Punk & Hyperion
Faction Name Punk & Hyperion
Time open January 21, 2007 - June 24, 2007
Members Hyperion (January 21, 2007)

DM Punk(January 21, 2007)

Current eFeds Gods and Heretics Wrestling

Punk & Hyperion came together in early 2007 and proceeded to dominate the Bronze Tag Team Division of GHW for several months. DM Punk and Hyperion were one time enemies, but grew into one of the most dominant tag teams in GHW history.


A New Tag Team

Hyperion and DM Punk first met in the Money in the Bank Rumble at GHW's Pay Per View, Lockdown. Two weeks later on Monday Night Combat they met again in the first round of the Pick your Poison Tournament. They faced off in a Best of three falls match, with DM Punk winning and advancing, but a bond was made that night. The following day a new Tag Team contract was signed and Punk & Hyperion were formed.

Humble Beginnings

Punk & Hyperion made their debut on Friday Night Mayhem on Feb 16th. They faced an experienced team known as Rock Skull. Punk & Hyperion fought hard, but they were unable to overcome the opposition and suffered a loss. This was almost the end of Punk & Hyperion, but they managed to see through their differences. Following this a week later on Sunday Night Surge Punk & Hyperion were given a new assignment to face Latin Attack, the soon to be crowned Bronze Tag Team Champions. Punk & Hyperion defested Latin Attack handing them their first defeat and giving Punk & Hyperion a step up the Tag Team ladder.

Bronze Domination

March was a month of Madness on GHW. Mystery Madness was on in all divisions and Punk & Hyperion stepped up in the Bronze Tag Team Division. In the first round they defeated Rock Skull, avenging their defeat from the previous month. They moved on and in the second round ran Masterclass through the ringer. This left Punk & Hyperion with only Latin Attack to beat to guarantee a title shot at Total Carnage. These two teams were shaping up as the peak of the Bronze Division, they faced off at Monday Night Combat a week before Total Carnage. Latin Attack walked away with the win and therefore a choice of opponents for their titles. Latin Attack chose to face a team which then was suspended from GHW, and they then submitted to the fans and allowed Punk & Hyperion their shot. At Total Carnage a brutal match ensued with Punk & Hyperion leaving as the new Bronze Tag Team Champions.

A Title Reign

Following Total Carnage, both Hyperion and DM Punk went on sabbaticals. They both claimed to need some time off to prevent burnout. This left them as unchallenged Bronze Tag Team Champions into April. On Monday Night Combat on April 2nd, the former champions, Latin Attack were given their rematch. They walked in confident and walked out disappointed as Punk & Hyperion retained their titles and began their reign over the Bronze Division. Punk & Hyperion remained on top of the Division until they ran into Rock Skull again. This time Rock Skull managed to get up and overcome the champions at World Warz. Punk & Hyperion had lost their titles, but they still had a rematch clause.

Round II

In the aftermath of the World Warz loss, Punk & Hyperion were looking for any chance to get their titles back. They agreed to a rematch with clauses that looked bad for them on paper. They were to face Rock Skull in a Best of three falls match, Punk & Hyperion had been in several of these matches in their careers, but never as a tag team. The stipulations were simple, If Rock Skull won the first fall, the Titles were no longer on the line and Punk & Hyperion could not fight for them until after NeXus. If Punk & Hyperion won the first fall, then the Bronze titles were on the line in the next 2 falls. Punk & Hyperion had put their whole Tag Team future on the line in the first fall, with the winner of this match going on to participate in the Bronze Challenge. The first fall went the way of Punk & Hyperion, but the second went back to Rock Skull. This left the titles on the line with only one fall left in the match and both teams worn into the ground already. Punk & Hyperion managed to step up pinning Stevie Rock for the victory to become the first ever two time Bronze Tag Team Champions.

A Bronze Challenge

May was the month of the Bronze Challenge, A series involving the top tag teams in the Bronze Division. The Bronze Challenge was an idea dreamed up by the minds that are Punk & Hyperion. They had looked at their Division and seen a lack of competition so they suggested that any team that was able to beat them in the month of May would get a title shot. Zantazm made a slight change to this idea adding in a rumble between any teams that could overcome the Champions, and the winner of that match would proceed to meet Punk & Hyperion at NeXus. The first round of the Bronze Challenge was to take place on Monday Night Combat on April 30th 2007. Punk & Hyperion faced The Elitists, and overcame them with no troubles. Punk & Hyperion left this match feeling even more confident about the Bronze Challenge.

Four days later Punk & Hyperion took on the Blood Brothers in the second match of the Challenge. Punk & Hyperion went into this match so confident that they took their opponents lightly and ended up tasting defeat. The Blood Brothers moved on to face Rock Skull in the rumble, while Punk & Hyperion prepared for their next match in the Challenge. The following Monday on Combat, Punk & Hyperion met The Hyper Duece, this time Punk & Hyperion were ready and stepped up their commitment. They dispatched their opponents with ease and were ready for the next match. On May 11th 2007, Punk & Hyperion met their old foes, Latin Attack in the last match of the Bronze Challenge. Punk & Hyperion had met these guys so often now that it was a ritual. They stepped up, but Punk & Hyperion were too strong and defeated them once again. This meant that Blood Brothers and Rock Skull would face off in the Final of the Bronze Challenge with the winner to face Punk & Hyperion at NeXus. Punk & Hyperion were distracted from the build up to NeXus with a triple threat match scheduled on Sunday Night Surge, they were to face Latin Destruction and The Elitists in a non-title match. Punk & Hyperion walked away from this victors and a week before NeXus had only lost one match since the last Pay Per View.

The Bronze Challenge finale saw the Blood Brothers overcome Rock Skull and head to NeXus to face Punk & Hyperion. At NeXus the match was ferocious. Punk & Hyperion left it all in the ring to walk away still Bronze Tag Team Champions and able to claim complete domination as they had defeated every other team in the division.

End of a Bronze Legacy

After NeXus, Punk & Hyperion had their next match on June 1st. Friday Night Mayhem saw them take on Rock Skull in a non-title match. Punk & Hyperion overcame their regular foes in epic style as they continued their domination of the Bronze Tag Team Division. Punk & Hyperion then headed to Tried & Convicted with their belts to be defended in a Triple Threat match against the Natural Disasters and The Hyper Duece. This was to be Punk & Hyperion's last match in the Bronze Tag Team division, they ended up giving up their titles with a loss and the crowning of the Natural Disasters as the new Bronze Tag Team Champions. Punk & Hyperion were promoted to the Silver Tag Team Division.

Following this promotion Punk & Hyperion became known as The Dream Team.

Of Punk & Hyperion


Latin Attack Rock Skull All other GHW Tag Teams


Two time GHW Bronze Tag Team Champions.

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