Weekly Show Monday Night Mayhem
Establshed April 2005
Owner Billy Cullen
Federation Type Roleplay Based w/ occasional generated "House Shows"
Pay-Per-Views Monthly

The PWSWF is a Wrestling E-Fed that was established in March 2005.



The PWSWF is an Internet E-Fed that was founded by Columnist Billy Cullen & former HonkyTonkMan.Com Columnist Rick Robinson. The fed was started as an experiment on the now defunct pro wrestling smarks website using a random generator and ad-libed storyline writing. The idea came about when Rick Robinson asked Cullen to do the project. The fed immediately garnered several members of the pro wrestling smarks forum and crowned it's first World Heavyweight Champion "Prime Time" Shane Fuller in March 2005. Shortly thereafter, Robinson would close pro wrestling smarks to pursue personal issues and Cullen would take over the federation.

"The System"

The PWSWF's goal was (and is) to be an alternative to "Traditional E-fedding". In traditional e-fedding, the winners and losers are strictly decided on Role Playing and are not usually "evenly matched". The PWSWF decided to take strong Roleplays into account, but use a generator where the characters would get to pick stats (Strength, Speed, Vitality & Charisma). Various systems were experimented by Cullen over the years, but the concept generally stays the same. Cullen attributes the federations long running success to the system he uses (despite others urging him to make the PWSWF strictly a "traditional" e-fed). To compromise, in Season 4, it was decided that all pay per view matches would be decided strictly on roleplays. Shortly thereafter, it was decided that all Shows except for House Shows would be decided via Roleplays but on a 1-100 scale with several other factors involved. This seems to be the best system as it has now been in place for nearly 4 years.

"The Re-Birth"

Due to sorting issues out on where to put the federation, half of July and August 2005 would not see any PWSWF action. After recruiting former members of the fed, the PWSWF was re-launched on the now defunct Casual Fan website in September 2005. It would soon garner over 20 members and see the birth of the PWSWF United States, World Television & World Tag Team Titles as well as the rebirth of the PWSWF World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Titles that were won by Dark Arthur and future PWSWF Hall Of Famer Kurt Kaoss.

"The Cast Of Characters"

The PWSWF would help create some of the biggest legends in E-Fed history such as Frankie Fontana, Ali B, Billy C, Fuzz, The Von Vaughns, Jeremy Lightning, Vile, Dark Arthur, Frank White, Laura Phoenix, "Prime Time" Shane Fuller, Seamus McDuff, and several others. The personalities of the characters helped create a series of unforgettable story lines and intense feuds. The PWSWF acquired many superstars from the now defunct UWE promotion.

"The PWSWF Superstar Site & The X-Title"

In the end of 2005/ Early 2006, the fed would see upwards of nearly 4 dozen characters and create not only its own website, but the PWSWF X-Title. The website ( features characters win/loss records, tiles held and general profiles for each superstar. It was one of the very first websites of its kind for any e-fed. The fed soon left The Casual Fan and started its own forum that is still around to this day.

"Brand Extensions"

On 2 separate occasions, the PWSWF's growth spawned off "brand extensions". The first was the TCFWF which was ironically run by co-founder Rick Robinson. After a falling out with's owner, Robinson would relinquish his part in running the TCFWF and it would soon be merged with the PWSWF in April 2006.

The second brand extension was RCW ("Rebel Championship Wrestling"). The fed was run by PWSWF Superstars Tony "The Trendsetter" Ortiz and Ali B. The federation was created on November 26, 2006 and was highly successful. It even crowned 3 of its own champions, but saw it's demise from the PWSWF Message Board on June 24, 2007 after Cullen and Ortiz could not settle creative differences. Ortiz brought RCW to its own board.

Both the TCFWF and RCW allowed superstars such as Frankie Fontana, Tony Ortiz, Vile and several others to shine on an uncrowded roster and served to skyrocket the careers of many e-fedders.

A Brand Extension is scheduled to take place again at the beginning of 2010 (Season 14) and will be the revival of R.C.W. (Revolution Championship Wrestling). These plans may not come to fruition until mid 2010, but PWSWF Owner Bill Cullen says.....

"It WILL happen! It is just a matter of when. I don't want ANYTHING going wrong like it did the first 2 times. They say the 3rd Time is a "charm"?....That is EXACTLY what I plan on it being! I don't like doing anything "half fast". I didn't get to where I am in the E-Fed world by making bad decisions and this will be no exception".

"General Managers"

PWSWF President/Majority Owner Jack Money after 12 Seasons of assuming the role of "On Air Boss", cited that he was having health issues and getting older and appointed General Managers of both "Monday Night Mayhem" and "Destruction" at the beginning of Season 13.

He gave the role of General Manager for their flagship program "Monday Night Mayhem" to Entrepreneur and future Hall Of Famer Roscoe Garrett. When Garrett was appointed Money stated that "Garrett is 6'7 and 290 pounds....NO ONE is going to push him around. He came from nothing and became a millionaire and was trained by some of the BEST in Professional Wrestling history!"

