One of the now legendary Factions in the OUW alongside The Conglomerate, REVOLUTION was formed by then OUW Heavyweight Champion, Dylan "Gamr" Scott and Micheal “Bigg Daddy” Sweet. Later on, they would add in Chris “Coz” Zernskie and finally gel as a team. REVOLUTION is also the only faction in OUW history to hold every available title at the time (Gamr was the OUW Heavyweight Champion and one half of the OUW Tag-Team Champions, BDS was the other half of the OUW Tag-Team Champions, and Coz was the OUW United States Champion). Later on, REVOLUTION would implode as BDS left and Coz showed signs of "failure" according to Gamr.

In 2008, REVOLUTION would make a surprise return, only, in a different way. At the first Pay Per View of 2008, Ascension, Gamr, Samuel Hessingstock, Robert L. Davis, Jonathan Pane, and Sara Scott would re-form this legendary faction, now called "REVOULTION 2.0".


Former Members

Entrance Music

  • "Sleeping Giant" by Mastodon
  • "Nymphetamine" by Cradle of Filth

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