Pure Frontier Wrestling
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Federation Name Pure Frontier Wrestling
Established March 2007
Abbreviation PFW
Weekly shows Monday Night Frontier
Monday Night Sin City
Major PPV Inception + Current Year
Time open (March 2007 - May 2007, April 2008 - August 2008)
Owner Alex Weaves, Katrina Edison
Commentators Patrick Dean, Lily Heart
Federation type Storyline based
Pay-per-views Bi-Monthly

Pure Frontier Wrestling was a short lived worldwide professional wrestling phenomenon, which made a resounding impact on the world of professional wrestling. It incorporated many unique concepts as well as traditional elements that were capitalized upon. It was known for two stints; one of which was referred to as the Crisis Era and the second which was a brand division between Sin City and Frontier. It was best known for being able to garner enormous audiences in short periods of time.

Terms You Should Know

Monday Night Frontier: The Brand owned by Alex Weaves and run by GM Scott Draten. It features many of Frontiers past classics along with many newcomers. It airs every other Monday at 9PM EST on SKYtv.

Monday Night Sin City: The Brand owned by Katrina Edison and run by her as well. It features various PFW newcomers and classic Frontiersmen. It airs every other Monday in between the Frontier's Brand's weekly shows at 10PM EST on SKYtv.

SKYtv: Although it is referred to as the Network that all PFW Programming is broadcasted on, it is a fictional Network that doesn't actually exist. Created by the original PFW Owner, Chris Christodoulou when he opened the Federation.

Frontiersmen: Any PFW Talent that currently competes on the Monday Night Frontier Brand.

Sinners: Any PFW Talent that currently competes on the Monday Night Sin City Brand.

Co-Owners: PFW is run by two Heads who own 50% of the companies shares and operates on a 50/50 basis. The Co-Owners are Frontier's Alex Weaves and Sin City's Katrina Edison. All PFW related decisions must be run by them before they are made or performed.


First Run: Crisis Era

Supershow 1: It All Starts Here

On April 15, 2007, a landmark opening commenced with the doors of Pure Frontier Wrestler opening wide to the anticipated fans of the wrestling genre. Pure Frontier Wrestling introduced many new faces to the wrestling scene including Cruesmich Keine, Anthem Odysseus and Larista. But with the newcomers came the veterans of old, as well. Including Curtis Conway, The O'Reillys and Cypher Daniels were all in attendance. PFW introduced itself in the form of "Supershow 1: It All Starts Here."

During the night, the first ever PFW Femme Fetale Champion was crowned as Larista when she defeated PFW Ring Announcer, Sally Perinsko.

Throughout the night, a "PFW World Championship Tournament" was held in the form of 6 Qualifying Matches. The participants who won their match advanced to the Main Event in a 6-Man Elimination Style match. The prize for the victor? The PFW World Championship.

The five qualifying superstars were: Declan O'Reilly, Collin O'Reilly, Colbin Drake, Quinn O'Reilly and Curtis Conway. Meanwhile, the competitors who lost were placed in a "Last Chances Match" to duke it out for an opportunity to enter the main event for the title. Though, they were at a disadvantage as they were forced to compete in three matches instead of two. The victor was Cruesmich Keine, who became the sixth superstar for the main event.

But it wasn't over for the superstars who did not qualify. They, along with three additional superstars -- Chris Winters, Vic Pershing and Jack Savage—competed in a "Rumble on the Ladder Match", where the winner was given the Supershow Guarantee—three Money in the Banks where the winner could, at any time, choose to have a title match with any champion they choose. Anthem Odysseus wound up taking the Supershow Guarantee while Curtis Conway took the main event and became the first ever PFW World Champion.

The Frontier

Frontier 1

Two weeks later marked the first ever televised Monday Night Frontier, which brought the same amount of force it did two weeks prior. At the start of the night, Scott Draten made himself known by declaring PFW World Champion Curtis Conway to face Quinn and Collin O’Reilly.

During the night, we saw PFW Femme Fetale Champion have a rematch with current PFW Ring Announcer, Sally Perinsko. It was an uphill battle for Sally as she tried to prove she belonged in the Division, but once again Larista was triumphant, sending Sally back to ringside to continue announcing.

In another turn of events, Jay Maximillion was also set up in an unfair setting as his partner Chris Winters had been jumped in the food court earlier in the night. Making his tag team match into a 2 on 1 Handicap match as well. He put up a valiant effort and at one point, almost secured a victory, but ended up falling short as two of the biggest men in the PFW silenced him.

