Pro Wrestling R4GE
Federation Name Pro Wrestling R4GE
Abbreviation R4GE
Weekly Show TNT
Time Open July 2004 - November 2004, March 2006 - October 2007
Owner(s) The Board
General Manager(s) Siefer Kross (2006) Jimmy Chisel (2007)
Commentators Aaron Jacobs, Sara Fielding, Yaminocho Tang
Based In Los Angeles, California
Federation Type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Every Six Weeks
Website R4GE

Pro Wrestling R4GE was founded in 2004 by a weathly financial backer known solely as 'The Board' to R4GE employees. In its original form R4GE closed after six months but re-opened to much success in March 2006 and contiuned in operation until October 2007 when The Board sold the R4GE Arena and R4GE was left without a place to promote.


Pro Wrestling R4GE was founded in the summer of 2004 by The Board and was based around alumni of the defunct promotion Kamikaze Championship Wrestling (which had closed in 2003) and a collection of new stars which were signed from independent circuit. R4GE had a weekly television deal with The 4W Network to broadcast the weekly Thursay Night Turbulence. The promotion ran shows regularly until November 2004 when The Board sold his control in the company to then World champion Eddie T due to some issues resulting from this which are still not quite clear R4GE folded. Many of its wrestlers went on to work for Ivan Petrov's Pure Pro Wrestling until its closure in March 2005.

Rebirth 2006

In April 2006 after over a year without promoting an event Pro Wrestling R4GE returned under the management of its founder The Board. There were few changes from the original R4GE at first bar the changing of the weekly show name to simply TNT due to a new deal with the TWI Network. However in August 2006 a dispute between R4GE management and TWI management the relationship was severed. R4GE has continued to run successfully since then due to support of a national network.

The Board

The Board is the owner and main financial power behind R4GE, his true identity is not know although toward the end of 2004 it was hinted that Ivan Petrov may have known the true identity of him (it has been confirmed that The Board is male) but it was never revealed. Wrestlers very rarely interact with The Board and if he is seen his face is hidden, he has only ever been physically involved with any of his employees once when HaZz attacked him on February 1st episode of TNT - The Board has not been seen since. His usual onscreen spokesman is Firestorm, himself a former president of Kamikaze Championship Wrestling (KCW).

The KCW Link

Due to the amount of former Kamikaze Championship Wrestling wrestlers who have been part of R4GE in the past there is a strong link to the defunct KCW promotion. The last KCW World title match was even held on the first R4GE Pay-Per-View event Ground Zero and the R4GE Hall of Fame includes a KCW section. The link to KCW is however becoming more of a piece of historic background with either the retirement of former KCW wrestlers or KCW wrestlers leaving R4GE. Currently only HaZz, The Firebird (KiD), "The Franchise" Ken Fuqua (O.g.K) and Eddie T remain as a link to the defunct promotion.

R4GE also has links to the defunct promotions Innovation X Wrestling and Pure Pro Wrestling both of which contained former mainstays of R4GE and 2PW was founded in the wake of the closure of the original Pro Wrestling R4GE in 2004.

R4GE, 4CW and Controvsery

R4GE has also shared talent with Four Corners Wrestling (4CW) at one point the two promotions had a deal where a talent cound not compete in the two promotions at the same time due to them both being on the same 4W Network, since R4GE is longer on the 4W Network this rule no longer applies.

During the time that both promotions were on the 4W Network, 4CW (who were the main wrestling promotion that 4W sponsored and co-owned) and R4GE (who were independent but sponsored by 4W) there was much friction between the promotions due to differences in style and one notable incident saw wrestler Dave Phoenix sign for R4GE only to be released and turn up in 4CW within a matter of days. During R4GE's hiatus Karl 'KiD' Jones - a R4GE mainstay worked for 4CW but some heat developed between Jones and the 4CW management. The last incident involving 4CW and R4GE was when Alexandre and Gabrielle Montgomery were both fired for jumping ship to 4CW while under contract to R4GE however both were welcomed back to R4GE in January 2007.


During its time Pro Wrestling R4GE has been victim of two invasions. Firstly an IWF invasion in early 2006 and then there was an attempt by Pro Impact Wrestling to lure away R4GE wrestlers without permission. In 2007 members of Aggression Wrestling Federation began a war with R4GE and were defeated.


Last Champions

  • R4GE World Heavyweight Champion: KiD
  • R4GE Custom Champion Dean Jaggs
  • R4GE Television Champion AnZaC

Hall of Fame

Last Staff

Creative Team

Road Agents

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