R.E. Rage
Real name Ricardo Razon Grant
Ring Names R.E. Rage
Height 6' 3"
Weight 235 lb
Date of birth 3rd August, 1981
Place of birth Pasig, Manila, Philippines
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from
Trainer X-WCW Developmental Territory
Handled by
Win/Loss Record N/A
Debut 2003
Retired N/A

Ricardo Razon Grant, better known by his wrestling name, R.E. Rage, is an e-fed wrestler and is a current wrestler for the X-WCW. He was recently fired on-screen in 2NLW where he was a former Universal Champion and the longest reigning International champion in the company. He held the nNLW IN title for 8 months before losing it to Karl Baller during Levelopolis. He is also known to be one half of the team RNR with his partner Brett Rayne


Ricardo was born in the Philippines to his Filipina Mother and American Father. It is not known who they were, but at the age of 4, they moved to Florida where Rage now resides. He started to get interested in pro-wrestling at the age of 15. By 18, he was already having a part-time job at bouncing at a local pub in Florida.

A year later, D-Extreme (an X-WCW wrestler) entered the pub and met with Ricardo. There, he was invited to be a part of the new X-WCW developmental camp that opened recently in Indiana.

The Developmental Days

R.E. Rage was a part of the first batch of X-WCW developmental wrestlers during its opening in February 2003. He quickly grew into the top student of the developmental league that he was recalled after a couple of months into the main X-WCW roster.


R.E Rage debuted in the X-WCW during Doubleshot 8.[1] There he had a match with Daedelus in a special guest referee match featuring Divebomb. On his PPV debut;Starrcade: Neo, he was involved in the Raven's Rules match in the PPV that took place during the entire evening. There, he won the X-WCW Hardcore Titles two times.

After the PPV, however, he missed the next three X-WCW TV shows(which were Nitros 1-2 and Warzone 10) due to an arm injury caused in his final X-WCW Developmental Match in Indiana. He made his X-WCW TV return in Warzone 11 losing to Ringo at the LOTR first round match.

During the LOTR PPV, Rage and Eamon X were squashed by Sid Justice for the X-WCW TV title. Even though he lost the X-WCW TV title match, he opted to stay in the TV title hunt. Soon enough, he got a no. 1 contender's shot at it after defeating X-WCW legend Depth Charge. However, yet again, Sid beats up R.E. Rage to retain the TV title at the No Escape PPV.

It was not over for the Sid-R.E. Rage story though. At the next X-WCW event, X-WCW's Summerbash PPV, R.E. Rage and Sid fought in a triple threat theatre match. R.E. Rage FINALLY captured the Television title from Sid Justice. Where Sid left, The Reaper picked off. The Reaper and R.E. Rage started a feud for the X-WCW TV title after Rage's TV title victory.

Rage prevailed in his first title defense after cheating The Reaper. But Reaper paid R.E. Rage in kind as he cost R.E. Rage the TV title in a ladder match at the hands of Flash Stryker. If that was not bad enough, R.E. Rage lost to Sting in a buried alive match the followng PPV, Ground Zero 2.

On Nitro 6, R.E. Rage made a return after a two show absence following GZ 2. He competed in a TLCC match with Otacon and Daedelus vs 4LK and Powerbomb w/ Cane. No one won the match thanks to the interference of The Fragile Minds. The following show, Warzone #15, he duped Flash Stryker into shaking his hand before he laid the injured Flash Stryker into a beat down. On Bloodbath 2, Rage and Reaper had a double pinfall for the X-WCW TV title. The Title was declared vacant as a result. On the next show, he lost to Cane Deathscream for the X-WCW TV title.

Reaper and Rage relived their rivalry at Vendetta 2 in a first blood match. However, R.E. Rage prevailed again in that match. The following show, Warzone #17, he battled the relatively newcomer Ignavus to claim the X-WCW Xtreme title. On Doubleshot 10, R.E. Rage interefered in the three way tag team match to cost Default(Igz and Xille) the match. During Nitro, R.E. Rage AGAIN interferes in a match involving Default member, Xille. This mini feud between Ignavus and Xille prompted the X-WCW committee to book R.E. Rage in a three way X-Rules match between Ignavus and Xille. During that match, Xille got the victory and snatched the X-WCW Xtreme title away from Rage.

R.E. Rage's night in Royal Bash 2 wasn't over though. R.E. Rage was the fifth entrant in the 2004 Royal Bash match. Rage eliminated three entrants before being eliminated by D-Extreme.

Rage teamed up with Wrecka to take on Default in a hardcore ladder match. After a two show absence, Rage competed in the three way ladder match for the TV title. He lost his second straight match..and ladder match when Stryker won the bout.