Finally, at the end of the night, when it was time for the PFW World Champion to take on his advantageous opponents, he came out full throttle. Conway managed to fend off some brilliant team maneuvers by the two O'Reillys and was almost taken out of commission, but Conway managed to secure a victory nobody saw coming. With his arm raised it was a night of celebration for the Champ. That is, until PFW GM Scott Draten took the stage once more. Declaring that he was only put through "Part One" of a punishment. "Part Two" saw the return of another Wrestling Legend: The TMH hit the ring and went toe to toe with the Champ until security stepped in to break up the two. But it seemed The TMH was far too out of control as he ended the first Frontier with a Superkick to the demanding PFW GM.

Frontier 2

At Frontier 2, the PFW GM seemed like he ignored the Superkick to his chin from The TMH as he continued to praise his signing of him to combat Curtis Conway. But he didn't forget as he gave both men the night off in exchange for another target: Jay Maximillion. After disrespecting him on the previous show, he set up a match featuring Jay Maximillion taking on the PFW GM, Scott Draten.

It seemed that Survival of the Fittest would also be Curtis Conway and The TMH as team captains as they were tasked to find four others to join their team. The TMH quickly assembled his midway through the show. Just before Chris Love and Patrick O'Reilly's scheduled match he announced "The TeaM-H" would be comprised of himself and the four O'Reilly brothers. During the match, The TeaM-H consistently distracted and assaulted Love until none other than the PFW World Champion Curtis Conway came out to make the save in the form of a steel chair to the back of The TMH. Afterwards, The TMH set about locating Conway for his assault of him by using the O'Reillys at his disposal.

Also during the night, a featured Co-Main Event with three Tag-Team vying for the PFW Tag-Team Championships. Anthem Odysseus & Cruesmich Keine, Quinn O'Reilly & Collin O'Reilly, and Cypher Daniels & Colbin Drake would face off in a triple threat tag team match. All three teams competed in an Elimination Style Tables Match. The order of eliminations started with Colbin Drake and followed up with Cypher Daniels/Quinn O'Reilly in a double elimination and finally, the disposal of Collin O'Reilly. However, the match ended up being a thrown out as the rest of The TeaM-H came down to assault the two opposing teams, including ally of Anthem Odysseus and Cruesmich Keine, Zero Exillerius.

Finally, in the Jay Maximillion and Scott Draten, an abuse of power on the part of Scott Draten led to another Handicap Match for Jay Maximillion. Where it would be Jay Maximillion versus Draten, Jack Savage and Declan O'Reilly. However, as Jay made his entrance, he had a gift to share with the audience. The remaining members of The TeaM-H busted open with The TMH, himself, locked in his lockerroom with no way of escape. And with this, Scott Draten in a state of anger and confusion allowed Jay Maximillion to have a partner, but with such short notice, who could he find? It seemed Jay Maximillion was at a complete loss until the returning Chris Winters came out to his aid, revealing he was the one who took out The TeaM-H. But not alone as another ally of Jay appeared in the PFW World Champion: Curtis Conway. Now a fair 3 on 3 match, it seemed the fight was on even ground.

Until, in a stunning change of course, Chris Winters turned on his partners when he robbed Conway of a chair shot and blasted him with it instead. Then blasting Jay, afterwards, allowing Scott Draten a low blow on Jay Maximillion followed by a cover. However, Jay had some fight left as he kicked out. Scott Draten tried to cover Conway, but that didn't happen either. It seemed the disadvantaged team had a change of momentum until The TMH, now free of his imprisonment, delivered a Wake Up Call to Conway after low blowing Jay. To end the match, Scott Draten finally made a successful cover over Jay for the win.

Frontier 3

Due to the revealing budget problems, only parts of the actual Frontier shows were edited together from their actual live versions and put on the air. This show showed the decline of what would soon be PFW's downfall. Starting the show was Scott Draten, who came out to more boos than ever before. He declared that Conway would be up against a member of The TeaM-H. Upon hearing this, The TMH made his way ringside and demanded for Conway to have a full team of five or forfeit the match at Survival of the Fittest. Scott Draten said he needed a Main Event at the pay-per-view and said it would simply become a Hadicap match if Conway didn't fill his team. The TMH made his leave, angrily, as Chris Winters was next to interrupt the GM, dmanding his World Title shot now because of his "deal" with Scott Draten from last week. Scott Draten made it clear that Chris Winters would get his shot, but not until after Survival of the Fittest.

