"The Revolutionary Redneck" Rage
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of "The Revolutionary Redneck" Rage]]
Real name Patrick Allen Hicks
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Height 6'2
Weight 252 lbs.
Date of birth June 23rd, 1971
Place of birth Charlotte, NC
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Raleigh, NC
Billed from Charlotte, NC
Trainer Mongo the Destroyer
Handled by NoMercyMaster2001 aka Pat
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Debut July 2001
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For RAGE, the wrestling federation, see RAGE.

Patrick Hicks (born 6/23/71) is an American professional wrestler better known by his in-ring name of "Rage" and through various nicknames referencing his backwoods Southeastern appearance/wrestling style such as "The Revolutionary Redneck" or "The Bald-Headed Behemoth". He currently is a veteran competitor in the Xtreme Hardcore Federation (formerly the BDDWF) and is considered by most to be an elite legend of this highly popular e-federation. Rage is also, aside from XHF Owner Mongo the Destroyer himself, interestingly enough the only known "original" of the company's history to remain actively wrestling on a consistent basis throughout the course of XHF's nearly 6 year span of existence.

Various Championships and Accomplishments

    • Former Two-Time BDDWF/XHF Ultimate Champion
    • Former XHF X*Crown Champion
    • Former Two-Time XHF United States Champion and inaugural holder of this title (originally awarded to him by Owner Mongo the Destroyer on 11/14/01).
    • Former ECF United States Champion
    • Former BDDWF Television Champion
    • Former RWF Tag Team Champion
    • Winner of the first annual XHF Night of Champions main event in a 3 Stages of Hell Match against Millennium on 3/31/02.
    • Last man remaining in the original "BDDWF vs. XHF" 10-Man Elimination Match at Xtraction on 2/25/02.
    • Inaugural winner of the XHF Rumble (then known as BDDWF's "Rumble in the Jungle") in December 2001.

Valets/Managers Through The Years

    • Ex-Wife Torrie Wilson
    • Former Mentor and current XHF Owner Mongo the Destroyer
    • Brother Fury
    • Cousin Matt Hicks

Signature/Finishing Maneuvers

    • The Fist of Rage (Main Finisher)
    • The Rings of Rage (Secondary Finisher)
    • The Killshot (Signature Move)
    • The Riot Bomb (Signature Move)
    • The Lights Out (Signature Move)

Memorable Theme Songs Used To Date During Rage's Career

    • "Driven" by Sevendust (Current XHF Theme)
    • "Redneck" by Lamb of God
    • "Breakdown" by Breaking Benjamin
    • "Closure" by Chevelle
    • "Ten Thousand Fists" by Disturbed
    • "Payback" by Flaw
    • "The Way You Like It" by Adema
    • "Snap" by Slipknot

Most Notable Rivals of Rage's In-Ring Career To Date

    • Millennium
    • Destruction
    • Chris Sanders
    • Hardcore Harry
    • James Mueller

Other "Fun Facts" About Rage

    • Between himself, brother Fury, and cousins Matt Hicks/Horace Hicks there are currently 4 members of his immediate family employed by XHF.
    • He enjoys fishing at various lakes throughout the U.S. with fellow Superstar and XHF Legend Scorpion during his time off from competing in the squared circle.
    • Aside from former XHF Superstar Rat Bastard he is the only known man to ever drink his full weight in beer during rumored backstage drinking contests without passing out in the process.
    • He is currently in negotiations with Mongo and the newly founded XHF Studios to co-star with fellow baldy Shiyen in the company's first ever full length feature film of the action/adventure genre, with the possible new box office hit being due out sometime in mid-2008 according to industry insiders.
    • He formally trained and assisted for character development of future XHF Superstars Fury, Matt Hicks and Kuroi behind the scenes upon their respective arrivals into the company.

