Rachel Watts
Given Name Rachel Lynn Watts
Birth Date August 20, 1980
Hometown Oxford, England
Current Federation None


Rachel watts was a part of OUW for quite some time. She is ex-wife to OUW superstar Samuel Hessingstock, and is the former General Manager to One Up Wrestling. She is also a former OUW Women's Champion, and former OUW FTR Champion. Since leaving the OUW, she appeared in IWX in an angle between Hessingstock and Aaron Blaize. After a work, Blaize and Watts became an item, and the two began a relationship. The two had an on-again-off again relationship until Blaize finally settled down in SCCW, making a true commitment to her. In February 2010, Rachel gave birth to her and Aaron's first child, Michaela Rose. Blaize and Watts are currently married, and are living in Los Angeles, California. Rachel is trained in wrestling, but since giving birth to Michaela, she opted to stay with her and raise her properly. She supports Aaron in all his decisions, be it right, wrong or otherwise. There seems to be times where she still questions him, but more than often acts as the voice of reason to his rash, irratic behavior.

Rachel rarely opens up to anyone, save for her good friends. She has a longstanding relationship with Aaron's mentor, Dylan Scott, and his sister, Sara Scott. Rachel's family still lives in the UK, and fully supports her and Aaron's marriage. Rachel has also opened up to Aaron's little brother, Adam, and even enjoys the company now of Aaron's good friend, Myke Adams. Her friends say that this is a big step for her, due to her shy nature in the past. They also say that Aaron has been good for her in that regard, as well.

OUW Women's Championship Reign

OUW Women's Championship
Preceded by:
Sara Scott
Succeeded by:

OUW FTR Championship Reign

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
Alexandria "Pyro" Kreuger-Pierce
Succeeded by:

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