Later on in the show, Quinn and Collin O'Reilly secured a pinfall victory over Anthem Odysseus and Cruesmich Keine. Afterwards, Patrick and Declan looking on from the outside slid two chairs in to finish the job, but seconds later, the lights went out and Anthem and Cruesmich were nowhere to be seen when they came back on.

Also another fragile alliance was formed as Chris Winters, after being removed from his reward from the deal he had with Scott Draten, offered his membership to Curtis Conway and Jay Maximillion at Survival of the Fittest. The duo thought it was another ploy by him and Scott Draten, but Chris Winters stated whether they trust him or not, they'll need every man they can get. They reluctantly accept him as part of Team Conway.

Elsewhere, Ares Venustas made her presence felt as she decimated Sally Perinsko with her Finisher, The Dynsasty Kick. After KOing Sally where she stood, Ares signaled she wanted the Femme Fetale Championship from Larista.

Finally, at the end of the night, it was once again The TeaM-H with the upperhand as Conway was forced to fend off wave after wave of The TeaM-H's allies. First Declan and Patrick O'Reilly, then Jack Savage, then finally The TMH himself, who delivered a Wake Up Call to Conway for the a stolen pinfall. As the rest of The TeaM-H come out to destroy Conway, it was Chris Winters and Jay Maximillion who came to make the save. The TMH ducked out of sight as the four O'Reillys and Jack Savage attacked the three. Team Conway looked to slowly crumble apart, until, finally, the lights went out and fire exploded on the stage. "The Eternal Flame" Jesse Barton made his PFW debut as he came to the ring and aided Team Conway by disposing all of The TeaM-H, except for Declan O'Reilly and The TMH, himself, who made a run for it. Though The TeaM-H had a victory for momentum, it was Team Conway, who grew by two members in one night, that stood tall.

Night of Crisis

It was just one week later when a Pre-PPV Edition of Frontier led to a bell toll for PFW. The production values of Frontier had disappeared, leaving only choppily edited pieces of shows together in hopes that they could find a way to bounce back at the Pay-Per-View.

Alex Weaves arrived at the start of the show to announce the Main Event at Survival of the Fittest and revealed that everyone, but Team Conway and The TeaM-H were given the night off. It would be a series of 5 matches to determine the numbers advantage at Survival of the Fittest. He, then, declared that both Team Captains decide who they wanted to compete first and to do so fast as the first match of the night started immediately after he left the ring.

It was The TeaM-H's Quinn O'Reilly who secured the first victory of the night as he nailed a vicious Irish Car Bomb to Team Conway's Jay Maximillion. The TMH, once again, announced that Team Conway has no chance and his team is the early victors.

The next match featured Chris Winters of Team Conway getting a fluke victory over Patrick after a tug-of-war about a steel chair between Chris Winters and the referee occurred. It ended with Chris Winters releasing as the referee pulled his hardest, spinning the referee and drilling Patrick O'Reilly in the face with the chair. Chris Winters slid back in for the count out victory.

After this, Team Conway declared Curtis Conway to be their next choice in the series of matches. But first, Anthem Odysseus and Cruesmich Keine exchanged a brief staredown, backstage, with the newly reunited GXR: Cypher Daniels and Colbin Drake. But when they both started taunting each other about how they could beat any team and no one could stop them, Jack Savage and Chris Love entered the picture. Taunting that they could beat both teams, blindfolded. Cruesmich, then, accepted a proposed Triple Threat Tag-Team match at Survival of the Fittest to the dismay of Anthem Odysseus.

Next, it was Curtis Conway up against The TeaM-H's Declan O'Reilly to the anger of fans, who wanted an early Conway/TMH confrontation. Both men began a brawl over the barricade and up into the nosebleed sections. The referee deemed the match a Double Countout and Draw. Afterwards, Curtis owerbomb Declan O'Reilly from a table, but it was The TMH who came from behind and tripped Curtis Conway, who bashed his head off of the table's edge on the way down. The TMH wanted a leveraged DDT as Conway's feet were on the table, but Team Conway made the save.