Personal Childhood/Teenage Years Bio Background of Rage's Life

Patrick Allen Hicks, aka Rage to worldwide XHF fans these days, was born to a rural middle-class farming family from the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina in the summer of 1971. Hicks was the oldest of two male children, and was known as a fairly decent student academically in his high school years before eventually graduating in June 1989. However during his time at school Patrick was socially known as one of the more popular students, in his case a "jock", and always seemed to be involved in most extracurricular activities, namely the sport of football where he excelled at the position of Running Back and helped lead his team deep into the state playoffs during both his sophomore and junior seasons. Sadly though his very promising career in football was short-lived as it came to an end with him suffering what turned out to be an extremely severe knee injury as the result of an awkward tackle being made on him from behind during the late stages of the season opener in his senior year. With the professional prospects of football being abruptly yanked from his life Hicks quickly worked to rehab his injured right knee as much as possible during his free time and shortly graduation refocused his efforts towards succeeding at another area he'd often dreamed of pursuing for quite some time, the sport of professional wrestling in particular. Eventually with Hicks having deemed himself to be back in good enough physical shape he set out to achieve this dream by signing up for a local wrestling academy in the suburbs of Charlotte and there he not only learned the basic skills to become a fierce in-ring competitor but crossed paths for the first time with future wife Torrie Wilson who also happened to be training at the same facility for a possible career of her own in wrestling/valeting. Shortly after meeting and pursuing a romantic relationship with the ever-lovely Ms. Wilson Hicks pressed on even harder with his training and throughout the course of the next decade hit the road with her at his side to become a well-known and highly regarded competitor on the overall independent wrestling scene up and down the states of the eastern U.S. seaboard.

The "Big Break"

Unbeknownst to Hicks though none other than an already-accomplished gentleman known strictly by the first name of Al, or much more commonly in character/kayfabe as "Mongo the Destroyer", had been keenly scouting the budding talent of Hicks from afar and at long last in the Summer of 2001 he was able to convince a close business acquaintance by the name of Brain Doggy Dog, aka founder at the time of the ever growing BDDWF or Brain Doggy Dog Wrestling Federation, to give Hicks his first opportunity at true professional glory after nearly 10 full years of working the independent circuit on a continuous basis. Specifically the man known as "BDD" to fans of his company offered with Mongo's guiding approval a guaranteed multi-year contract to Patrick Hicks for him to compete on nationwide television for him beginning with a stint in the following month of July once further details of the young Hicks' formal debut were set in place behind the scenes.

Beginning Stages: The Reckoning of "Rage"/Mongo's Head Henchman

Shortly after signing on to compete full-time for the then BDDWF it was determined backstage in a joint decision between Hicks and his new "mentor" of sorts Mongo the Destroyer that he debut under the all new moniker of "Rage", a simple but all too appropriate tribute to the intimidating anti-authority type of presence Hicks would bring to the ring night in and night out from that point onward in his countless battles. Furthermore before the formal debut of Rage could occur though it was the opinion of Mongo that to fit best with the basic "redneck" premise for this gimmick Hicks should also completely cut off the long blonde locks of hair that until this point he had been accustomed to wearing with great pride throughout his life. At first the youngster Hicks was reluctant to agree to this stipulation but finally obliged and fully shaved himself bald for good in the days leading up to his official debut, along with growing out a thick goatee and donning a generic yet suitable ring attire complete with a black vest featuring red clinched "fist" logos imprinted on both sides to top it all off for his rejuvenated look. Last but not least it was the man known then forward as Rage who suggested that in return for him agreeing to go bald he be allowed to begin building his character under the special circumstances of being brought in to do the dirty work and general bidding on-screen of the established BDDWF mastermind/manipulator Mongo himself. To this end the ever-cunning Mr. Destroyer instantly agreed as in secret he'd recruited Rage not to simply be another star in the vast roster of BDDWF but to perhaps be his own personal success story as part of an all out hostile rebellion to one day overthrow none other than Brain Doggy Dog. All along the company's owner had perceived his head scouter of talent in Mongo to be a genuine ally but had no insight whatsoever towards Mongo's well concealed intentions, the plot of all deceptive plots to date of in fact backstabbing the great Brain Doggy Dog and stealing full corporate power soon enough of what he himself invisioned being known permanently as no longer the Brain Doggy Dog Wrestling Federation but the Xtreme Hardcore Federation.

The Millennium/BDDWF War

Xtraction I: Last Man Standing

Night of Champions I: A Legend Is Born

The Summer Sanders Saga

Birthday Show I: A "Hardcore" Battle For Ultimate Supremacy

The RWF Era

Fall From Grace

What The Future Holds: The "Revival" Of A Redneck Legend On The Horizon in '07?

Amid the April 2007 creation of the so-called "Revival" movement by such XHF icons as Venom, Charlie Velez and Rancor there are a number of rumors circulating throughout the company that among others one specific individual expressing interest for inclusion to the stable is none other than the infamous Rage himself. Due to Rage's rare status as being one of the final XHF "originals" left standing it seems to be the belief of himself and anonymous others that he could be a major asset to this stable in terms of its "old school" style in general, however whether or not his former Young Gun rivals in Venom/Velez share the same views on this potential partnership remains to be seen at the current point in time. Regardless though Rage seems content for the foreseeable future to continue working his way slowly back up the proverbial "ladder" of XHF success and one day he may perhaps once again experience the same measure of stardom/exposure he once did back in the general timeframe of 2001-'03.

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