Quest For Vengeance is a term later given to the March 7th, 2006 tag match between Jack Of Diamonds and his partner Ace Of Spades against G-Rich and Justin Reynolds. This match took place on an edition of FWA Fight Night and became one of the most legendary matches FWA has ever seen.


This match was brewing for nearly half a year. At FWA's No Remorse, Jack Of Diamonds defeated G-Rich in a Loser Leaves FWA For a Month Buried Alive Match, thanks to help from Mike Curtis. G-Rich and JOD were bitter rivals and G-Rich was previously in a stable, [Hybrid Theory]] with Curtis and Reynolds. After Curtis left the group and cost G-Rich the match, Reynolds went off in singles competition and began tod evelop bitter feelings towards G-Rich. Their anger stemmed when G-Rich returned to FWA after his stipulation suspension was up, but they were forced to team up against former rivals JOD and his henchman AOS. While G-Rich and Reynolds didn't get along, this match became historic.

The Match

The matches rules were No Disqualification and Tornado Tag. The match began with JOD and AOS attacking the former teammates while the two argued in the corner. Weapons began to filter into this match at a constant flow as Reynolds used a chair to dismantle Ace's left arm, but only to be sprayed in the eyes by a fire extinguisher brought out by Jack. G-Rich turned the tides with a chair shot to Jack. The action went back and forth outside and ring while Reynolds took a table out from under the ring. The table was not broken and was set up in the ring and G-Rich was busted open by a fire extinguisher shot for JOD, but Reynolds delivered his finishing boot, the Hybrid Kick, to the extinguisher, which smashed into Jack's face, proceeding to bust open Jack as well! Ace turned the tables with a chair shot to Justin's back and later nails him in the face with it, causing blood to spew from Justin's face. JOD almost picked up the win for his team after a Diamond Cutter, but Reynolds had the strength to kick out. It wasn't long before Ace had blood flow from his face, as G-Rich sent him face-first with a DDT into a chair. G-Rich then proceeded to slam Jack through a set-up table in the corner with a Death Valley Driver and almost got the pinfall, but Ace nailed him in the face with a barbed wire baseball bat. The ring was then covered in blood and Ace nailed Reynolds with a piledriver on the chair and almost came away with a win, but G-Rich broke it up. G-Rich almost gets the win after a King Kong Buster, but that wasn't the case as Jack got himself back into the match with the breakup of the pin attempt.

The Ending

G-Rich and Reynolds must've channeled the spirits of the Dudley Boyz at Wrestlemania 16 because they set up two ladder parallel to each other and set up a table on top of them, reminiscent of when Edge and Christian won the tag titles. Seemingly, all 4 men find themselves on top of the illustrious creation, but JOD grabs Reynolds and gives him a flying Diamond Cutter off the top of the structure through a table below! Ace and G-Rich joined them soon enough as G-Rich slammed Ace not only through the table that they were standing on atop the ladder, but the table directly underneath it with a King Kong Buster! All four men lay at the bottom of the mess with wood splints and ladders and barbed wire all over the ring, not to mention the what seemed like gallons of blood lost! The match was ruled a no contest because none of the four men could participate due to the carnage! EMT's and referees filled the ring after the match and helped get all four men out on stretchers! That's right, all four men left on stretchers! The fans understood and situation and were in awe of what they saw and gave all 4 wrestlers a tremendous amount of respect with a long and meaningful standing ovation.


This match would be Ace Of Spades final match in FWA. His injuries were too severe, and quit FWA on his own free will. Jack Of Diamonds returned in stints, but never fully returned to FWA and his injuries might have played a part in this. Justin Reynolds returned for a month, but lost to G-Rich at FWA Betrayal. G-Rich would wrestle one more match (versus Reynolds) before retiring and becoming FWA's General Manager. It is evident that this "Quest For Vengeance" was the downfall of all 4 of these men's FWA wrestling careers. Their injuries were insurmountable and this match seemed to be a bloodbath and a carnage-filled event. This match will go down in history as one of FWA's most brutal and memorable matches, and it is obvious that none of these four men will ever forget what transpired on that night.

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