Real name Eric Herrera
Ring Names Rain (Primary), The Hardcore Messiah, The Sensational, The Benchmark, Extreme Redefined
Height 6'0
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth September 23, 1985
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from El Centro, Baja California
Trainer Chris Benoit
Future Wrestling Alliance, Hardcore Championship Wrestling (Owner), Xtreme Pro Wrestling
Way too many to count.
Handled by Nash
Win/Loss Record N/A
Debut April 2005
Retired N/A

Rain, also known as "The Sensational" Eric Herrera, Extreme Redefined, the Extreme Daredevil, the Benchmark, Rain, and the Hardcore Messiah is a wrestler in Future Wrestling Alliance, Hardcore Championship Wrestling, and Xtreme Pro Wrestling. He also owns Hardcore Championship Wrestling, the former developmental territory for Ultimate Championship Wrestling. His finisher is the Downward Spiral. His entrance music is "Different Than You" by The Exies. He has been quite a journeyman in his career in professional wrestling. The fact that used to haunt him for a long time was having success everywhere but High Voltage Wrestling. But after he saw more than his share of squash matches in lesser federations, he got the attitude that he would rather lose to wrestlers that are better than him than to beat no name wrestlers any day of the week. Once he came back in the year 2008, he turned that luck around by winning the FTWO Alternative, HVW Tag, FTWO Tag, HVW Unified Tag, and Full Throttle (Continuation of Alternative) in back to back fashion. The former jobber avenged his past history by going a combined 23 - 24 for both feds gaining pin fall over every singles champion in the company. If the fed had not closed he would have run away with comeback of the year. Truly an inspiration to several other younger talent that nothing is ever impossible to achieve. Several people will confirm that he is one of the most respected in ring competitors in the game. He is usually very loyal to a company until their collapse. Even his former employers aren't able to find a single bad thing to say about him. Every time he has truly cared about a company, he has gone on to win championship gold. He's a very goal oriented individual. Has excelled at every division of this sport. Main event, Mid card, Opener, Tag, won a title at each one. A true role model that placed the desert known as the Imperial Valley on the map with each World Heavyweight Championship reign. So much of a role model, that he has trained nearly two dozen people into professional contracts, three fourths of them going on to wear gold. The most notorious being The Lonewolf Daniel Gafet, Brandy Danielle, and Jay Williams. He is part of the most successful family in wrestling history with Hector Venegas, Jay Williams, Lance Williams, Veronica Rodriguez, Vincent Williams, Sickle, Scott Stonewall, Sean Philbrick, Immune, Johnny Violence, Damon Cross. Some of them being considered extended family. He trained his siblings into World Title contention and made an immediate impact on this business. This influenced other members of the lower class of society (the poverty stricken and outcasts) to reach out to him for training. That generosity put the Imperial Valley on the map. He has considered himself the voice of the voiceless since his debut and continues to back it up with each passing day. His vigilante justice has aided him to gain the respect of countless superstars and management figures.

Extended Biography

Growing up

Eric Herrera was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 23, 1985. He grew up in downtown Chicago. Ever since he was a little kid he has been used to defending himself. He knew how to fight even before he considered training. It was an ongoing battle to survive since where he lived there were a lot of gangs.

Ever since he was a little kid he enjoyed watching wrestling. His role models growing up were Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis and Chris Jericho. His family did not have as much money, in fact he would be in the lower class the majority of his life. So his story is like a Cinderella story where the man that you least expected to be World Heavyweight Champion fulfilled his dream. He overcame lots of doubters both in and out of the ring, his mother even cried when he showed her his first World Heavyweight Title as a professional that he won in NBW, New Blood Wrestling. The date is unknown since the federation's archives are no longer online.

He would watch wrestling shows at his siblings' respective houses. He was the youngest so around the time he was 6 or 7 his siblings were already married. When he got to high school, freshman year, is when he got cable for first time in his life. That's when he watched WCW and WWF/WWE and got to see more of his role models. This also marked the first time he was eligible for wrestling in high school. Except instead of wrestling in school he instead decided to train at local gymnasiums.

When he was 9 he moved to El Centro, California. When he arrived in El Centro he was in the middle of 4th grade. He did not get to complete 4th grade since in El Centro the people at the elementary thought he was too smart for 4th and promoted him to 5th. So he did half of 4th and half of 5th. He was the first of his brothers and sisters to attend high school and complete it. His siblings got no farther than 9th. His siblings look up to him.

Indy Days

There he met a close friend of him that would go on to refer him to Canada to be trained by Chris Benoit in Canada. That friend was Gary Lozano. He trained there for a year. His progress eventually got him noticed by local Indy promotions. He signed the contract at Sophomore year (2001) coming in at 5'4 160 pounds. He spent from then until around April 2005 there.

In all that time he made amazing progress. Eventually just like his role models he began being known for his high flying ability. He had the knack of being able to hit his Shooting Star Press from anywhere. He reminded people of a cross between Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman. When he graduated from High School he relocated to Canada after following Gary's advice.

He trained under Chris Benoit there while still attending Indy dates around Canada to not develop ring rust and to put Chris Benoit's teaching into action. When his training was complete he was contacted by UCW, which would later become WOF, to talk about a professional contract. By this time he was one of the most sought after Indy free agents available. He had great success in the Indy scene.


