Pure Wrestling Alliance
Federation Name Pure Wrestling Alliance
Abbreviation PWA
Weekly show Friday Night Highlight! (Weekly)
Time open September 2006-December 2006. Reopened: May 2007
Owner(s) Miguel Sanchez, Thunder
Commentators Josh Nelson, George Jeffries, Justin Tyger (PPV Only)
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Every month
Website Click here]

Pure Wrestling Alliance is a wrestling federation created in September 2006 by three experienced wrestlers. Its goal is to build around the younger stars of the promotion, although there are many wrestlers with a great amount of experience. Even though it is still in its infancy, PWA already has a very active roster. The first PWA PPV, Redemption, took place on October 15. On December 4th, 2006 it was announced that PWA has folded.. This statemant was made:

PRO WRESTLING SOCIETY HAS CLOSED I'm sorry to say, but the Pure Wrestling Society has closed it's doors. The roster was has gotten smaller to the point of having almost no one left, so we have no choice. Thanks to everyone who RPed for PWS and anyone else who has involved in this. Hopefully we'll be back some day, but for now this is it. Thank you, goodnight.

Recently, Miguel Sanchez contacted both Co-Owner, Thunder and Former PWA CEO of Public Relations, Yukio Blaze to reopen the company.



  • January: Dawn
  • February: Royal Rampage
  • March: Envy
  • April: Gate To Glory
  • May: Trial Under Fire
  • June: Key To The Throne
  • July: Liberty And Justice
  • August: Ringside War
  • September: Boiling Point
  • October: Redemption
  • November: Battleground
  • December: Elimination Alley


Noteable PWA Alumni

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