Professional RPG Wreslting (PRW)
Federation Name Professional RPG Wrestling
Abbreviation PRW
Time Open June 14, 2005 - Present
Founders "Cajun" Matt Caje
"The Professional" Russ Bellinger
Commissioner The Inquisitor
Commentators Josh Brunswick
Doug Smith
Based In

New York City. Shows performed worldwide.

Federation Type Turn Based, Match Writing
Pay-Per-Views Monthly

Professional RPG Wrestling (aka PRW) is a turn-based e-federation that has been active since June 14, 2005. It currently holds 12 pay per views annually and boasts a roster of over 40 members.

Roleplay Style

PRW's matches are turn-based, meaning that the matches are written out by the handlers in turn sequence. Posts with pinfall, submission, etc. are officiated on the spot by appointed referee characters rather than by management.

PRW also utilizes a "free for all" style of roleplay. PRW's only set shows are its pay per views, which it holds one of monthly. Outside of the pay per views, any other action, be it roleplays or matches, may be posted at any time in PRW's show forum, 24/7. This is done to create flexibility in scheduling. In character, new material is aired on Friday nights at 8:00/EST on PRW TV, and live as they're taped on PRW's website.


PRW Active Roster and Alumni
PRW Inactive Roster

PRW Character Wikis

Current PRW Championships

PRW Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling

PRW Tag Team Championship

PRW X-Division Championship

PRW Cyanide Championship

Defunct Titles

PRW Cruiserweight Championship

PRW European Championship

PRW International Championship

PRW Net Title

PRW North American Championship

PRW Television Championship

PRW X-treme Championship

PRW Women's Championship

External Links

PRW Website

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