Rage Mishima is a Japanese Sim Wrestler, best known for his work in WCSF. He often uses the nickname "The Godly Destroyer".

In January 2009, Mishima was inducted into the WCSF Hall of Fame.

Ragep"The Godly Destroyer" Rage Mishima


  • 6'1, 245 lbs


  • Okinawa, Japan

Style of Wrestling

  • A technical style integrated heavy with martial arts strikes and power maneuvers.

Favorite Moves (in order, from frequently used to least frequent)

  • Buisaku Knee Kick
  • Shining Wizard (sometimes done to opponent in the corner)
  • High Speed Arm Trap Somersault Cradle
  • Fisherman's Suplex
  • Leaping DDT
  • Stun Gun Headbutt
  • Handspring Knee Drop
  • Running STO
  • Flying Forearm
  • Martial Art Fury
  • Powerbomb (sometimes done on the turnbuckle)

Finishing Moves

  • Orochi Genesis - Wrist Clutch Fisherman Driver
  • BGP "Brutal God Project" (Mishima lays opponent on their belly and applies a Hammerlock on their arm, keeping it in place by driving his knee unto their arm, and then he locks in a Crossface, applying pressure to the opponent's back, shoulder, and neck.)

Theme Song

  • As a Face: "Reload" by Rob Zombie
  • As a Heel: "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash


  • First ever WCSF Tag Team Champion along with The Blue Dragon
  • Two-Time Tag Team Champion
  • One Time WCSF Mayhem Champion
  • Two Time WCSF Battlefield Winner


Born in Cleveland, Ohio to a former Japanese wrestler and a famous American actress, the shy Rage loved pro-wrestling with a passion, as he viewed the many characters as awesome heroes who displayed the courage and strength he lacked. When his father heard of his wide interest in pro-wrestling as well as his sudden role of "bully killer" that got him in trouble many times at his school, he decided against his wife's wishes to take Rage to Japan to personally train him, and to someday make him a future star. Years later after taking Japan by storm by winning around 15 wrestling tournaments in Japan at such a young age including the world renowed J-Cup, as well as creating one half of the famed Pro Wrestling NOAH stable BLACKforte with fellow WCSF star and friend Merrick Brycen, Rage returned to America, not only a new man of honor, courage and determination, but with many skills within his prowess, battle scarred and ready to make a name for himself within the WCSF. Mishima has steadily risen to become one of the WCSF's most popular talents, not only representing honor, tradition and loyalty to the fans, but upholding his code of honor in the way of a no-limit smashmouth wrestling style backed by peerless martial arts skills and a clever technical mind.

The Yakuzas

Rage Mishima actually began his WCSF career as a member of the premier tag team, The Yakuzas, and has the claim to fame of being one half of the first ever WCSF Tag Team Champions by gaining a victory over rival tag team TWF. The Yakuzas also have the distinction of being the first two time tag champions. But The Yakuzas would soon be put to an end after the team up of Reaper and Oblivion, dubbed The Nightwalkers, would deal a grave injury to Mishima's partner, The Blue Dragon.

Singles Feuds

  • Chris Cameron

The next night after Annihilation, the future of the Yakuzas was in question with the tag titles gone from their possession, as well as Blue Dragon being gravely injured. But Mishima immediately set things in perspective with a harrowing speech, declaring that he would fight on his own, and ultimately bring honor and integrity that the Yakuzas represent to the WCSF. But after Mishima single handely rallied the fans to their feet, the former World Champion Chris Cameron committed an act of disrespect against Mishima, merely walking by him and laughing at his heartfelt words he shared with the audience. Mishima never forgot about this, and the next night, after running into the arrogant Cameron backstage, delivered a backhand to Cameron's face just before telling him that as long as he was around, the WCSF would never be The Prince of Perfection's personal playground. Eventually, Cameron showed the exceptions he took to that when he interfered in one of Mishima's singles matches, brutally attacking him on the outside of the ring and locking him in Destiny's Hour, his Texas Cloverleaf submission. It took several refs to pull Cameron off of Mishima, and once again, Mishima was in question. How far could he go to fend off a bully like Cameron? That question was answered, when Cameron requested a one on one match with Mishima from the Mayhem GM, Jay Jameson. Although Cameron & Jameson along with most expected for the former World Champ to simply run through Mishima in the match, it was Mishima who impressed the fans and frustrated, bewildered, surprised, and punked out The Prince of Perfection in his first serious singles match. Cameron finally reached his breaking point after Mishima kicked out of a Fate's Deadline. Irate, he resorted to grabbing a chair and attacking Mishima with it, forcing the ref to call for a DQ on him. And as Cameron tried to weigh in with the chair attacks, it was Mishima who would fight back, showing the tenacity he was known for, even taking Cameron through the stands as the fans looked on and cheered. After a couple of incidents involving Mishima & Cameron attacking each other, WCSF Mayhem GM Jay Jameson pitted the two against each other in a Street Fight at the WCSf PPV, Supernova. The Street Fight was a chaotic battle that took the two competitors all over the city and back to the arena, to which Mishima would claim the victory over Cameron after he was distracted by his bitter rival, David Logan. The win over Cameron in the Street Fight would establish Mishima as a definite wrestler to keep an eye on.

The Long Awaited Return

At Wednesday Night Warzone on November 2, 2008, Rage Mishima made a shocking return to the WCSF to a massive ovation, coming out after Sinistra's match. He hadn't been seen in the WCSF in a year due to a serious injury and then taking some time off.

