Psycho Soldier
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Height 6'4"
Weight 257bs.
Date of birth April 3, 1984
Place of birth Las Vegas, NV
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Debut May 2005
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Psycho Soldier, formerly known as Slayer, is a professional wrestler most known for his work in the DCW and UCWX. Currently wrestles in the GWO(Gateway Wrestling Organization.) Though it may seem odd, Psycho Soldier Voderoy is his actual birth name.


Abnormal Birth

The birth of Psycho Soldier was almost like one out of a horror/sci-fi movie. Expecting only one child to be born, Lena and Trevor Voderoy let out a sigh of relief after baby Dreg was born into the world. An unexpected visitor came knocking, it would seem, for suddenly Lena began going into labor again. After the initial frenzy from the surprise newcomer, Dr. Hibbors, the man in charge of this pregnancy, was soon holding him in his hands, another infant. This one was odd, however, as not a sound came from him. His eyes remained fixed in one direction, silent, no tears or screams. Even stranger, was that his hair was already grown long lengths.

This child, who began developing conscious thoughts within the womb, suddenly lunged out and choked Dr. Hibbors. It would later be revealed that this child had heard his mother's cries of pain during both Dreg and his own birth form inside her womb, believing the doctor to have been harming her. Though he was small and no more than an infant, his grip was suffocating, and it took the assistance of the other hospital staff in the room to finally get the child off. The baby left in Lena's arms, growling fiercely at Dr. Hibbors, Dr. Hibbors reprimanded the child, stating, "That is some psycho soldier of satan here to cause nothing but trouble." Stubbornly, Lena scolded Dr. Hibbors, saying that maybe he was a Psycho Soldier, but he was her Psycho Soldier, giving that to him as his name. And thus, Psycho Soldier was born, and the tragedy began.

Sin & Sacrifice

Raising the two children was not an easy task. Lena Voderoy loved both of her children dearly. However, since the day she brought them into the world, she had held a special bond with Psycho Soldier. Many times, Soldier would suddenly snap out and attack friends and acquaintances, all under the assumption that they were trying to harm his mother, whether his assumptions were correct or not. Not able to cope with a child who has random fits of violence, no matter the purpose, Lena eventually had Soldier promise her that he would no longer attack anyone unless there was no other option. Soldier, through his love for his mom, agreed to her request, and never attacked another person again.

Dreg was your typical brat, and he played off of Soldier mental shortcomings. As they grew, Dreg would ridicule Soldier and try to remind him and their parents that he was a bad child. This, in turn, would always cause Lena or Trevor to chastise Dreg for his remarks, he knowing well how emotionally unstable Soldier was. Because of this, however, Soldier was always envisioned as the favorite in Dreg's eyes, who was the true bad child, blaming his own mistakes on Soldier occasionally. A deep hatred began to fester in Dreg's heart, which, initially targeted towards Soldier, began spreading to his own parents for ignoring him.

All these events finally came to a head one tragic night. Around 4 am, Dreg had decided to get a midnight snack. While up, he had somehow awoke his father, who calmly asked him to go to sleep. Dreg yelled at Trevor, angry for no justifiable reason, other than his anger that had built over the years of feeling neglected. This woke up Lena, and after she came down, an argument broke out, until finally, Dreg began to attack Trevor Voderoy. He got a good whack in on Lena, leaving her helpless as she watched Dreg beat Trevor to death with a chimney poker, right before her eyes. However, karma would seem to deal a hand, as Lena's sobs and cries of terror reached the ears of one other boy.

Psycho Soldier, concerned for his mother, came out to find his father pinned to the wall by the chimney poker, lifeless, his mother nearly to be in the same spot, hanging on by a limb as Dreg was about to make the final twist to take her out for good, when Soldier finally snapped, and attacked in the name of his mother one last time. After tackling him to the ground, Soldier viciously pummeled his face in until it was nothing more than a caved in pile of blood, flesh and bone. After a heartfelt talk with his mother, he took her out of her misery by her request, left only with her last words: "I will always love you." He followed her plan to clean himself up and eliminate the remains of Dreg's body. He took him to a dump in Las Vegas, crushing him with a trash compactor. After getting the deed done, he carried out his mother's final request: erase all memories from his mind except for two, which were that his mother will always love him, and that he is Psycho Soldier.

The Awakening/Early Days of Wrestling

Dark Carnival Wrestling: New Name, Strong Determination

Discovering the Past

Fallout from DCW, Hibbors' Return

Rocky Path Through the UCWX

New Beginnings in the Gateway Wrestling Organization


Trademark/Signature Moves

  • Primary Finisher: "Bestial Devastation" -
  • Secondary Finisher: "Lucifer Storm" - Double Corkscrew Moonsault into a Legdrop
  • Rare/Hardcore Finisher: "Suipsycho Motherfucker" -
  • Trademark Move 1: "Maximum Carnage" -
  • Trademark Move 2: "Psycho Driver" -
  • Trademark Move 3: "Psycho Elbow" -

Wrestling Style




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