Masahiko Kanemaru
[[Image:|130px|Image of
Masahiko Kanemaru
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Quick Silver
Height 5 ft 9 in ( 175 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (80 kg)
Date of birth May 18th, 1985
Place of birth Osaka, Japan
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Resides Bucharest, Romania
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W365, WRM
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In Masahiko Kanemaru

Masahiko Kanemaru, better known by his ring name QuickSilver, is a Japanese professional wrestler.He is currently signed to W365 and WRM.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finisher Moves:
  • Go 2 Sleep (Fireman's carry dropped into a high knee strike to the face)
  • Kimura / Keylock, sometimes with headscissors
  • Favorite Moves
  • Double knee backbreaker
  • Falcon Arrow (Sitout suplex slam)
  • Super Falcon Arrow (Top rope turning sitout suplex slam)
  • Suigin Kombo (2 low roundhouse kicks to the chest are followed by a middle roundhouse kick to the head)
  • Strong kick to the guts
  • Running Yakuza kick
  • Tornado DDT
  • German suplex hold
  • Tiger suplex hold
  • Standing dropkick
  • Springboard enzuigiri
  • Stiff kicks
  • Gamengiri (Jumping high kick)
  • Mongolian chops
  • Forearm strikes
  • Dragon clutch
  • Texas cloverleaf
  • Traiangle choke

other submission moves.

  • Theme music
  • DJ Muggs feat. GZA - General Principles
  • GZA feat. RZA & Raekwon - Advance Pawns
  • RZA - Fatal

Championships and accomplishments

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