Mishima wouldn't waste any time getting involved in the main event mix and showing he still had it. Newcomer Jeffrey Osprey took exception to him returning and teamed up with the Executioner to face Mishima and Brian Davis, impressively making Ex tap out to the BGP. His next victory came against Sean Knight in singles competition with the Orochi Revolver.

Up next was the Battlefield PPV. Mishima wasn't scheduled to participate in the tournament, but when Tristagi and Mike Maverick went to a double count-out in their quarterfinal match, Mark Thomas assumed he would receive a bye into the final, but he was shocked to find that Mishima had been chosen to face him in the semifinal. Mishima made Thomas tap out to the Brutal God Project, advancing to the final. Mishima would go on to defeat Johnny U in the final with the Orochi Revolver.

Mishima would rack up impressive victories on his way to a meeting with Rampage Champion Anthony Blake at Nothing to Lose, including an impressive win over Mafia leader Johnny Devine. At Nothing to Lose, Mishima would lose a tough match to Anthony Blake after 2 Screwdrivers. Both men would show their respect to each other after the match.

After the relaunch of the WCSF after the firings of several big name stars, Mishima began to develop a problem with Josh Outland. Mishima didn't care for Outland's attitude and his past with Epoch Nex and didn't hide his feelings. Outland responded and the two had war of words. Mishima would end up getting attacked by Outland during a tag match where he was teaming with Daz, Mishima would brawl with Outland through the crowd, leaving Daz to fend for himself and go on to lose.

At Revolution IV, Mishima and Outland competed in a brutal, hellish, falls count anywhere, 2 out of 3 falls match, where Outland won the first fall, Mishima won the second, and then Outland won after both men fell off a truck onto the roof of a car and Outland fell on top for the pinfall.

The Rebirth of the Yakuzas

On the Carnage following Revolution, Mishima was insulted backstage by Shane Evans & Nick Foster. Mishima shot back at them, and the Mafia threatened him. Later on in the night, Mishima competed against Mark Thomas, but near the end of the match, Evans and Foster came out and attacked Mishima, before they could injure him, a man ran in from the crowd and attacked The Mafia, clearing the ring. As security came to throw him out, Mishima stopped them, saying that the man was his cousin, Kenshiro Murakami, and that The Mafia had their family, now he had his, and he was reforming the Yakuzas, and coming after the Tag Team Titles.

The newly formed Yakuzas would get their first crack at WCSF Tag Team Championship holders Shane Evans & Nick Foster at Meltdown 09. But before that, The Mafia would use everything they could to throw Mishima off his game, they attacked him and Murakami, and in an act of a disturbing nature, Evans & Foster would kidnap Mishima's longtime girlfriend Kurisutaru, holding her backstage after knocking Murakami out. They then allegedly hit her with steel chair, although it was never seen on camera, just an unconscious Kuri on the floor. An understandably enraged Mishima snapped at Meltdown, late in the match, taking a steel chair, and going off on Evans & Foster, leaving them bloodied and banged up in the ring, but getting his team DQ'd.

After Meltdown, Mishima realized that he might need some more manpower to battle The Mafia with them in full control of the Carnage, so he went to his friend Tomohiro Matsuda, as well as Matsuda's new ally, Muntari Mebah, and they both became new members of The Yakuzas, marking the first time The Yakuzas will be a stable. Mishima then vowed to end The Mafia's reign of terror in the WCSF, if it's the last thing he does.

Mishima is now in the fans hands, if he's voted in as the challenger to Johnny Devine at Hacked 09, he will get a shot at the WCSF World Championship, his first since Nothing to Lose. Mishima did win the fan vote, proving his popularity with the WCSF masses. Unfortunately for him, questionable refereeing lead to him getting pinned.

Mishima would be undeterred and would continue to fight The Mafia. At Wednesday Night Warzone he would call out Devine in the ring, but Devine's right hand man Amen could answer, and the two would go back and forth, before Devine made a match between the two, which Mishima would win. Mishima would become increasingly frustrated in the following weeks at his and the Yakuzas inability to sustain any pressure on the Mafia and force them out of power and the WCSF.

At Annihilation, The Yakuzas would have their biggest opportunity to date, in an 8 Man Elimination Tag Match against The Mafia. Near the end of the contest, Mishima would shock the wrestling world when he attacked his fellow Yakuza teammate Muntari Mebah and allowed Johnny Devine to get the Mafia victory.

Darkness Become Him

The next night a cloaked Mishima entered the arena with The Mafia, following behind them stoically, as Devine introduced Mishima as a Mafia "associate". The next week during a sitdown interview with Steve Speilman, Mishima claimed that he was tired of being the last great hope the WCSF had and that the fans expected too much of him, and they always tore down their heroes eventually. He claimed that The Mafia couldn't be beaten and thus he had chosen to align himself with them for his career and the money.

Mishima would have to pay for his actions though, as the lone remaining Yakuzas teammate, Muntari Mebah returned and attacked Mishima, promising to make him pay for turning his back on him and the fans after helping save him from a life of evil. The two would trade attacks in the coming weeks, leading up to Battlefield, where Mishima went for his third straight win, but was eliminated in the first round by Anthony Blake, after Mebah purposely hit Blake, getting Mishima DQ'd.

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