RC Extreme
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Ring Names RC Extreme
Robbie C
Height 6'0"
Weight 245 Pounds
Date of birth November 6th 1981
Place of birth Tacoma, WA
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Resides Tacoma, WA
Billed from Tacoma, WA
Trainer EWF Boot Camp
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Debut February 2000
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When the Extreme Wrestling Federation was formed at the tail end of 1999 they announced an internet competition, the prize being 3 months of training at the EWF's own Boot Camp Pro Wrestling School and the chance to star in the opening match of the EWF's debut pay per view event, EWF Inception. RC Extreme was chosen out of thousands of wrestling fans across the country at random, though the contest was little more than a publicity stunt RC was determined to make the most out of his training. RC's work ethic surprised many at the Boot Camp training school as well as the head office of the EWF, and when Inception aired in February 2000, RC Extreme, known at the time as Robbie C, made his in ring debut and pulled off a decent match up against cruiserweight independent sensation Coal. Though on the losing end of the match RC came out of the match as a crowd favorite who came across as this clumsy, yet lovable underdog who was willing to take some rather painful bumps in a match to further his character. Robbie C changed his in ring name to RC Extreme around the midpoint of March, and while he was still rough around the edges, his in ring work was improving match by match, this got the attention of the EWF booking committee who formed a cruiserweight division, the initial champion was to be crowned at EWF Extreme Carnage in April. RC Extreme was one of eight men in the tournament for the Cruiserweight Title, scoring pinfall victories over Midwinter in the opening round and Demon Knight in the semi-final round of the tournament RC was set to face off against Coal in the finals for the Cruiserweight Title live on pay per view. RC won his first wrestling title with a victory over Coal at EWF Extreme Carnage for the vacant title, his reign was short lived however as the financial backing behind the EWF pulled out of the deal and the Extreme Wrestling Federation went bankrupt.
RC Extreme ventured out towards the Mid-West and signed with Lost Soul Wrestling where he continued to use ultimate underdog gimmick. During his stay RC developed a backstage friendship with brothers Blade and Outlaw, collectively known as 2Xtreme, that friendship began an on air stable between the three workers where they feuded with another faction known as High Risk. Management felt that RC's character was growing stale and opted to turn him heel, this was done when RC turned on his partner Ocerina, was a stable mate along with Blade and Outlaw, during a tag match, surprisingly RC adapted well to playing an egotistical and aggressive heel. Before the fans got to see the dream match of RC taking on either Outlaw or Blade problems began to brew behind the scenes, a wrestler named Killjoy was promoted to head booker, his backstage attitude was the cause of a small band of workers walking out on the LSW, Blade and Outlaw were amongst the group, RC on the other hand had little choice and worked out the rest of his contract, his friendship to the deserting wrestlers was the cause of his demotiion in the company and RC floundered around the midcard ranks bouncing from one bad gimmick to another as well as some failed tag team experiments.
RC was eventually granted an early release from his LSW contract on the condition that he couldn't compete for any rival promotion that had a weekly televised show that aired on a national level. Pacific Championship Wrestling was a small time regional promotion operating in the pacific north-west, RC took up a main event spot on the roster in June 2001 and worked with many of the industries up and coming talent from the independent scene.
Due to the backstage influence of friends Blade and Outlaw, RC was offered a contract by the Mid-West Wrestling Alliance and returned to mainstream wrestling in December 2001. Outlaw was set for a mainevent push that split the team of 2Xtreme leaving Blade with no direction, Blade pitched the idea of teaming with RC Extreme to the booking committee, the booking team didn't expect much to come out of this union but gave them the go ahead and thus XTC was born. Though heels, the team was a huge hit and the ratings went through the roof, Blade and RC were encouraged to be as rowdy, vulgar and juvenile as possible. December 2002 saw the end of the MWA as financial difficulties got the better of the promotion.
Nation of Wrestling was a chief rival of the MWA and was quick to sign many of the wrestlers left unemployed by the fall of the Mid-West Wrestling Alliance, RC and Blade were two of the first signings and the XTC faction carried on right were they left off. November 2003 saw the end of XTC as the booking team thought there was more potential in a feud between the two chief members of the team and XTC was split and feuded despite both RC and Blade's objections. RC's contract ran out in June 2004 and he opted not to renew it in favor of working a lighter schedule for a smaller promotion.
RC Extreme moved into the Tri-State area and signed a short term deal with Real American Wrestling: Extreme, a cult level, hardcore based promotion. Though RC was a prominent figure in the company his time with RAW was uneventful and by the end of November 2004 RC parted ways with the company on good terms.
RC Extreme made his return to Pacific Championship Wrestling in December 2004 to help train some of the young up coming talent in the Pacific North-West while giving his body some time to recover from the nagging injuries he had sustained during the last few years. RC left the PCW in October 2005 once again under good terms.
Iron Legacy Wrestling was the brain child of a respected wrestling journalist that opened it's doors in November 2005, owner Richard Ryan had criticized RC for years in his magazines all due to a personal issue that happened years back, Ryan and RC were constantly at odds during this time. At the dawn of 2006 RC sustained a knee injury that put him out of action indefinitely and to no ones surprise he was fired from the ILW before the end of January 2006.
RC took the majority of 2006 to rehab his knee, the injury caused a drastic change in RC's in ring style forcing him to take a more technical approach to his in ring work rather than the high flying and cruiserweight style he had used for years. At the start of 2007 RC received a call from a friend who worked backstage in the LSW, now they had a job with wrestling powerhouse AWL-NcW, RC was talked into coming back to the wrestling world and signed a contract in February 2007 and debuted as part of the tag team The Franchise Players with his younger cousin and rookie sensation Alex Rose.
With the AWL-NcW going inactive due to various reasons RC Extreme was left without steady work and drifted around the independent wrestling scene once again, working a few shows in promotions like Hi-Voltage Wrestling, All American All Pro and Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses Wrestling (don't ask). All were limited deals due to financial reasons until RC got an offer to wrestle in Australian Wrestling Entertainment based in Sydney, Australia. Initially RC was hesitant to take the offer due to the relocation issues involved but was talked into it by his wife Sabrina and signed the contract. AWE started out as a small time regional outfit but with their well told storylines and top notch talent it wasn't long before they moved up the peaking order and secured a national television deal, pay per view agreement and became the promotion that revitalised Australian Wrestling. RC's initial short term deal expanded into bigger and better deals as the promotion grew and now he is signed full-time to the AWE who will be embarking on their first international tour in the coming months.
MWPW: Following the successful international tour of the AWE RC got home sick and wanted to return to the United States, his final match with the AWE resulted in the reinjuring of his right knee. Following surgery and a lengthy downtime RC made his return to the American wrestling scene as part of the Midwest Pro Wrestling team. Forming a fragile alliance with Jade and moving right into a feud with his old nemesis Hedge McCoy and his partner Marshal Van Black, RC quickly shook off the ring rust and returned to his old form, the feud wasn't concluded however as the MWPW folded not long after RC's return.
AWL: With rumors of the AWL reopening RC was quick to sign a contract to be part of their rebirth movement, RC's alliance with Jade is much stronger in the AWL and is backed up by the imposing Simon Paradise and energetic Alex Rose, a group collectively known as X-Rated. Aside from establishing themselves as the most obnoxious group of degenerates in the company X-Rated have made themselves a large number of enemies in a sort amount of time, RC has once again started his war with Hedge McCoy, Alex Rose and Simon Paradise have tormented the Darque Army any chance they could and Jade as just engaged in an old rivalry with former allie Glitz. On the 21st of November RC Extreme won his first singles Title in the AWL by defeating Hedge McCoy, the two are set to meet at Feast of Fear later in the month with a mystery third opponent for the World Title.