Angry at the assault that just happened, Team Conway demanded retribution from Alex Weaves, who then ordered a Sudden Death Main Event. Jesse Barton, one on one, with The TMH. Jay Maximillion was disgruntled that they wouldn't know who Team Conway's fifth member would now be. From there, it was brutal carnage during the match as The TMH dominated for most of it. Jesse Barton looked to come back at one point, but TMH laid him out with two steel chair shots. The TMH looked for a Wake Up Call, but shockingly, Jesse Barton caught it, countered and nailed the Death Valley Flame for the win, gaining the numbers advantage at Survival of the Fittest. However, when The TeaM-H broke it down into one large scale brawl, it was Conway who came to the ring with a steel chair to make a save. But he got low blowed by The TMH, putting him down. But he promised there would be five on his team and only the a few cryptic messages before the show closed out. Survival of the Fittest, however, never saw the light of day and the match was thrown out along with the company.

Second Run: Frontier Vs. Sin City


On April 23, 2008, Pure Frontier Wrestling reopened to with great anticipation from the fans. Many questions were raised over the past year about why it had disappeared and the fans wanted answers for them.

PFW Owner, Alex Weaves, appeared, despite rumors of him not doing so, in order to conceal his possible involvement with the sudden shutdown. However, he did, in fact, appear and stated that the sponsors and booking arrangements of Pure Frontier Wrestling flopped, leading the company into bankruptcy. But the real shocker came via an interruption.

It was the dazzling entrance of another business tycoon that came to the frontlines in order to settle this. Katrina Edison, owner of the Prime Combat Alliance and Virtue, that announced that she purchased 50% of the company under Alex Weaves' nose. Apparently, it was her funding that allowed the company to even make a reemergence. Unknown to Weaves, the sponsors that funded the relaunch was actually Miss Edison's own bank money. Apparently, Weaves was in desperate need of venture capitalists to fund the show, which is when Edison purchased the company and "cleaned up [his] mess." In her arrival, she removed the Femme Fatale division, provided championship guarantees to former champions and placed Anthem Odysseus as the first entry into the next Supershow.

And with that, she brought yet another surprise. Her and Weaves would be disputants in a soon-to-be all out war of "Ratings" as she debuted her new Brand Extension to PFW's already broadcasted Monday Night Frontier. Sin City would feature some of the best of PFW's best and many newcomers to the PFW scene such as the legendary Fox Strife, Chill and Blain Hamman. While at the same time, bringing in more than enough talent to fill up two Rosters, so Frontier could continue to thrive.


The very next show was a scheduled draft, where both tycoons would take turns picking competitors for their brand. During the night, William Reign, owner of Reign Incorporated, was announced as a sponsor via the work of Miss Edison. In addition, contrary to popular belief that the boom of Pure Frontier Wrestling forced the Action Wrestling League out of business in its re-debut is false. However, some of the AWL's talent did end up travelling over to PFW to continue their career in the ring without having to give up their passion for the sport.

(Alex Weaves)
Sin City
(Katrina Edison)
Cougar Cypher Daniels
Greg Cherry Synkai Deivenia
Anthem Odysseus Cruesmich Keine
Zero Exillerius Blain Hamman
Chill Vladamir Malkavius
Chris Winters Colbin Drake
Patrick O'Reilly Collin O'Reilly
Declan O'Reilly Quinn O'Reilly
Jesse Barton Richter Krug
Krim Tril Tommy Racks
Danny Amorous Robby Jirkef
Irving Kenton Wasabi Dragon XXIV
Chris Love Phoenix
Xander Verax Vinn Vicious
Machine Hitman
Jay Maximillion T Money
Charles Bryant Penze Mulkey South
Charles Octavian Joe Kickass
Curtis Conway Fox Strife
-- Nephilim
  • Curtis Conway and Fox Strife faced off in the opening match to decide who would get the first pick. Fox Strife represented Sin City while Curtis Conway represented Frontier, though neither were chosen for either brand yet. They were, however, later drafted to their respective shows. Curtis Conway won the match, giving Frontier the first pick.
  • The first draft picks for both brands would compete in a match. It would turn out to be Cougar versus Cypher Daniels. However, Cypher Daniels no-showed the match, giving Cougar and Frontier the win.
  • The third draft picks of both brands would also compete in a match. That turned out to be Cruesmich Keine and Anthem Odysseus, the former tag team champions. After a long fought battle, Cruesmich Keine defeated Anthem Odysseus, securing a win for Sin City.
  • Draft picks two, four, five and six for both brands would face off in an eight-man tag team match in the main event. During this match, many of the superstars were announced as the match went on. Eventually, the match was ruled a no-contest when both brands took the stage and locked into an all out brawl. At this point, Miss Edison revealed a wild card in the form of the world's largest man, Nephilim.


