The Puerto Rican Mafia, known also by the acronym of PRM, is the tag team consisting of XWA Superstars, Jay Money and Esteban Rodriguez.


Both men of Puerto Rican descent met while wrestling for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA). Jay Money had been wrestling for XWA for some months now, and Esteban Rodriguez partnered up with his cousin, James Andrews. Jay Money was the XWA Cruiserweight Champion by then, and Andrews had earned a #1 Contender's Match for the right to challenge Jay Money for the title. Money and Andrews got into a heated feud, with Esteban Rodriguez getting involved, even as to scoring a win over Jay Money. The feud continued until the Pay-Per-View event Self Sacrifice, with Jay Money retaining the XWA Cruiserweight Chamionship. After the match, all three men shook hands backstage.

Months later, Esteban Rodriguez and James Andrews went on to challenge Shane McCool and Arsene Lupin for the XWA Tag Team Championships, but lost. Jay Money had lost the Cruiserweight title. He and Esteban had become good friends over the course of three months, even planning on forming a tag team soon, as Andrews had other matters to attend to. They didn't get the chance to do so, as XWA closed its doors before Summer 2007. Jay Money went on to wrestle for United Wrestling Cartel, teaming up with Kin Zan Dant as Money N' Violence.

Around August, XWA was up and running again, and both Money and Rodriguez returned to wrestle, now as the Puerto Rican Mafia.

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