Contract Disputes, 'Shoot Segments' and Backstage Brawls

The reason behind his absence during the previous two shows (warzone 19 and nitro 8) was the creative team. During that time, Rage expressed his frustration on staff member and wrestler D-Extreme and gone AWOL. Displeased by Rage's action, D-Extreme booked him in a match that Rage will never forget.

During Warzone 20, Rage became the mystery opponent of the debuting TGO and he jobbed to the newcomer. Rage took offence to the move set by Cyberstrike and D-Extreme for him to job to the new character. He had an argument with one of the X-WCW road agent after the show and decked him hard. Word got out to D-Ex and he was immediately sent to the office before the Nitro 10 tapings.

During the meeting with D-Ex, Rage voiced his discontent about X-WCW's lack of booking of his character. Rage told D-Ex about his love for the sport turning sour thanks to bad booking of his character and his jobbing to green talent such as TGO. D-Ex gave him an ultimatum to end the meeting. Rage signed a new deal with the X-WCW, granting him a clause that he can go to the independent scene. (the same contract Flash Stryker signed the same month of March 2005)

He signed an open contract with Joshua Johnston's 2NLW a week later and made his debut on 2NLW's breakdown. From there, he would start a 2NLW/X-WCW work that actually satisfied Rage's appetite for action.

The 2NLW

Upon Rage's deubt in the 2NLW at Breakdown 2, he won a four-way match via count out. During the third episode of Breakdown, he was quickly put into the main event with 2NLW's top star Andrew Hart for the Universal Title. However, the end was a double DQ decision thanks to both of the 2NLW co-owner's interference during the contest. On Phoenix Dawn, he faced Andrew Hart and Divebomb in a triple threat but lost after Divebomb pinned Hart.

After the PPV, he was a guest for the 2NLW's talk show 'ICS Comedy Reel' by Insane Clown Skeleton. In that segment, he was humiliated by ICS as he got soaked hard. On the following Breakdown, R.E. Rage got his revenge as he squashed ICS in a 'contender's match'. The next show, he teamed up with Hart and Divebomb to defeat Ignavus, Judge Death and ICS in a six man tag match. R.E. Rage was one of the six men in the 2NLW Coronation PPV to crown the 2NLW Universal Champ. However, he fell short as he was the final man to be eliminated in the match. Rage lost via submission to Andrew Hart to crown Hart as the first 2NLW Universal Champion.

The 'real' Universal Champ

R.E. Rage and Andrew Hart continued their feud for the 2NLW Universal Champion up to a point where Rage comes out to the ringside area with a faux 2NLW Universal Title with him. It was the breakdown after Coronation where Andrew Hart was scheduled to face TGO. However, R.E. Rage took his place and claimed that he was 'cheated' by Hart and the new referee Mr. Griffin out of the title. He blasted TGO with the title and eventually won the match. Afterwards, the real champion made his way down the ring and destroyed R.E. Rage. The next show, Walken made a Title Resolution between the two men (Hart and Rage) inside the ring. Rage had a lawyer with him and threatened to sue Walken if he doesn't get the right to become the rightful Universal Champion. They made a resolution that on Entropy, the two men will meet to settle it once and for all. At Entropy, Andrew Hart showed that he was the true Universal Champion by pinning R.E. Rage after a double hook suplex.

International Champion/Final Xtreme Moments

During the next few weeks in 2NLW, R.E. Rage went to gun for TGO and his 2NLW International title. For three straight shows, R.E. Rage delivered a beat down or embarrassed TGO in their matches. On the third match, 2NLW's PPV entitled The Razor's Edge, R.E. Rage finally beat TGO to get the 2NLW International Championship. During his reign as International Champion, he defended the belt to numerous opponents. The highlight title defenses he had would be with Lev and Amarant Odinson. He would hold onto the 2NLW International Belt for 8 months until he would be defeated by Karl Baller during April 2006 at Levelopolis. Popular opinion around 2NLW fans was that the 2NLW Inernational Champion during R.E. Rage's time was equal or even more popular during the reign of Andrew Hart and Brett Rayne with the Universal Championship.

At the same time during their mini-feud in the 2NLW, R.E. Rage defeated TGO in the X-WCW to take away TGO's X-WCW Television title. All in all, the record from July–August 2005 of their confrontations was Rage: 4 and TGO: 0. It seemed like Rage got his payback afterall. His final two months saw R.E. Rage being the X-WCW Television champion from July to September 2005 when he lost the belt to Xille in Doubleshot #12. On his last match in the X-WCW, R.E. Rage faced Judge Death in a TLCC match for the X-WCW Xtreme Championship at Groundzero III. He won the match and became the Xtreme Champion, but afterwards he was attacked by the newcomer named Mitch Barker. The attack facilitated for R.E. Rage's final appearance in the X-WCW before his eventual return a year later.

