Ring of Glory
Federation Name Ring of Glory
Acronym ROG
Television Shows Monday Night Meltdown
Warzone Wednesday
From 2007-2009
Owned by David Simmons

Ring of Glory (ROG) is a defunct e-fed formerly located on the now-defunct Glory Wrestling website, before moving to its current site. The E-Fed originally started out in October, being written by user Mattitude Follower and only having pay-per-views. Later a television show (Monday Night Meltdown) was added and written by user guitarlegend123. In late December, a new show (Warzone Wednesday) was added that was written by user steffiebaby140. A short time later user RKO93 was added to the staff and added to the role as writer for Meltdown after gutairlegend123. Not long after that, two other writers—steffiebaby and Mattitude Follower—stepped down and were replaced by Rated R and Rated PG. Rated R then began writing for pay-per-views, Rated PG wrote Warzone, and RKO93 was promoted to head booker. After moving sites a new writer joined the staff, user WWEPatriotKane. However, he was soon replaced by user Lojax. Weekly shows are posted each week and pay-per-views each month, with the wrestlers making RPs (role-playing promos) for each pay-per-view match.


Ring of Glory first began in October 2007. The company had its first show, "Night of Glory" on the 23rd of that month. The event featured a tournament to crown the very first ROG World Champion. There were two Semi-Final matches with the winners going on to face each other in the finals of the tournament. Chris Classic defeated ROG President David Simmons in the first Semi-Final match, while Erik Micheals defeated the Sound in the other. Therefore Chris Classic went on to face Erik Micheals in the main event for the World Title. Shortly before the match David Simmons made the match a Street Fight. The match saw Simmons come out and interfere on Micheals behalf. The two beat down Classic, evnetually giving Micheals the win. Simmons later revealed the only reason he made it a street fight was so to ensure that Micheals won. He would then go on to introduce Ella Perez as a member of their faction later revealed as "The Powers That Be". The team then continued to beat down on Classic.

"Aftershock", ROG's next pay-per-view, was signed shortly thereafter and was interactive. Fans were able to go online and vote for match stipulations. About two weeks after "Night of Glory" a new television show was introduced. The show was called Monday Night Meltdown. Two weeks later, at "Aftershock" a new title was introduced during the David Sykes-Rated PG matchup. There were three stipulations able to choose from for the match, including winner gets the managerial services of Ashley Nero, winner gets choose the next match type they have, and winner gets the X-Rated title. The latter was chosen and after a low blow, Rated PG became the first ever X-Rated Champion. Another title was added on the show, the Tag Team Titles. The Sound and Chris Classic (the two losers of the World Title vote) took on "The Powers That Be" members David Simons and Ella Perez. Sound and Classic were able to pick up the win, becoming the first ever Tag Team Champions.

Two months later, at "Riot City Showdown", a third title was added after Beth Storme defeated both Ella Perez and Ashley Nero for the Women's Championship.

At the next pay-per-view, "Off the Hook", ROG President David Simmons made a huge announcement regarding the roster. A new brand was added and Delia Kinney was announced as the General Manager. The roster was split into two shows Warzone Wednesday (the new show) and Monday Night Meltdown (the original, with General Manager David Simmons). The first Warzone took place on January 2, 2008.

Meltdown took the World, X-Rated, and Tag Team Titles, while Warzone took the Women's Title. At the next pay-per-view, the first dual-branded PPV, dubbed "High Stakes" a two new titles were introduced to Warzone. The Universal Title, which was won by Steve Ace, and the Fallout Title, which was won by Rated PG after last eliminating David Sykes in an over the top battle royal featuring both Meltdown and Warzone wrestlers.

The brands were eventually eliminated, and the roster condensed.


Active Roster


Ashley Nero

Bethany Storme


Black Dagger


The Chaos Kid

Christian King

Claude Baker


Cougar Claire

Curtis Brown

Dante Diablo

David Simou

Dash Blade

Ella Perez


Inah Louise

Jack 'Iceman' Williams


JT Commons

The Jerichoholic

King of Kings

The Legend Killer


Marilyn Bowen


Paul Murphy


Psycho Dragon

Randy Rampage

Rated PG

Ricky Reynolds


The Sound



Active Tag Teams

Dark Republic (Dante Diablo, Spawn, and Hybrid)

Destruction Inc. (Nightmare and Black Dagger)

Puerto Rican Express (Jose', Chaos Kid, and Colton)

The Sound and Chris Classic

Supply and Demand (Ricky Reynolds and Jamarius Jackson)

Rebellion (WWEfan and Legend Killer)

The Stormes (Beth and Steve)


David Simmons (GM of Meltdown)

Delia Kinney (GM of Warzone)

Percy Champman (play-by-play commentator)

Trent Heart (color commentator)

Ed Richards (ring announcer)

Dan Jackson (backstage interviewer)

Father Judge (manager for Edgecutioner)


ROG World Heavyweight Championship

ROG X-Rated Championship

ROG Tag Team Championships

ROG Universal Championship

ROG Fallout Championship

ROG Women's Championship

Monthly Pay-Per-Views

Night of Glory


Adreneline Overdose

Riot City Showdown

High Stakes


Death Wish

Glory Games

Tournament of Glory

All Guts No Glory

A New Dawn

Road to Gold

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