Pure Extremist

Pure Extremist
[[Image:|px|Image of Pure Extremist]]
Real name  ???
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Height 6 ft 2 in.
Weight 205 lbs.
Date of birth
Place of birth Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland
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Resides Lahardane, Mayo, Ireland
Billed from Castlebar, Ireland
Trainer Self Trained, FMW NEW
Full Metal Wrestling
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Debut 2006
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Pure Extremist is currently working for FMW on FMW Anarchy. He is an acclompished backyard wrestler, having held numerous titles at his local promotion. He is known for his ultraviolent in-ring style and willingness to bump like crazy (true to his backyard beginnings) but is known to use some more mat-based moves as well in a style similar to Balls Mahoney as well as doing some aerial style moves such as planchas and dives for the pleasure of the crowd. Pure Extremist is often seen as the underdog of Full Metal Wrestling, and is sometimes referred to as "The Irish Runt" by FMW's Audio teams. However, PX has been known to overcome the odds on many occisions, such as when he won the New Era Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.


  • "FUCK THIS!" PX will shout this during a match when he can't seem to put an opponent away and then generally goes to get somekind of weapon

Finishing moves

Primary Finisher:

  • Xtreme Pain - (Fisherman's hook lift in a Backbreaker)

Secondary Finishers:

  • Tequilla Sunrise
  • Pure Punishment - (Fisherman's hook suplex into a Samoan Drop)

Tietrary Finishers: WRECK 'em all (Top-rope Stunner/Whippersnapper) as on ode to Mikey Whipwreck

UltraViolent Finisher

  • Total Overkill ( Take a groggy opponent and place them in a position so that their neck is over the top of a set-up chair. ascend the nearest turnbuckle with a chair, and hit a diving elbow drop w/ the chair covering the area, crushing their neck between the chairs)


  • Irish Annihilation -(cutter)
  • 450 Splash
  • DDTs a plenty
  • Death from Above - (Swanton Bomb) Done as a tribute to former tag team partner The Technician
  • Leg Drop
  • Springboard Bulldog
  • Scissors Kick off the top rope
  • Heavy Punches
  • Top rope leg drop
  • Hangman's neckbreaker

Theme Music

"Guerrilla radio" by Rage against the Machine


The Technician: Former tag team partner.

The Celt: Brother.


NEW Heavyweight Championship
Preceded by:
Nick Lion
First Reign Succeeded by:
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