The Battle Royal is an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by Russell Championship Wrestling. The event's main featured match is a battle royal-type match, titled the Battle Royal Match. It is usually called one of the "Big Four", as along with RCW Main Event, RCW SummerShowdown and RCW War Games, it is one of the original four annual RCW pay-per-views.

Royal Rumble match

Battle Royal winners
Year Winner and Entry #
RCW Battle Royal 2000 Dwayne Foster 24
RCW Battle Royal 2001 Steve Davies 27
RCW Battle Royal 2002 Paul Russell 22
RCW Battle Royal 2003 Dean Baxter 29
RCW Battle Royal 2004 Thomas Parkes 1
RCW Battle Royal 2005 Paul Russell 28
RCW Battle Royal 2006 Paul Russell 2
RCW Battle Royal 2007 Conor Chadwick 30

The first Battle Royal took place on January 24, 2000 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dwayne Foster won, and the first pay-per-view Battle occurred a year later. Dean Baxter has been credited with "inventing" the match.


The Battle Royal is comprised of 30 men; beginning with two men in the ring, and at regular timed intervals (usually, but not always, every two minutes, meaning the running time will usually run to about an hour), one of the remaining 28 wrestlers enters the ring. Participants must eliminate all other opponents and the winner of the event is the last wrestler remaining after all others have been eliminated. Referees are situated at each side of the ring to validate eliminations.

A wrestler is eliminated when leaving the ring over the top rope, and then having both feet touch the floor. Going out between the second and third rope or under the bottom rope is not a valid elimination. A referee must witness an elimination in order for it to be valid (in RCW Battle Royal 2000, Heinneken was eliminated by Dwayne Foster but since it was not seen by any of the referees, Heinneken re-entered the ring and continued the match until he was officially eliminated by Daryl Hunt.

An elimination can also occur when a wrestler is thrown off the top rope by a non-competing opponent, or by one who had already been eliminated, or when the participant deliberately jumps over the top rope, outside the ring. In other words, if a wrestler goes over the top rope, regardless how it happened, that wrestler is out.

Rewards for winning

The tradition of granting the RCW Championship Match at RCW Main Event started in 2000. Dwayne Foster won the Battle that year, challenging but losing to Paul Russell for the title at RCW Main Event I

This championship match is often the last event on the RCW Main Event card (although it has not been since 2005) according to principles in the RCW that states that "the Battle Royal winner gets a first-class ticket to RCW Main Event", which means that the Battle Royal winner gets to be in the 'first class' top spot in the main event at RCW Main Event. In some cases, this can be part of a stipulation for a match between the Battle and Main Event, where the winner may lose his Main Event spot by losing another match.

Battle Royal dates and venues

Event Date City Venue
RCW Battle Royal 2000 January 23 2000 New York, New York Madison Square Garden
RCW Battle Royal 2001 January 21 2001 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Arena
RCW Battle Royal 2002 January 20 2002 Atlanta, Georgia Philips Arena
RCW Battle Royal 2003 January 19 2003 Boston, Massachusetts Fleet Center
RCW Battle Royal 2004 January 25 2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wachovia Center
RCW Battle Royal 2005 January 30 2005 Fresno, California Save Mart Center
RCW Battle Royal 2006 January 29 2006 Miami, Florida AmericanAirlines Arena
RCW Battle Royal 2007 January 28 2007 San Antonio, Texas AT&T Center
RCW Battle Royal 2008 January 27 2008 TBA TBA

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