REVOLT! Middleweight Championship
The current Middleweight Championship belt with default side plates


Promotion(s) REVOLT!
Date established February 3, 2018
Current champion(s) Prince of Phenomenal
Date won February 17, 2018

The REVOLT! Middleweight Championship is a weight class championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion REVOLT!. It is one of five weight class titles in REVOLT, alongside the Freeweight, Welterweight, Light Heavyweight, and Heavyweight championships.

The championship was officially announced on February 3, 2018.

Title history



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Current reigning REVOLT! Middleweight Champion, Prince of Phenomenal.

The inaugural champion was Stone Murdock after he defeated Nobi for the vacant championship at REVOLT 1. There have been two official champions, with Stone Murdock and Prince of Phenomenal all having the most reigns with one each. The longest and shortest reigning champion is also Stone Murdock, who held the title for a total of twenty-three (23) days. The current champion is Prince of Phenomenal, who is reigning in his first tenure as REVOLT! Middleweight Champion after he defeated Stone Murdock in an impromptu match on an episode of Rebellion.

# Wrestler Event Date Reign
In Days
Defenses Notes
Stone Murdock REVOLT 1
Houston, Texas
February 17, 2018
0 Defeated Nobi for the vacant championship.
Prince of Phenomenal RebellionCape Girardeau, Missouri March 11, 2018 253+ 0 Won the championship in an impromptu match.