EWF: February 2000 - May 2000.
LSW: June 2000 - June 2001.
PCW: July 2001 - November 2001.
MWA: December 2001 - December 2002.
NoW: January 2002 - June 2004.
RAW Ex: July 2004 - November 2004.
PCW: December 2004 - October 2005.
ILW: November 2005 - January 2006.
AWL-NcW: February 2007 - June 2008.
AWE: July 2008 – Present.

Finishing Moves

Extreme Dream - A swift superkick that is delivered to the jaw of his opponent.

Favorite Moves

Air Extreme - A Frog Splash, was RC's original finishing move.
European Uppercut.
Double-Underhook Backbreaker.
Belly to Belly Suplex.

Titles Held

EWF Cruiserweight Title.
LSW Hardcore Title. (x3)
MWA World Tag Team Titles w/ Blade.
NoW World Tag Team Titles w/ Blade.
NoW Intercontinental Title.
PCW Pacific Coast Tag Team Titles w/Simon Paradise. (x3)
PCW Coastal State Title. (x2)
PCW Cruiserweight Title. (x2)
AWL-NcW World Tag Team Titles w/ Alex Rose. (x2)
AWL-NcW Drunken Bar Room Brawl winner.
AWL-NcW House of Pain Gauntlet 2008 winner.
AWE Australasian Champion.
AWE Commonwealth Champion.
AWL Television Title.
AWL World Heavyweight Title.

Tag Teams & Stables

Team Xtreme w/ Blade, Outlaw, Ocerina, RC Extreme. (LSW)
Team Golden Glory w/ Goldman. (LSW)
XTC w/ Blade. (MWA, NoW)
Sinners Inc w/ Simon Paradise. (PCW)
Franchise Players w/ Alex Rose. (AWL-NcW)
Franchise Players Club w/ Bobby Johnson, Sabrina, Annachie, Steveo and The Great Question. (AWE)
X-Rated w/ Jade, Alex Rose and Simon Paradise. (AWL)

Notable Feuds

vs. Ocerina (LSW)
vs. Outlaw & Riddick (NoW)
vs. Blade (NoW)
vs. Malibu Mike (PCW)
vs. Dante Kai & Kona Kai (PCW)
vs. Tidal Wave (PCW)
vs. Marcus Priest (RAW Ex)
vs. Genocide (RAW)
vs. Ryder Jackson (AWL-NcW)
vs. Wolfie (AWL-NcW)
vs. Eyce (AWL-NcW)
vs. Codey Santos (AWL-NcW)
vs. Joe Xtreme (AWE)
vs. Ravin Stark (AWE)


Entrance Music used by RC Extreme over his career include Born Entertainer by Veruca Salt, Killer Instinct by Killer Kuts, This is the new Sh*t by Marilyn Manson and Behind the Mask by the Anarchy Club.
During his time in the LSW RC was paired up with a manager named Sabrina, the two are a real life couple and were engaged in March 2006.
Despite having issues with the head booker of the LSW, RC had a strong friendship with the now former owner of the company and to this day counts her as one of his best friends.
RC and Sabrina married on New Years Day 2007, RC's former Tag Team Partner Blade served as the best man at the wedding.
The chair shots that RC Extreme received at the hands of Joe Xtreme on AWE Hi-Voltage TV did in fact give RC a concussion, in fact RC doesn't even remember doing the backstage promo for the AWE website. There was no fall out from the incident with Joe Xtreme and RC praises him highly as one of his favorite people to work with.

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