Valda Annbjørg Oystein (born December 9, 1986 in Oslo, Norway), whose goes by the ring name Quintessence (formerly Valda Oystein, and then Aphasia), is a Scandinavian female professional wrestler. Oystein is currently working under the SWA (Shootclub Wrestling Alliance) series of promotions, namely in Wrestling Association of Mexico. She returned to hiatus in Millenium Wrestling Alliance, and then jumped back to SWA, to WAM, a few months later. She is known for her incredible strength, so much so that she is famous for lifting up the 400 pound Greg Amazing in WWCW, and other much heavier wrestlers. She is also well known for her do-or-die attitude, her attention to detail, perfectionism, and constant desire to entertain the crowd (even at the risk of her own well being).


Quintessence was born Valda Annbjørg Oystein to Esben Finn Oystein, a former electrician and professional wrestler for the Scandinavian National Wrestling Alliance, and Ingebjørg Ida Oystein, a housewife. Valda had one sister, who was a year older than her, who eventually grew up to become a lawyer. When she told her family about wanting to go to law school, Valda was curious as to what job she could get that could make her family just as proud of her as she was of her sister. So, she went to Oslo University to become a pharmacist. While in pharmacy school, she was recruited by Oslo police as basically a desk jockey for some years, to help her pay for her dorm and books that she needed for school. After graduating, she started working out and eventually did some bodybuilding, which helped her go higher up in the police force, ending up being recruited by the Norwegian National Police. She retired from bodybuilding because she felt she couldn't compete with the other girls in the world without taking steroids and water retaining drugs, so she went to a Mixed Martial Arts school.

Early Fighting Career

After graduating from that, she was quickly picked up by the female branch of the UFC, the Alpha-Female Mixed Martial Arts Fighting League, or the AFMMAFL, the FMMA for short. She won over many fans and won many awards and titles in her three years run in the FMMA. She went on hiatus from it after a while, after it was discovered that, after badly injuring her leg, Valda became addicted to pain killers. After leaving rehab, she went back to working out to get into the mix of being in the ring, but because of her now bad record, the FMMA wouldn't accept her... But the local wrestling school would.

Early Wrestling Career

She trained there and, before you know it, was on her way to the United States to participate in Shootcamp, the wrestling camp under the SWA brand. She graduated the camp as one of the top rookies to come out, being in the midst of the "golden age" of Shootcamp, when such wrestlers as Christopher Noteman (who, later in SCW, she began to become romantically involved with) and Scorpious were her fellow Shootcampers. They all went to SCW, where Valda Oystein, then known as Aphasia, was quickly achieving stardom, and quickly climbing up the ranks. She became one of the most recognized wrestlers in SCW at the time, and one of the most recognized rookies and female wrestlers in all of SWA. But personal problems caused her to leave the wrestling world, temporarily anyways. She returned to the ring as Quintessence for a couple of months, before her personal problems returned with the death of her mother due to complications stemming from breast cancer.

Return To Wrestling

After months of recovering from this, trying to piece her life back together, Valda returned to SWA. But there was a problem... What federation would she go to? Talent scouts all over SWA were hustling and bustling, quickly trying to pick up Valda before anybody else did. WAM was the one that Valda ultimately chose, because she saw that WAM was a small place where she could quietly go and rebuild her career, and because the staff there were upmostly nice about everything. Since her debut, she has begun a heated feud with fellow WAM female wrestler Anarchy Rose, which she was forced into a tag team with, known as "Women of WAM".

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing moves
  • Transylvanian Hunger (Superkick From Hell)
  • Thor's Hammer (Inverted Death Valley Driver)
  • Fire Storm Frog Splash (Frog Splash)
  • Eye of Odin (Three Powerbombs into a DVD)
  • Signature moves
  • Quintessential Mounted Punches (Mounted UFC-style Punches Submission)
  • Throne of Loki (Full Nelson Atomic Drop)
  • Freyr's Arrow (Yokuza Kick)
  • Lowering Sky (Fisherman's Suplex into a Neckbreaker)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • League History:
  • Shootcamp (Total Of 1 Month), Shootcamp Wrestling (Total Of 2 Months), Golden State Wrestling (Total Of 3 Months), World Wrestling Competition (6 Months), Wrestling Association of Mexico (3 Months), East Coast Wrestling Organization (1 Month).
  • Status History:
  • Wrestler For Shootclub (Total Of 1 Month), Wrestler For Shootclub Wrestling (Total Of 2 Months), Wrestler For Golden State Wrestling (Total Of 1 Month And Running), Wrestler for World Wrestling Competition (WWC) (6 Months), Columnist for WWC (1 Month), Wrestler for Wrestling Association of Mexico (5 Months), Wrestler for East Coast Wrestling Organization (1 Month), Wrestler for MWA (2 Months), Participant in the RSW Blood Bowl '06, 1/2 of Women of WAM (Tag Team).
  • Title/Award History:
  • 8 PotWs, SCW Wrestler Of The Year (x2)

WWC Hardcore Title (x1) SCW Ironman Title (x1 - 1 Month) GSW Comeback Move Award RSW Winner of the Third Blood Bowl '06 Set SWA Rookie Of The Year (x2) WAM Tijuana Tag Titles (x1, w/ Anarchy Rose) WAM Tag Team Titles (x1, w/ Anarchy Rose) WAM Television Title (x1) WAM Tag Team Titles (x1 w/ Anarchy Rose) WAM Promoter Wrestler of the Week (x1, w/ Women of Wam) WAM Promoter Match of the Week (x2, v/ Rock Strongbow TV Title Match, v/ Black Friday TV Title Match) WAM Most Popular Wrestler of the Month (x3)

Personal life

Valda previously dated fellow SWA wrestler Christopher Noteman before personal problems saw her moving back to Norway. She returned to the North American circuit, dating a few men in off-and-on relationships. She is not and never has been currently married.

External links

Shootclub Profile: [1]

Valda Oystein
An image of Valda Oystein
Ring name(s) Aphasia (Formerly) Quintessence
Weight165 lbs.
BornDecember 13, 1978
Birth PlaceOslo, Norway
ResidesMexico City, Mexico
Current PromotionWrestling Association of Mexico
Trained byShootcamp
DebutApril 15, 2004

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