Robert Cardillo (born April 14, 1986) better known by his ring name Prozac is an American professional wrestler performing for Fearless Championship Wrestling and Fantasy Wrestling Federation. He is also known for his appearances in Empire State Wrestling, Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance and Xtreme Vicious Intent


Fearless Championship Wrestling

When Prozac debuted in the FcW he quickly made an impact by winning the FcW Extreme Championship in an over the top rope battle royal which also included "hardcore legend" Deamon Cohln. Prozac would later go on to earn a shot at the FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship at the FcW Ground Zero event in the first ever Doom's Day Match which would be won by John Cavanagh.

Prozac would continue to compete in the Extreme division, becoming a three time champion before his departure from the company after the FcW Race Against Time event in July 2007. He and his younger brother, Ritalin, would also make a short lived run for the FcW World Tag Team Championship but would never gain a title shot.

Prozac would later return to the Fearless Championship Wrestling and make a bid for the Tag Team Championships, held at the time by the team of Veritas, although they would fail to gain the championship belts at FcW Conspiracy Theory. Prozac would then return to singles' competition as a (legit) back injury put his brother and tag team partner Ritalin on the shelf. Prozac would then go on to earn his fourth reign as FcW Extreme Champion, he would then invoke a 24/7 clause to the championship belt.

Through the 24/7 rule Prozac would lose the championship belt but would later win it back, after a short lived feud with A.C. Ellington who would later leave the promotion.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Empire State Wrestling
    • ESW World Champion (1x)
    • ESW Television Championship (1x)
    • ESW Survivor Championship (3x)
    • 2008 Soul Survivor Winner
    • 2008 ESW MVP of the Year
    • 2007 Best New Comer
    • 12th Ever Triple Crown Winner
    • 2008 Tag Team Champions
    • 5th Ever Grand Slamer
    • 2nd Ever ESW Elite Class
    • 2009 Hall of Fame Class
  • Fantasy Wrestling Federation
  • Fearless Championship Wrestling
  • Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance
    • King of Violence 2007 Tournament Winner
  • Xtreme Violent Intent

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