Pryde Wrestling Academy

The Academy is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the used used for Thomas Billingtons 'Gun Shop'. Billington and Trey Ortega will be the head trainers.

PWA will run small shows around the great lakes to give its trainees in-ring experience. Trainees that make the grade may be given the opportunity to wrestle on Vindication and pay per views.

Official Announcement

On the Pryde wrestling website the PWA announced it's first batch of trainee's.

"The Pryde Wrestling Academy would like to announce its first applicants.

Ned Moran- Awesome Aussie

The Home Town Hero- masked marvel

The Champagne Club- managed by Champagne Dwayne Dealins

Jake 'Twisted' Steele- muscular mauler

Nigel De Lousa- plucky underdog

Power Trip- n. Slang An action undertaken chiefly for the gratification associated with the exercise of power over another or others or the hottest tag team in the business

Initial application is for two months each"

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