Pro Wrestling Council
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Federation Name Pro Wrestling Council (PWC)
Federation type Roleplaying, free-thinking and scripted
Based in World Wide
Shows See various promotions
Show Frequency Varies from promotion to promotion
PPVs Quarterly PWC SuperCards
Time open March 10, 2008(currently accepting promotions at
Owner(s) Alexia Valentine and Councilman #2
Homepage PWC at
Forum New Haven : Pro Wrestling Council

Pro Wrestling Council (PWC) is an E-Fed that is unlike most common E-Feds. It is made up of several smaller E-Feds/promotions world-wide, allowing them to use a scripted, semi-scripted, or roleplaying style to determine what happens on those shows. Each E-Fed/promotion is allowed to use their own rules, championships, rosters, and style of creating shows. Promotions are allowed to have their own style to fit their own needs and wants. Even mythic/magical promotions are allowed, however there are none at this time. The PWC Council oversees their quarterly supercards and their championships. Much like the NWA, they take the best wrestlers and have them wrestle on supercards and say why they should be the PWC World Heavyweight Champion. The Council convenes twice yearly to discuss if the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, PWC World Tag Team Champions, PWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion, or PWC World Women's Champion should change hands at their quarterly shows based on the improvement and momentum of certain wrestlers. The E-Feds/promotions under the PWC umbrella are allowed to book PWC Championship matches, as long as they receive permission from the PWC Council itself.


The Council oversees the daily operations of PWC. When problems arise either with Championships or individuals, The Council steps in and either disciplines and/or corrects the situation. The Council will have final say in any and all matters centering on a PWC Championship. The Council decides the winners in:

  • #1 contender matches
  • Title matches
  • Disputes over winning
  • PWC Championship matches


Shows take place according to each promotions' schedule. PWC has quarterly (once every four months) shows or supercards, while the promotion PWC: Ultimate Wrestling Association, has bi-weekly shows. Matches are to be completed one day BEFORE the next event is scheduled to begin. Each promotion handles its own schedules in the way that they see fit.


Pay-per views are held quarterly. These events allow up to TWO WEEKS for match completion, with NO extensions.

Pay-per views names are being discussed as of this writing (03/08).


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Event Notes
PWC World Heavyweight Champion N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined
PWC World Tag Team Champions N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined
PWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined
PWC World Women's Champion N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined


PWC: Ultimate Wrestling Association

Banner UWA forum

PWC: Ultimate Wrestling Association uses the roleplaying format, thus allowing the talent to develop their characters and storylines through story telling and possible interaction between other wrestlers on the roster. This also allows:

  • talent to seek out their own feuds by calling out a potential opponent through promos/roleplays.
  • cards to be made bi-weekly, allowing enough time to build storylines before the promo/roleplay deadline and to give enough time for people's private lives, or work on other projects such as running their own E-Fed.



Please note that the wrestlers in bold are used for enhancement and training purposes.



The PWC frequently uses Ultimate Wrestling Association as their main case show. However these people are NOT brought over to different promotions when they host PWC Sanctioned Events.



The idea of PWC came about when two individuals who have had enough of the ego-maniacal nonsense of E-Feds, where the owner is the champion and refuses to book favorably to help elevate other members on the roster. They had enough of broken promises, shady and incoherent booking, slave-like rules that restrict character development, and the owner taking the spotlight for their own personal satisfaction, with no gain to no one else. Together, they have created PWC, where anyone can either join the family as a promoter, running their dream promotion or join as a singles or tag team wrestler, looking for a home to grow a part of.

Recently Derek Wellings, Michelle Wellings, The Masked Grappler, and Alexia Valentine have been talking with the management of Enigmar Wrestling. No news has leaked. The UWA championship first title crowning happened on genesis, however deals with EW fell through quickly and a new champion was made and their champion permanently banned from the Pro Wrestling Council.


Due to rocky beginnings, things didn't get better and soon the PWC would close its doors permanently on February 4, 2009 before UWA could air it's last show.

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