Monday Night Frontier was the original flagship show of PFW. In 2007, during PFW's first run, Frontier hosted all of the live action of the PFW in one 2-hour show every two weeks. But it wasn't until the sudden shutdown and grand reopening of PFW in 2008 did Frontier begin to really evolve. Now designed with better stage setup and a bigger Prim-O Tron screen, it was ready to come back for a great run. Like its previous time slot, Frontier is on at 9PM EST and repeats again at 12PM on SKYtv.

Frontier's first show was an exciting prelude for the weeks to follow. In its opening, it was declared that a #1 Contendership Tournament would take place over the span of three Frontier Shows starting with that night. In the first match of the Tournament, Cougar and Chris Witners had a great back and forth battle, but Cougar found the solution to Winters' puzzle. In the tag match that followed, Anthem and Zero fell prey to Declan and Patrick O'Reilly who narrowly missed a Brass Knuck shot, but still got the pinfall victory. In the next match, Jesse Barton was brutally dismantled by the psychotic Machine after the ref suffered a bump from Chris Love's meddling. Love ended up stealing the match with a cover after Machine made his leave. In the next portion of the show, Jay Maximillion made it clear he wanted to prove he was better than Krim Tril who overshadowed him at Sin City I for the Crossroads Gold. He demanded a match with him outside of their Tournament Match to which Krim came out and gave solemn and serious acceptance. In their match, Krim practically stole what was the entire show as he defeated Jay with the Wind's Grace. And finally in the Main Event, Curtis Conway, PFW's first and previous PFW World Champion, squeaked by with a victory over the determined Frontier newcomer, Greg Cherry. After potentially injuring his right knee, Conway was then told on the next Frontier in his Tournament match he would not be allowed to use his Finisher, the "Executive Decision" or else suffer a Disqualification.

Sin City

Upon Katrina Edison commanding 50% of the company, Sin City was created as the "premiere brand." Armed with a red-canvas pentagon-shaped ring, dancers, rowdy fans, and the Sin City Slot Machine, the show introduces many new elements to professional wrestling. The events typically travel from arena to arena, but hot spot locations are actual sin cities and red light districts. The show begins at 10PM EST and typically ends at 12AM EST, but may be extended.

The first show went off without a hitch. The show began with the monstrous Nephilim taking care of Mulkey South in a Pure Frontier Wrestling record breaking time. But it was overshadowed by the tag team match that followed. The O'Reillys took on The Killer Birds in an enthralling match until Declan and Patrick O'Reilly got involved, costing The Killer Birds the match and causing Collin and Quinn to be crowned the Sin City Tag Team Champions. An eight man battle royale involving four Frontiersmen and four Sinners took place which eventually ended with Chill pinning Jay Maximillion for the Crossroads Championship Title. Finally, the night ended with Fox Strife and Blain Hamman fighting to the bitter end in a double sudden death overtime match which extended the show an hour and half past due for Fox Strife to take home the win.

Upcoming Events

Show Date (PPV)
Monday Night Frontier August 4, 2008 No
Monday Night Ignition August 11, 2008 No
Monday Night Frontier August 18, 2008 No

Championships & Achievements

Title Holder Dates
PFW World Championship Vladamir Malkavius July 13, 2008
PFW Crossroads Championship Chill May 24, 2008
Frontier Tag Team Championships Cold Fusion (Biohazard/Iceman & Cash Parker/Iceman) July 13, 2008
Sin City Tag Team Championships The Regulators (Robby Jirkeff & Tommy Racks) June 9, 2008
PFW Frontier Championship Chris Love July 21, 2008
PFW Femme Fetale Championship (Defunct) -- --
PFW Tag-Team Championships (Defunct) -- --
Title Holder Date
PFW Supershow Guarantee None --
  • On a side note, current PFW roster members Curtis Conway, Anthem Odysseus & Cruesmich Keine possess miniature Guarantees that allow them to challenge for the corresponding and currently held title (Conway has a World Title shot and Anthem/Cruesmich each have a Tag-Team Title shot) they wish upon PFW's re-debut as they were stripped of their Titles.


Frontier (26)

Sin City (32)

Tag Teams & Factions


Sin City

Inactive Roster

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