REBEL Pro Wrestling
Acronym REBEL, REBEL Pro
Established March 3, 2007
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Founder(s) Rick Garrett
Owner(s) Simon Kalis, Larry Gordon, Bubba J (Formerly Rick Garrett)
Public Relations Chet Whettleson
Sister Company NAPW (New Alberta Pro Wrestling)
Website REBEL Pro Wrestling

REBEL Pro Wrestling is an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in Raleigh, North Carolina. REBEL is unique that in, except on special occasions or in certain match types, there are no disqualifications and no count outs.


REBEL currently hold shows at The Raleigh County Armory Civic Center, aka The REBEL Arena, and also tours the Carolina's. But has visited such places as Mexico as well. While they have no TV deal, all of their shows are taped in order to be later sold over the Internet or through their website. It's shows are also broadcast via Closed Circuit TV, throughout the Carolina's, and in Strip Clubs owned by REBEL owner Rick Garrett. And broadcast inside the REBEL Arena, when away from Raleigh.

REBEL is also the sister promotion of New Alberta Pro Wrestling (NAPW), with both featuring much of the same talent. REBEL holds two cards a month, usually (but not always) the first two Tuesdays of the month, with NAPW holding it's shows the last two Tuesdays. After a certain amount of time/shows, the two get together and hold a Supershow.

In addition to its three championships, REBEL also has the #1 Contender's Trophy. The REBEL #1 Contenders Trophy is a prize that allows it's owner the ability to name the championship and the date of their title match. The trophy is also a championship of its own as it's owner can put it on the line against someone else in a match. There is no time constraints on how long a person can hold onto the #1 Contenders Trophy. For example, they can win the trophy and not "cash it in" until months later. But the holder must give the champion a five day notice before the match can be held. Once used however the Trophy will immediately be declared vacant and a match will be held to determine it's new owner.

On April 3, 2008, REBEL celebrated its first anniversary since it's establishment.

REBEL Underground, a secondary show of REBEL, was first seen on May 24, 2008. The show features up-and-comers trying to makeit in the business, but also features some top REBEL names to help for support. Former REBEL World Heavyweight Champion Derrick Steele runs REBEL Underground. The first graduating class entered the main REBEL shows in 2008.

On September 26, 2008, former owner Rick Garrett sold REBEL to a currently unknown buyer. The buyer was thought to be Blood AKA Mr. Long, but Mr. Long was unable to secure thr funds to purchase it. Apparently, the new owner will not be seen on-camera, but instead appointed former REBEL World Champion Rex Caliber as the M.I.C. (Man In Charge). Later in the year, The Extreme Elite became the first stable in REBEL history to hold all of the titles simultaneously.

Finally, in 2009, the new owner of REBEL Pro was revealed as Larry Gordon. Gordon began posting news and updates on the official forums of the promotion and has been generally well received. Soon after, M.I.C. Rex Caliber announced he was leaving REBEL for personal reasons. Many wrestlers associated with the promotion began wearing Caliber's t-shirt in honor of his positive lift to REBEL Pro Wrestling. In 2009, REBEL also announced their own "hall of fame" called The REBEL Icons. In the same year, the first three inductees were announceed and are as follows:

The REBEL Icons

2009 Inductees

  • Mike "Assman" Trey
  • Stylin' Kyle Roberts
  • Rex Caliber


Title Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Won Event Won
REBEL World Heavyweight Championship Vincent Black Dextro April 7, 2009 Raleigh, North Carolina Birthday Bash II
REBEL World Tag Team Championship The REBEL Icons Great Alaskan Ninjas! April 7, 2009 Raleigh, North Carolina Birthday Bash II
REBEL Carolina's Championship Sean Robinson Bird of Prey April 7, 2009 Raleigh, North Carolina Birthday Bash II



  • Bird of Prey
  • Black, Vincent
  • Caliber, "The Nexus One" Rex
  • Daze, Derrick
  • Dextro
  • El Rey de Corazones
  • Jenkins, "Road Kill" Jacob
  • Jonas, Jimmy
  • Jonas, Tommy
  • La Reina de los Mariposas
  • "Young Money" Mack
  • Massacre, Mikey
  • Kingston, Mark
  • Kurtis, "The Show" Chad
  • Kurtis, "Bluegrass Heart-Throb" Jonothan
  • Kurtis, "The Bluegrass Badass" Matthew
  • Malice
  • Massacre, Mikey
  • Monroe III, "The Tank" Dale
  • Robinson, Sean
  • Steele, Jack "The Power"
  • Sparx, Chris
  • Taylor, Derek Stephen
  • Zeke, Cuzin


  • None

Tag Teams

  • Blugrass Mafia 2.0 (Matthew Kurtis & Jonathan Kurtis)
  • Corazones y Mariposas (El Rey de Corazones & La Reina de los Mariposas)
  • The REBEL Icons ("The Show" Chad Kurtis & Rex Caliber)
  • Soldiers of the Apocalypse (Chris Sparx & Mark Kingston)
  • Trailer Park Ink ("The Tank" Dale Monroe III & "Road Kill" Jacob Jenkins)


  • Blood
  • Kryenik, Billy
  • MacCulloch, "The Celtic Legend"
  • Warren


  • Dale McDonald
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Alan Stone

Commentators and Interviewers

  • Rob Martinez - Play By Play Announcer
  • Jenny Jersey - Ring Announcer/ Interviewer

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