The Pyramid Cage is a type of match in XOW and now in Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Federation that is similar to that of a mini-tournament in one. It has only been used once in XOW history in which Volt Nolen defeated Dan "Cypher" Kilburn in the finals to become the first XOW World Champion. It is known as being of the most deadly and technical matches in recent memory. The structure of the Pyramid cage is approximately 40 feet high and at the base spans over 4 rings and has 3 stories. There are four rings in the first floor, a massive cage separated by a walled fence in the second, and a roof in the third. On top, there is usually a ladder and unlike the two stories below it, which the tops are sealed (obviously), the top is open.

Rules of the Match

The rules of the match are as follows:

  • Eight men start the match in the four rings in the first story. The object of this match is to defeat your opponent by pinfall, submission, or leaving the ring.
  • The four men that survive the first story then fight in the second story in a cage divided by a walled fence, allowing two separate entities, two men a piece. Same rules except weapons are legal.
  • The two winning men meet in the top where a belt or a briefcase is being held up high and a ladder is laid on top. The rules are the same as in a Ladder Match. First person to grab the object wins.
  • If the two men in two adjacent rings in the first story finish their match before the other match, they can start their second story match without having to wait. In theory, the faster you finish your opponent, the more rest time you can get waiting for your next one. However, once at the top story, you CANNOT go for the title or touch the ladder without your opponent at the top.
  • You are allowed to bring weapons from the 2nd floor to the top floor to use against your opponent. Only weapons you bring from the 2nd floor and the ladder is legal.

History of the Match

This match has only been used once in XOW. Despite no records of the match, it is known that Volt Nolen defeated Dan "Cypher" Kilburn in the top floor of the cage. The match is also considered extremely dangerous, which is why it hasn't been used much.

UHWF CEO Clyde Wilson has announced that he will make a Pyramid Cage match for the UHWF World Title sometime in 2007. More details to come available.

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