Real Name Michael Allen Corbett, he was born February 10, 1985, he was born in the small town of Stoney Acres and was raised by a loving family, Michael got into wrestling in the year 1998 when he saw the Hardy Boyz performing in various matches and was really hooked when Jeff and Matt took on Edge and Christian in the first ever tag team ladder match in 1999 during the Terry Invitational.

Wrestling career

Radikal started in Canada Wrestling Federation after being invited there by the owner, he had a decent career there and got some connections, after some time there he was contacted by a promoter, Mr Jet, the man was looking to start up a federation and take down XWF. Radikal, going under the name Jeff Hardy (as tribute to the WWF star) agreed to join the fed, that fed being known as DOAW. In DOAW Radikal has accomplished the goal of getting every title possible, he has fought hard to do so, even resurrecting a few. Radikal made friends in DOAW, one main friend being the boss, Jet. He feuded as well as befriended this man and in turn had some hellacious battles as well as some great opportunities. While in DOAW he was asked by others to join WGZF which is now RIW0, he tried out, had a few dark matches, and then got signed to a contract. Radikal wrestled there on its top show Violation, and then as the fed changed he stayed on the top show Magnitude. Radikal has conquered RIW Magnitude by capturing every title possible on the show. Radikal took a break from RIW back in August 2007, but recently returned in November of the same year. The return has been rocky, but good.


Radikal recently just lost his Xtreme Title to the returning Eldrad in a brutal match. Radikal also started The Elements Of Greatness with Jet and Hysteria, a fourth member has been rumored, but doubtful.

In RIW Radikal is making a come back return, he has been on an up and down basis with matches, losing/winning/no contest, but he is looking forward to winning a few in the coming months.

Radikal has made a full return to RIW, rumor has it that he may take time off due to family issues though, a disappointment really due to the fact that he has just got back into the groove and has been winning some matches.

In DOAW news Radikal hasn't been doing much since joining the Elements Of Greatness. The three have been enjoying their power, Radikal has a small temporary feud with Scott Havoc Hunter, but doesn't plan to have anything come of it, it seems that he will not even participate in the upcoming pay per view Xer0 Sanity.


Personality: Heel, Very Rude

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Wrestling style: Luchador, Technical, Striker

From: Stoney Acres, Utah

Career Highlights

Title Wins

Radikal has been in RIW, HHCW, DOAW, DRW, and CwF. And has held these titles/positions

- 2 Time Violations Finest
- 2 Time HHCW Extereme Champ
- 5 Time DOAW X-Treme Champ
- 2 Time DOAW UK Champ
- 2 Time DOAW US Champ
- 2 Time DOAW Tag Champ
- DOAW World Champ
- DOAW Canadian [A.K.A. Mexican] [A.k.A. Radical] Title
- DOAW IC Champ
- DOAW Owner Of Destruction
- DOAW Senor Referee
- CWF Tag Champ
- HHCW World Champ
- WGZ X-Treme Champ
- DRW Homicidal Champ
- RIW Tag Champ
- RIW International Champ
- RIW X Champ
- RIW European Champ
- First/Last Ever TNW World Champ
- Don Of The Legion [DOAW]

Important Matches

Radikal vs Surge - RIW - 04
Radikal vs Realist - WGZ/RIW - 04/05
Radikal vs Terry Courageous - DOAW - Winter of 2006
Andi Nero vs Radikal - RIW - Most of 2006
Eldrad vs Radikal - DOAW - Immortal 5

Notable Stables

nWo - RIW
nWo - DOAW
Hybrid Revolution - DOAW
xXx - RIW
The Legion (As Don) - DOAW
The Elements Of Greatness - DOAW


Finishing Moves

RadiKill [Vertabreaker] or Radikal Outcome [Canadian Destroyer]

Common Moves

DDT, Neckbreaker, suplex, German suplex, Russian leg sweep, leg sweep, fury punches, kicks to the stomach, running shoulder block, toe hold, small package, anything off the top rope that is lucha.

Favorite Move

Code Rad [Code Red, Sunset Flip Powerbomb Pin]
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Radikal]]
Real name Michael Allen Corbett
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 5'11"
Weight 170 lbs.
Date of birth February 10, 1985
Place of birth Stoney Acres, Utah
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Salt Lake City, Utah
Trainer Unknown
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut 2002

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