A Race to Ten match is a type of professional wrestling match where two or more opponents must search the arena for specific items, a lot like a scavenger hunt only you may physically attack your opponents to keep them from obtaining items. The match has a time limit, from 10 minutes to an entire show, with opponents revealing what they managed to find in the ring after the said time limit is up.

Being a non-traditional match, the Race to Ten match has only one rule. You may attain the items you are searching for by any means necessary so long as you do not leave the arena. Leaving the Arena on your own automatically ends in a disqualification. Other than that you may keep your opponent from reaching his goal while you attain your own by any means necessary. This includes stealing whatever your opponent has acquired to add to your own collection.


The Race to Ten match was pioneered by Maximillian Kael during his run in Extreme Attitude Wrestling circa 1999. The original Race to Ten match goal was to discover at least ten Elves that were hiding throughout the Arena and return to the ring to see who had gathered the most. Intended purely as a gimmick match to push the Max Kael Elf Paranoia angle it was widely regarded as a highly entertaining match. The match lasted all night long with various comedic moments mixed with solid hardcore engagements. The match has never been again been repeated in recent memory.

Max Kael did manage to collect all the items he perceived as "Elves" and won the match however he was brutally beaten by his opponent who simply used the match as a way to slowly soften Max up for the next show.

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