Quintin Hollis
Real name Quintin Hollis
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Height 6'0
Weight 210 lbs.
Date of birth March 22, 1984
Place of birth Fayettville, North Carolina
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Raleigh, North Carolina
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Trainer WWA Far North Training Camp
Handled by Himself
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Debut 2005
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Quintin Hollis, is a professional American Wrestler who currently competes in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Quintin Hollis has been wrestling for three years and made it big fast. He held a title within his first week of wrestling and soon added many more titles to what was his already impressive resume'.


Quintin Hollis was born on March 22, 1975. Quintin hadn't even thought of the idea of becoming a professional wrestler until he had watched his long-time hero Ric Flair. Since then he had wanted to be a wrestler ever since. Hollis was 9 when he started his training fighting with his father much like the now promotion of Mixed Martial Arts [MMA], which helped him learn moves that are illegal in professional wrestling today. At the age of 12 he was working a small backyard promotion with many of his friends and even his enemies. They called the promotion Extreme Championship Combat after the popular Extreme Championship Wrestling [ECW].

He got a small break after getting his thumb almost ripped off by barbed wire in the first ever barbed wire match. The company had about 11 people so they had masked wrestlers and many gimmicks. Quintin used the Masked Machine, The Krazy Klown, and even himself. His Quintin Hollis gimmick started out as a jobber who would go through anything to get recognized and then turned into a Rapper Thug living on the streets.

Quintin Hollis decided to leave his thug gimmick behind and started to spread his hardcore style to bigger and better promotions

Former Feds

Quintin started out in BWF. That promotion was run by Shane McMahon who was looking for rookies to sign and make big, little did he know that one of the rookies he signed would go on to be a legend. He feuded with Balls Mahoney and defeated him in his first match to claim the BWF Hardcore Championship. He even had a few matches with Shane McMahon, but that was all a scam to take out Abyss. Later in the promotion Hollis quit the promotion after being offered a huge deal with WWC. In WWC, Quintin Hollis was pushed around until he defeated Saint Maximus in his debut. Hollis was one of the GM options along with Chris Cash. WWC ended up picking Eric Bischoff which made Jeff go off the deep end. He decided to team up with Frankie Kazarian and form Team Chaos. He brought in Brian Lawler and started a feud with Scott Hall and DX. Team Chaos won the battle but lost the war when they defeated the new n.W.o but Brian Lawler turned on Team Chaos. Hollis left Team Chaos leaving just Lawler and Kazarian, later Hollis brutally attacked Lawler and forced him to be in the hospital for nearly 8 months. Hollis went by himself and faced Chris Cash but lost to him in a title match. After Cash left the title was vacated, and Hardy defeated Orton to claim his first WWC World Title. After he was suspended he came back and attacked Kenny Dykstra to win his second WWC Title. He did the same in PWA he won three TV Titles and defeated Justin his Former WWA FNTC Tag Team Partner for the PWA World Title.


Hollis finally got his big break signing with the WWE. He formed a team with Johnny Hardy and Ginger named Dangerous by Design or "DBD" for short. They captured the TNA Tag Team Titles (Quintin and Johnny)and Knockout's Title (Ginger). DBD broke up after Johnny turned on Hollis anf Ginger. Quintin went solo and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble defeating Sabu. Hollis then left iMPACT and joined with Shane McMahon on Smackdown still holding the TNA Title. He lost to CM Punk on iMPACT to lose the TNA Title then quickly won an Open Gauntlet on Smackdown for the Number One Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jamie Roucka the United States champion at the time had an open challenge to anyone for the US Title. Hollis seized the opportunity and gave him an offer; Roucka's US Title and Hollis's Number One Contendership was on the line. Hollis won capturing his first US Title and assuring his World Title shot. But the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, had lost his title to Randy Orton. So at No Way Out it was Quintin Hollis vs. Randy Orton for the WHC in a HIAC. Hollis ended up winning after Orton RKO'ed him off the Cell through the announce table. But Hollis's head was still over Orton's shoulder which was a pin and he got the win. Hollis then formed a team with The Undertaker called, DeadMan Inc. After a while Hollis officially retired, 5 days before his big match against Randy Orton and Triple H at WrestleMania 24. He cancelled his retirement and showed up at Mania only to lose his match against Triple H. April 1, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Ginger (divorced).

