R4GE Custom Championship the second-most important title in Pro Wrestling R4GE.


The Custom title idea was brought to Pro Wrestling R4GE by Mitchell Jones, who at the time was a member of R4GE Staff; Jones had seen the idea used in other promotions. Essentially the Custom championship allows the champion to pick whatever type of gimmick or rules the belt will be defended under during his/her reign.

The first Custom champion was decided via a Battle Royal on TNT on July 22, 2004. The final two men left in the ring at the end of the Battle Royal were KiD and Ivan Petrov with KiD gaining the victory and crowning his championship the 'R4GE C4GE' title, with the belt being defended in modified Cage matches.

KiD was defeated for the championship by Eddie T who named it the Xtreme Championship (anything goes rules) in honour of KCW stable Team Xtreme of which Eddie T and KiD were members. Eddie T vacated the belt following his winning the R4GE World Heavyweight title at Ground Zero on 24 September 2004.

The next person to hold the title was Shane Williams who held the title until R4GE's closure in November and defended it under the '30 Seconds Rule' where the challenger had to defeat the champion in 30 seconds to win the belt.

The next person to hold the belt was Jamboree who won the belt on April 20, 2006 on an episode TNT after winning a Battle Royal. Jamboree held the belt for 126 days which makes his reign the longest Custom title reign in R4GE history. Jamboree defened the belt under Primal Fear Roulette rules where someone usually Jamboree or Firestorm would spin the Primal Fear wheel which contained a list of phobias and whichever phobia was selected by spinning the wheel would dictate the stipulation of the match.

Kokane defeated Jamboree for the championship in August 2006 and defended the belt under 'Except No Imitations' rules - where a wrestler could only win by doing his/her finishing move. Kokane was defeated by Angelica Dominque who defended the belt under 'Cage Match' rules. Angelica would drop the belt to Chris West who made it the R4GE Hardcore championship. West held the belt for a mere 14 days (the shortest title reign in R4GE history) as he was defeated by Gabrielle Montgomery who upon winning the belt created the Stairway of Angels match a variation on the ladder match. Montgomery kept the belt until Breaking Point where she was defeated in a four-way match by The Avenger.

Eddie T (The Avenger) on the March 29th TNT vacated the R4GE Custom title when he was disqualifed for using a close fist (which was against the Pure Rules stipulations he had chosen to use) in a match against former champion Gabrielle Montgomery. The belt is now vacant.


The following is the title history of the R4GE Custom Championship.

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Stipulation:
KiD 1 July 22nd, 2004 Los Angeles, California 'R4GE C4GE' Modified Cage match rules.
Eddie T 1 August 12th, 2004 'Xtreme Title' Anything Goes rules.
Eddie T vacates belt upon winning the R4GE World Heavywieght Championship.
Shane Williams 1 October 7th 2004, 2004 Los Angeles, California '30 Second' title, time limit rules.
R4GE goes on hiatus, title vacated.
Jamboree 1 April 20th 2006, 2006 Los Angeles, California 'Primal Fear Roulette'.
Kokane 1 August 2th, 2006 Los Angeles, California 'Except No Imitations', finishers only rules.
Angleica Dominique 1 October 1st, 2006 Los Angeles, California Cage Title, regular Cage match rules.
Chris West 1 January 18th, 2007 Los Angeles, California Hardcore title
Gabrielle Montgomery 1 February 1st, 2007 Los Angeles, California Stairway of Angels, ladder match variant.
Eddie T 2 March 3rd, 2007 Los Angeles, California 'Real World Championship', Pure Wrestling rules.
Vacated March 29th, 2007 Los Angeles, California Eddie T disqualifed for using a closed fist.
Dean Jaggs 1 May 6th, 2007 Los Angeles, California Stipulation TBA, defeated Logan Gable.

Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Eddie T 2 Won under the Eddie T and Avenger gimmicks
Longest reign Jamboree 126 Days .
Shortest reign Chris West 14 days Shortest title reign in Pro Wrestling R4GE history.

Custom Championship Tournament

Between March 29th 2007 and May 6th 2007 a tournament was held to decided who would be the new R4GE Custom champion after Eddie T vacated the belt. At the Collison Course Pay-Per-View, Dean Jaggs defeated Logan Gable to win the Custom Championship in a R4GE C4GE match.

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