RCW Battle Royal 2000
Promotion Russell Championship Wrestling
Date January 23, 2000
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City
Attendance 19,200
Next Event RCW No Escape 2000

RCW Battle Royal 2000 was the first annual RCW Battle Royal professional wrestling pay-per-view event from the Russell Championship Wrestling. It took place on January 23 2000 at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.


  • The Devil defeated Curtis Johnson (3:16)
    • Devil won when Johnson passed out while in the Devil Nelson
  • Nock & Timms (Josh Timms and Lee Nock) defeated Sedgley Boys (Scott Sedgley and Sid Sedgley) in a Tables match (10:18)
    • Lee Nock hit a Leg Drop on Sid off the balcony and through the table.
  • American G won the Miss Battle Royal 2000 swimsuit contest, defeating Moss, Leslie, Jacquie, BB Singleton, Gertrude Williamson and The Vixen
    • The judges were: "Classy" Freddie Blassie, The Fabulous Moolah, Tony Garea, Ron Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter, and Johnny Valiant.
  • Aaron Preston (c) defeated JJ McGuire (c) and Extreme Eddie in a Triple Threat match to gain sole possession of the RCW Television Title(7:30)
    • Preston pinned McGuire after a 420 Splash
    • Preston and McGuire were co-champions going into the match.
  • Criminalisors (James Armstrong and James Johnson) defeated The Bodyguards (Jaz Heera and Sakin Nalin) to retain the RCW Tag Team Championship (2:35)
    • Johnson pinned Nalin after a bulldog.
    • During the match, Heinneken interfered on behalf of the Criminalisors.
  • Paul Russell defeated Thomas Parkes in a Barbed Wire Massacre to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship (26:51)
    • Russell pinned Parkes after a Russeliser onto Barbed Wire.
  • Dwaye Foster won the 2000 Battle Royal (51:49)
    • The final two participants were Dwayne Foster and Daryl Hunt. While Daryl Hunt tried to throw Dwayne over the top rope, Dwayne hung onto the top rope, sending Daryl over the top rope to win the Rumble. (51:47)
    • Daryl however claimed he won the 2000 Battle Royal, as both of Dwayne's feet hit the floor first. He later showed video footage on RCW Weekly proving his statement right, and was awarded a match with Dwayne with the RCW Main Event title shot on the line.
    • During the match non-participants IDP and Jing Jang Mafia made numerous attempts to get into the match. However, they were all tossed out of the ring.

Royal Rumble entrances and eliminations

A new entrant came out approximately every 90 seconds.

Entrant Eliminated by Time
1 Devine Bullock 3 Soloman 6:08
2 The Ringleader 4 Soloman 7:42
3 The Mosh Pit 1 Soloman 3:37
4 Joe Hovah 2 Soloman 2:08
5 Soloman 8 Prisoner #2, The Grade, English Eagle, Blood Bath, Steve & Dean Baxter 16:23
6 Scott Taylor 5 Soloman 1:02
7 Ken Doh 6 Soloman 0:44
8 Mohammed Illias 7 Soloman 1:25
9 Prisoner #1 15 Dwayne 22:47
10 The Grade 17 Daryl Hunt 26:17
11 British Eagle 13 James Armstrong 15:22
12 Blood Bath 18 Daryl Hunt 23:19
13 Steve Davis 14 Aldo Chilli & Quicksilver 14:48
14 Dean Baxter 9 Aaron Preston 2:00
15 Aaron Preston 10 JJ McGuire 3:47
16 The Wrecker 16 Dwayne 14:54
17 JJ McGuire 11 Prisoner #1 0:37
18 Jaz Heera 12 Prisoner #1 0:18
19 James Armstrong 25 James Johnson 19:02
20 Aldo Chilli 24 Dwayne 17:17
21 Quicksilver 20 Jr Lee 11:47
22 King Adam 21 Jr Lee 11:23
23 Extreme Eddie 22 Chilli 11:48
24 Dwayne Foster - WINNER 14:47
25 James Johnson 26 Jr Lee 9:38
26 Daryl Hunt 29 Dwayne 11:12
27 Sakin Nalin 19 The Criminalisors 0:25
28 Jr Lee 27 Heinneken 6:11
29 The Goodfella 23 Daryl 1:32
30 Heinneken 28 Daryl 3:32

Other on-screen talent

  • Jerry "The King" Lawler
  • Jim Ross
Spanish Commentators
  • Carlos Cabrera
  • Hugo Savinovich
  • Jack Doan
  • Earl Hebner
  • Jim Korderas
  • John Finnegan
  • Chad Patton
  • Mike Sparks
  • Tim White
  • Kyle Smith
  • Michael Cole
  • Howard Finkel - ring announcer


  • Soloman made the first 7 eliminations.
  • This was one of two RCW events that featured a RCW logo with a green base as oppose to the usual red base. The other event being RCW Main Event I.

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