Rabbi Rage
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Real name Jerome Lester Horowitz Goldberg
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Height 6'4
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth August 24, 1946
Place of birth Flushing, Queens, NY
Date of death
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Billed from Flushing, Queens, NY
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Debut 2007
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Rabbi Rage (born Jerome Lester Horowitz Goldberg) is an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and professional wrestler wrestling in the WNWA.


Rabbi Jerome Lester Horowitz Goldberg is second cousin to former WCW/WWE star and world champion Bill Goldberg. Rabbi Goldberg was dismissed from his position with a synagogue in New York City for attacking another Rabbi. The altercation was over a disagreement concerning a dime that had been dropped on the synagogue steps. Rabbi Goldberg found the dime and pocked it. The other Rabbi took offense, saying that the dime should go into the synagogue's coffers. The argument escalated and Rabbi Goldberg ended up kicking the other holy man in the crotch and chopping him several times across the chest. With no outlet for his energies and using his ease in dispatching the other much younger rabbi, admittedly he was a double amputee on crutches, as a sign he embarked on a wrestling career. If little Cousin Billy could do it then so could Rabbi Jerome Lester Horowitz Goldberg. Taking the name Rabbi Rage the Rabbi first appeared in the WNWA in Waxhaw, NC by attacking Lo Hung Schlong during a match with Mike Milligan. The Rabbi mauled Lo Hung Schong as well as Milligan, whom he hit over the head with a bottle of Jewish communion wine (Manischewitz-Concord Grape). Since then he has attacked Lo Hung Schlong both in and out of the ring, including twice at Sclong's apartment and once at Texas Instruments, where Schlong works. The Rabbi has not said why he has singled out Schlong, only that the entire WNWA will feel the rage of Rabbi Jerome Lester Horowitz Goldberg.

At most shows and pay per views, Rage defeated a series of jobbers such as Professor Ben Andrews and Love Muffin Fanuci. On September 4, 2007, Rage received his first title shot against Prince Charming. Rage, with the help of Pike, defeated Charming for the WNWA Texas Heavyweight Championship.

Personal Life and views

  • An orthodox Jew, Rabbi Rage was fired from his position with a Jewish Synagogue in New York City for a fight over a matter of theology. He ended up kicking the other Rabbi in the crotch and chopping him across the chest.


  • He uses the song “If I Were A Wealthy Man” from the movie Fiddler on the Roof as his entrance music.


$25,000 per year however he has become independently wealthy though his own frugality as well as some well placed investments. His nephew Shermie Goldberg is a stock broker.


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Briss (Kick to opponents crotch while tied up on the ropes)
  • Kosher Klap: Knife edge chops
  • Wailing Wall: Walls of Jericho
  • The Dreidel: Spinning DDT
  • Hitting opponent on the head with bottle of Manischewitz
  • Regular moves
  • Eye Gouge
  • Flying headbutt
  • Spear

Rabbi Rage on the set of his movie debut, Jew Jitsu.

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