Revolution and R-N-R

October 2005, R.E. Rage was officially a 2NLW exclusive talent once his X-WCW contract ran out. After a disappointing loss to Brett Rayne in the Master of the Mat tournament, Rage bounced back and hosted a lingere show where he displayed his singing talent to entertain the masses until Amarant came to ringside and disrupt the said singing. At Allhallowmas in Montreal, he won over the hometown hero Amarant and even made him tap out. Ironically, the submission move that Rage applied on Amarant would be a dragon sleeper, the same move that was taught to him by D-Extreme in the past.

Eventually, in between his 8 month IN title reign, R.E. Rage got himself into the whole 2NLW Crusaders vs Revolution feud. Initially he dubbed himself as free agent since he has been asking a raise from Walken and at the same time telling the Revolution that he is the man they need to win the war. Eventually Rage would show his true color at the January 19th edition of Breakdown as he betrayed Ignavus and helped Tristan the Irish get a win for himself and the Revolution. At Ragnarok, it was Rage who gave the win for the Revolution as he defeated Karl Baller in their tag match. However, his membership and the glory with the Revolution would soon end as they lost at the wargames in Trafalgar the next month. In the wargames, however, R.E. Rage was the first entrant. This would happen yet again in the next PPV named Ascension as he became the first entrant for the Ascension Day 2006 Royal Rumble. He stayed until the end, sadly, he became the last man eliminated by Dark Angel.

Levelopolis I arrived and it would signal the end of R.E. Rage's 8 month reign as International Champion. He was deafeated by Karl Baller after the 3rd fall of the match. R.E. Rage would recover however as he made the most interesting and greatest alliances seen in the history of the 2NLW. Rage and Brett Rayne who once fought each other formed the tag team R.N.R. The duo would go on to do a number on Karl Baller and Dark Angel on separate occasions before they would officially announce themselves as the team RNR. Due to Warrior firing Dark Angel and vacating the Universal Title since she 'lacked destrucity'. Eventually the triple threat for Phoenix Dawn turned into a one on one match with the RNR members. It would be Rage who would take the victory as he 'pinned' Brett Rayne to win his FIRST Universal title reign.

Rage had a good run as the Universal Champion with the help of his RNR co-horts Brett Rayne and Belle Black. He successfully defended the title in an Elimination Chamber match at Coronation. However, he dropped the title on July 24 to Furious George in a brutal match. During his run as Universal Champion, RNR made a drastic change from having Nikki St. Claire as their valet and changing her spot for Belle Black. On another note, Rage and fellow RNR member Brett Rayne took part in the inter-federation wargames that the X-WCW hosted in their event Collision Course II. R.E. Rage was one of the final tow wrestlers in the ring but lost to his adversairy Karl Baller who represented team X-WCW.

After losing to Furious George, R.E. Rage requested 2NLW management to give him a leave of absence due to the nagging injuries he has sustained in the past year due to the numerous physical and brutal matches he has participated in.

Return of the Rage

R.E. Rage would re-emerge in the 2NLW by reuniting RNR at the December 28, 2006 edition of Breakdown. There, RNR made their surprise return by attacking Divebomb of the GPA. The next edition of Breakdown would see the trio put on a reunion party only to be ruined by Justin Sane and Wreckless Action Hero. The plan was for RNR to join in the tag team ranks and revitalize it as they would feud with tag teams such as the GPA (Divebomb and Ravage) and Wreckless Intent (Sane/WAH). Sadly, the 2NLW took a 6 month break and some of the wrestlers were not available for those plans to be realized upon the company's return.

The same time R.E. Rage made his 2NLW return on December 2006, he too made his return to the X-WCW. He and Real American Rocky Davis would have a brief feud that ended with Rage being victorious over Davis at Warzone's 30th show. On February 2007, Rage and Rayne reunited as RNR in the X-WCW to help out Tony Bonito. RNR's appearance at the X-WCW in the aid of Bonito would only be the start of the trio's alliance with each other as they would go on and take out D-Extreme and Cyberstrike on two separate occasions.

The X-WCW's Revolution

As said, the trio of Bonito, Rage, and Rayne would start one of the most controversial if not infamous groups that have spanwed off the X-WCW in recent memory.

Titles and Achivements

2NLW Universal Champion

2NLW International Champion

X-WCW Hardcore Champion(?X)

X-WCW Television Champion(2X)

X-WCW Xtreme Champion(3X)

X-WCW Tag Team Championship (w/Brett Rayne)

Finishers/Signature Moves



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