The Pyramid Match is a speciality match designed by WCF wrestler Skyler Striker. The match is based around a normal ring with modifications as follows:

  • Crowd barricades moved ten metres backwards on all sides
  • Second set of barricades set up at apron height on all four sides where crowd barricades normally are
  • Twenty-five foot bulletproof glass pyramid set up on top of steel barricade over the ring, leaving no escape route
  • Ring set in normal position, hardcore-style weapons scattered around ring area
  • Breakable glass pyramid cube set up ten feet high above the ring, the canvas is the bottom of the cube and the four sides surround the turnbuckles
  • Platforms for high-flying moves are scattered on both glass structures

History and Usage

The match was used for the first time ever at WCF Timebomb. The match was a WCF World Championship Series match and featured Thunder vs. Striker. Striker came out on top in the end, but both men were badly injured and had blood loss from various incidents with glass pieces of the structure. Major events included:

  • Striker spearing Thunder through the glass cube's wall
  • Thunder throwing two sledgehammers, breaking the remaining two cube walls to allow the glass roof to fall on Striker in the centre of the ring
  • A light-tube throwing match on the top floor of the outer structure
  • Striker delivering the Final Revelation to Thunder through the centre of the top structure and Thunder falling fifteen feet to the glass-covered ring
  • Striker delivering the Skyler High Dive through the new hole fifteen feet onto Thunder
  • Thunder passing out in the Lockdown

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