This is an annual event held in Russell Championship Wrestling. Its compared to the Super Bowl of wrestling.


RCW Main Event
Promotion Russell Championship Wrestling
Date March 31, 2007
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City
Attendance 30,000
Next Event Backstreet Battle

E. Hardy vs Bart Sherman

They locked up and Sherman took Hardy down with a headlock, but hardy switched to an armbar, and sherman reversed into a single leg crab, then went into a headlock. Sherman hit a shoulderblock, blocked a Belly 2 Belly suplex attempt by Hardy, and armdragged him to the floor when hardy went for the legs

Hardy got in and went for a sharpshooter, but Sherman tripped out of it and Hardy went for the headscisscors, but Sherman rolled out. Sherman went for a waistlock, but Hardy reversed it, only for Sherman to take Hardy down with a fireman's carry. Hardy went for an arm, but Sherman grabbed the ropes. Sherman kicked Hardy in the gut, and whipped him hard across the ring. Hardy elbowed him as he charged in and set up Sherman for a superplex. Hardy hit some chops, then went for the superplex. Sherman blocked it, and pulled hardy's arm across the top rope as he jumped down to the floor.

Sherman got back in and went to work on the arm with kicks and punches, then kicked Hardy hard in the back for a two count. Sherman hit the arm again, but Hardy responded with a chop. Sherman hit some kicks to take Hardy down, but missed a roundhouse and Hardy grabbed Sherman in a waistlock. Hardy hit three consecutive Belly 2 Belly suplexes, then went to the top rope. Sherman crotched Hardy on the top and set up for the superplex. Sherman hit the top rope superplex, but Hardy cradled his legs up and got a two count on Sherman when they hit the mat. Sherman kicked Hardy and threw him shoulder first into the ringpost. Sherman rolled up Hardy for a two count.

Sherman hit a back suplex for a pair of two counts, then applied an armbar. Hardy punches out of it, and avoided an Sherman kick, but Sherman caught him with a boot to the face on the rebound. Sherman went for a slam, but Hardy floated over it and went for the Piledriver, but Sherman pounded out of it. Sherman slammed Hardy, then hit his elbowdrop for a two count. Sherman missed a running kick in the corner, and Hardy hit two consecutive Belly 2 Belly suplexes.Sherman blocked a third and went for one of his own, but Hardy blocked it.

Sherman shoved Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy ducked a kick and hit the Piledriver. 1 2 3

Winner E. Hardy

King of Swing v The Wrecker: Cage match for TV title

Swing stalls as he sizes up the cage, and is attacked by Cheez at ringside. Cheez is quickly handcuffed by “security". As they stand Cheez up, Swing cheap shots him with a kick, and both are restrained by security as the crowd chant for Cheez. Cheez escapes from security and flees through the crowd

The match starts with Swing and Wrecker trading blows in the ring. Wrecker hits a huge backdrop and follows it up with a sidewalk slam. With Wrecker stood between the ropes and cage, Swing spears him into the cage before ramming his head repeatedly into the steel, busting him open. Wrecker fights back and hits a series of clotheslines and another backdrop followed by a clothesline in the corner. He climbs to the top rope and hits a huge clothesline on Swing to maintain the advantage, before a reversed Irish Whip sees him run straight into a big boot from Swing, who follows with a dropkick.

Swingtries to climb the cage but is caught; Wrecker pulling him down resulting in Swing straddling the top rope. Wrecker hits a big boot of his own and signals for the chokeslam but is stopped by Swing, who low-blows him and again tries to climb the cage. Wrecker catches him, and hits a powerbomb from the top rope for a near fall. Swing nails him with a spear and gets a two count of his own. Taxman arrives and opens the cage door for Swing to escape but Wrecker catches him as Taxman the belt into the ring. Wrecker hits a chokebomb and starts to climb the cage but Swing catches him and hits him with the belt.

Swing climbs the cage (with his belt in hand) but is caught on the top of the cage momentarily before hitting Wrecker on the head with the briefcase and climbing over the top to escape. Your winner: King of Swing

P. Russell v Nugget Man: RCW & IWA Championship World Championship 2 fall match

IWA Championship:

Nugget takes it straight to Russellwith a clothesline and hits a stinger splash. Russell rolls to the outside and Nugget goes for a springboard clothesline over the top rope but loses his balance on the top turnbuckle causing him to slip and not hit all of it. Back in the ring Russell puts Nugget in a Tree of Woe after regaining the advantage after Nugget again goes to the top rope.

They trade blows back and forth before Nugget tosses Russell up in the air causing him to land face first and gets a near fall. Russell responds with a DDT for a two count of his own. Russell questions the referee’s count and is rolled up by Nugget for another near fall. Nugget goes for a T Bone Suplex but Russell low-blows him in front of the referee, who calls for the bell, and Nugget remains champion. IWA winner via DQ: Nugget Man

RCW Championship Match:

There both back on their feet wait a minute here comes the roster and are pounding on russell outside the ring Dean Baxter gets on the microphone "This fall is a no-dq match" they all go back onto russell. Nugget sets up a ladder climbs up the ladder and dives on everyone outside the ring. Russell, Wrecker, Swing go into the ring but Nugget is doing a terry funk special and knocking everyone with ladder. Misses russell with the ladder shining wizard by russell on nugget. Dean Baxter has russell low blow Dean gets a table goes to put russell but a dropkick sends dean on the table. Russell goes into the ring Nugget isdazed Russell is on top rope flying clothesline nugget catches him in mid air and drops him on dean and they both go through table. Here comes Masters oh my god handover on the ladder and another to Wrecker. Russells up and hes got a bat goes into the ring and harpoons nugget in between the legs with it Russell climbs the ladder diving headbutt connects 1 2 kick out. Nugget rolls out the ring goes to the announce table followed by russell. Russell goes flying into the ring steps nuggets get russell and a powerbomb through the announce table. Nugget is then fighting off the roster. Russell is back in the ring nugget goes for the 10 punches but gets a powerbomb instead. nugget rolls to the outside and stands up triple jum moonsault from sabu out of nowhere on Nugget. Russell has got ladder up right. Nugget gets back in the ring and a super kick connects on Russell. Nugget climbs the ladder but russells up trading blows on the ladder no way russell has the walls of jericho on the ladder but E.Hardy has pushed the ladder over going through a table but russell has landed on top with a pin 123 your winner: Russell

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