The R4GE Tag Team Championships are the now defunct Tag team wrestling titles of Pro Wrestling R4GE the belts were active between October 2006 and January 2007.]


The championships were announced after R4GE's July 2006 Lights Out Pay-Per-View event. R4GE was able to bring the belts in due to the then quite large roster and it was felt that a Tag division would be workable. So between August and October a tournament was held weekly on TNT with the final being on the October 1st Chaos Theory Pay-Per-View.

The teams competing in the tournament were often randomly draw together from the R4GE roster, a list of the teams which competed follows:

  • Anti-Heroes competed as two teams, first Jaggs and Kokane and then Jaggs and Michaels.

The tournament semi-finals saw The Chosen face Lemont and Atken and David and Colossus face The Anti-Heroes. The final saw The Chosen defeat The Anti-Heroes to become the first R4GE Tag Team champions.

Retiring The Belts

The Tag Team division of R4GE was short lived as many of the teams that were created in the tournament never competed again after it was over. The Chosen went on to lose the titles eighteen days later to The Anti-Heroes who in turn only held the belts for 35 days only to be defeated by The Hermonics who lost the belts to Big Pimpin' at The Calm Before The Storm, Big Pimpin' retired the belts on January 11 at TNT: The Storm.


The following are a list of Pro Wrestling R4GE tag Team champions

Wrestlers: Reigns
Date: Place:
The Chosen
(KiD and HaZz)
1 October 1st 2006 Los Angeles, California
The Anti-Heroes
(Dean Jaggs and Chad Michaels)
1 October 19th 2006 Los Angeles, California
The Hermonics
(Herman and Mortimer)
1 November 23rd 2006 Los Angeles, California
Big Pimpin'
(DJ Hustle and Mangler McGhee)
1 December 3rd 2006 Los Angeles, California
Titles retired January 5th 2007

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