"Roscoe also "knows the game" he continued.... "He has been everywhere in this company and is EXTREMELY intelligent. He was the perfect man for the job."

Immediately after appointing Garrett, Money shocked the world when he named Eric Larson (former R.C.W. president) as General Manager of "Destruction". Larson, who owns the PWSWF Pub (along with twin brother Steve), was once a member of a "Mid-Card" tag team called "Grand Larsony" but has a much more extensive Martial Arts background. With a mere 5'6/155 lb. frame, Larson is not as physically imposing as Roscoe Garrett, but Money cited that "Larson looks like a lawyer, but he'd kick your @$$ if you pushed him too far. Eric & Steve have been a part of the PWSWF family since it's inception and I trust him wholeheartedly in every decision he makes.

Roscoe Garrett & Eric Larson have to work together often, but there has yet to be ANY distention between the two men.

"Women's Wrestling In The PWSWF & Integration Of The PWSWF Women's Title"

PWSWF Owner Billy Cullen had expressed a desire to have a Women's World Title since the feds inception back in 2005, but up until the last few Seasons had never had more than a handful of Women wrestlers in the company.

After much recruiting, the PWSWF starting hiring more and more female wrestlers who proved to be more than competent to wrestle full-time for a major organization like the PWSWF.

Finally, in Season 13, at the "Blood Lust" Pay Per View, the company made wrestling history (once again) when they put 6 Women wrestlers inside an Elimination Chamber with the winner to be crowned the first ever PWSWF Women's World Champion.

This was a match that got a ton of press and in the end, newcomer Cameron O'Neill (sister of former PWSWF World Heavyweight Champion Laura Phoenix) defeated Lillian Holmes, Miss Kitty, Roxanne Starr, Wild Cat and Elizabeth Storm to be crowned the first ever PWSWF Women's World Champion.

The company also just held it's second ever "Lillian Ellison Memorial Divas Cup". This is a tournament much like their Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup, but for females only.

"Working With Rick Robinson Again & The PWSWF/PWSR 9/11 Show!"

In Season 13, PWSWF Owner Bill Cullen made amends with former Co-Owner Rick Robinson and created E-fed history when the two collaborated and did the first ever PWSWF/PWSR joint show. This show took place on September 11, 2009 and was in honor of the 9/11 victims. It featured all of the top talent from both the PWSWF and PWSR.

The show went over VERY WELL and without incident.

The Main Event featured a match that had both fictional and factual significance. Billy C (who is run buy PWSWF Owner Billy Cullen) took on "Prime Time" Shane Fuller (who is run by PWSR Owner Rock Robinson and was the first ever PWSWF World Heavyweight Champion) in a match that kept the entire world on the edge of their seats.

In the end, Billy C defeated Shane Fuller, but both men seemed to care less about who won or lost. After the match Cullen was quoted in saying "The victory means very little me compared to the fact that Ricky and I made amends. Our characters cam up together as did both Rick and I and to have us pull off an event that the world said would never happen is something so special that I cannot describe it in words. Shane Fuller is a legend as is the man who runs him. More than legend, he is a good friend and I hope that the PWSWF and PWSR can work together for years to come." This would not be the case as Cullen and Robinson had a falling out again in April 2010.

"The Brand Extension Returns With 2 More Brands"

During the middle of Season 14, the company decided due to an increasingly growing roster, they would add a Japanese promotion (P.W.S.J.) and a Second Brand ("Rebellion") in The United States (with Mayhem being titled as the "original" brand. PWSWF Japan (P.W.S.J. primarily is a setting for many wrestlers who are inactive (out of character) and does not hold any fully written shows. Many wrestlers are "parked" there when a person wants a break from their character (s) but does not want to pull him/her off of the PWSWF roster completely. "Rebellion" operates relatively the same as Mayhem but has its own Pay Per Views every month on the same night as the Mayhem Pay Per Views (the Mayhem & Rebellion P.P.V.'s are geld back-to-back in the same Arena). PWSWF (real life) Owner Billy Cullen stated "I don't know how long the brand Extension will last, but it is the best thing right now. I will keep my expectations low so I can't be disappointed if it doesn't work out". PWSJ is now PWSW (Pro Wrestling Superstars Worldwide) and is touring everyone outside of the United States. They will start off in Season 16 and primarily be working Europe throughout the first half of 2011.

"The PWSWF Today....."

The PWSWF continues to run 2 weekly shows ("PWSWF Monday Night Mayhem" and "PWSWF Rebellion"), A Pay Per View Pre-Show named "Explosion", as well as 2 monthly Pay-Per-Views and has held over 350+ shows in its over 5 years of existence. It now has several websites (The Superstar Site, The Forums, PWSWF Alumni, A Divas Website, A My Space Page, A Facebook Page & others). takes you to all links related to the fed and is going into its 16th Season and 6th year on January 11, 2011.

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