Current Status

Quintin Hollis is now currently working dark shows for WWE as Spektor. Also is wrestling on many indy feds. He also wrestles for a local promotion 'Sudden Impact Wrestling'. Currently working under the name 'Tyler Hollis'.


  • Levi James
  • Joshua Hollis
  • Johnny Hollis
  • Thor Girod/Vyper

Major Accomplishments

  • Currently A 6 Time World Heavyweight Champion
  • Currently A 5 Time Tag Team Champion
  • Currently A 3 Time Hardcore Champion
  • First ever and only IPW Ultimate Champion
  • First Ever IPW Hardcore Champion, ECS Hardcore Champion, BWF Hardcore Champion
  • First man to hold the PWA Television Title more than once
  • Formed Team Chaos
  • IPW's M.V.P of 07
  • WWC's M.V.P of 07
  • PWA Double Crown Champion [World,United States]
  • WWC Triple Crown Champion [World,United States,Tag Team]

Fun Facts

  • Looked up to Ric Flair
  • Created the Thousand Tack Massacre
  • Has 2 Brothers [Josh and John] and a Sister [Kelly]
  • Was engaged to Ginger Thompson
  • Became Black Wrestling Federation's C.E.O in 2004 [His firt Wrestling Appearance]
  • Has a band named Punctured Lung
  • Is Friendly in the Locker Room
  • Never been in an Elimination Chamber

Title History

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship [x1] (WWE: Murderously Forgotten)
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship [x1] (WWE: Murderously Forgotten)
  • PWA World Heavyweight Championship [x1] (Pro Wrestling Alliance)
  • W2W World Heavyweight Championship [x1] (Wrestle 2 Win)
  • WWC World Heavyweight Championship [x2] (World Wrestling Corporation)
  • IPW Ultimate Championship [x1] (Impact Pro Wrestling)
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship [x1] (WWE: Murderous Intent)
  • WWE United States Championship [x1] (WWE: Murderously Forgotten)
  • PWA Television Championship [x3] (Pro Wrestling Alliance)
  • IPW Hardcore Championship [x1] (Impact Pro Wrestling)
  • BWF Hardcore Championship [x1] (Blackout Wrestling Federation)
  • ECS Hardcore Championship [x1] (Extreme Championship Stampede)
  • WWE World Tag Team Championship [x1] (WWE: Resurrection)
  • WWA FNTC X Tag Team Championship [x1] (World Wrestling Alliance)
  • WWC World Tag Team Championship [x2] (World Wrestling Corporation)
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship [x1] (WWE: Murderously Forgotten)

Past And Current Relationships

  • Torrie Wilson (Past)
  • Pamela Paulshock (Past)
  • Trish Stratus (Past)
  • Maryse Ouellet (Past)
  • Ginger (Past)

Favorite Weapons

  • Crowbar
  • Bat
  • Barbed Wire
  • Sledgehammer

Theme Music

  • Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine [Old]
  • How I Could Just Kill A Man - Rage Against The Machine [Old]
  • Away - Mercy Drive [Old]
  • Freak On A Leash - KoRn [Old]
  • Boom by P.O.D [Old]
  • Haunted by Evanescence [Instrumental Version] [Past]
  • Superstar by Saliva [Past]
  • The Beast by Tech N9ne [Past]
  • Assassins by Insane Clown Posse [Past]
  • Find The Real by Alter Bridge [Instrumental Version] [Past]
  • Come As You Are by Nirvana [Instrumental Version] [Current]

Previous Stables

  • Team Chaos
  • Generation X
  • Cash and Hollis
  • Deadly Alliance
  • The Southern Rebellion
  • The Rebellion
  • Dangerous by Design
  • DeadMan Inc.


  • Ginger Thompson
  • Dallas Winston
  • Jackal
  • JG Money
  • Johnny Hardy
  • Teck [Aaronn Bannister]

Noteable Feuds

  • Triple H
  • Scott Hall
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Kenny Dykstra
  • Randy Orton


Finishing Moves

  • Total Silence [Canadian Destroyer]

Trademarks and Set Ups

  • Cradle Shock
  • Houston Hangover
  • Lou Thez Press
  • Shining Wizard
  • Whisper in the Wind

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