champion) but little did they find out that Rogue signed ex IPW Star Jason Simmons and TPWP And GWC Star Stephen Grace.

PAW Plans to Have a Pay Per View named "February Failure" on February the 16th, where St.Eldor will defend his belt against Kasaeris and Jorge Castano, and Pillage defending his belt in a Double Cage War against Evan Grace and Titanium Tim!

PAW Continues to Recruit new members each day with more highly explicit matches

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