He debuted for UCW on the April 10, 2005 episode of Destruction. He won his debut against a wrestler who's name has not been revealed. The archives just mention him as xXx. In only his second match with the company, and his first with them as WOF after the name change, he was set to face Grave Digger, arguably one of the federation's top wrestlers on the entire roster, on his second match of his career! Eric was shocked. And Grave Digger poked fun at his race being of Mexican heritage and made it a Taco Stand Match. Eric lost this match to even his record at 1-1. After this Eric would defeat Ghostface on 5-8-05 to make his record 2-1. That would be the last time Eric would have a winning record in the company to this date. After that he lost 7 in a row going into the company having a power split. He ended his tenure in WOF 2-8.


Around this time, Eric competed in NBW. He also competed in NBW - New Blood Wrestling (Which would later change to EHW - Extreme Hardcore Wrestling, because of Copyright Issues), and WIA/PWA - Wrestling Independence Alliance/Pro Wrestling Action.

All of these the boards are closed down so the archives are not available except the recent EHW records where he has not debuted, the company restarted. His first singles belt he won at NBW when he won the World Heavyweight Champion. However, that reign would last less than a month, his former on screen best friend, J-D, turned on him defeating him for the title starting a feud that still lasts to this date, one of Eric's longest rivalries to date. It would not be until a year later that Eric would hold that belt again, defeating J-D for that same belt, but this time as EHW. During the NBW stay he had been two time tag team champion with J-D before J-D cost him the title. Their tag name was Red Line Crew. He would drop the title to Daniel Golding putting him over in his last match before being injured in HVW by Grave Digger in which he would not be seen until July of 06. 3 months without being able to compete.

In WIA he spent just over a year with them. There he won his 2nd singles title and his most prized title to date, the Destination Title. The two times he held gold in WIA they both set records for longest singles and tag title reigns respectively. For the majority of both reigns he was double champ, except for the last two months of his Destination Title Reign. He was Tag Champ first before Destination.

In his last day as Tag Champ, Jay Williams turned on him costing them the tag belts. Later on Eric would face Jay Williams in the match that would cost him his career. He hit his trademark Downward Spiral to end the match with a handshake. Since then Jay has not entered a wrestling ring. But he has remained a fixture in Herrera's roleplays as a NPC - Non Participating Character, along with Sean Philbrick, since him and Sean Philbrick are Eric's best friends.

Sean Philbrick would be the first to kick out of Eric's Downward Spiral during his Destination Title Reign. He was the only one that required 2 Downward Spirals to be defeated. Herrera and Philbrick would have one tag title reign together in PWE before Philbrick decided to hang em up around the time Eric got injured. During this time Eric would also hold the UWF Cruiserweight Title until his injury. Due to injury, his last match in WIA would be a retirement match against Mark Hodgson, for the World Title, in which Eric would lose. At the end of the show the whole roster went out of character and carried Eric out of the arena on their shoulders. Everyone hugged Herrera and handed him a replica of both his belts. The last words out of the owner of WIA/PWA, Ricky Magnus, made Eric cry because up until WIA nobody else had enough confidence in Eric to the point of trusting him as champion. His last words were "To me you will always be my champion."


After a long hiatus from wrestling he returned to HVW. He also was contacted by Bishop to join UHWF to work out the ring rust. UHWF was the result of UWF restarting. Herrera shortly won the Platinum Title which he would hold until Christmas Nightmare 2 when he lost it to Scott Stonewall in a title merge. He lasted from around July or August (Sorry archives ain't available) until December with the title.

This was one of his least successful stays in a company, yet he still considers it home. He is considered one of the hardest working wrestlers on the roster and one of the most respected backstage. His losing record is the focus of a lot of ridicule as it took a long time for him to learn about wrestling and start winning consistently. He was a rookie in a federation full of veterans. Got fed to the wolves a lot of the time when he wasn't prepared.

During this time he also had a long feud with Blood Reign that had been spanned 3 titles, the Alternative, Continental, and Extreme Titles. The feud started in 12-04-05 and would end 10-15-06, thus being the longest feud Eric Herrera had ever had, 2nd being J-D. Eric would not have a pinfall over Blood Reign until Liberation 2006 when he pinned him twice in one match, the last one injuring his ribs. He faced him in FTWO redebut in 2008 yet again and lost in a closer battle. Regardless of the pinfalls, Blood Reign still went on to retain in the Mexican Deathmatch. Another match that Eric was in that was targeted at his race. In both occasions it was the first time the match had been done.

Another first Eric was involved in that also targeted his race was a modification of Taco Stand Match called Salsa Slugfest where he defeated Archangel Smith. So to this date Eric is called the co-creator of three matches. 1) Taco Stand Match 2) Mexican Deathmatch 3) Salsa Slugfest.


He served one short stint in EWA where he was looking like he was on the right track winning the Tri State Championship. His short stint was cut by him being controversial outside of the ring leading to his firing from HVW, FTWO, and EWA. He would not seen in any of their rings until the year 2008. This firing happened in mid 2007. This also gave him time to focus fully on UHW only.


When UHWF roster got too big to handle, Eric and Clyde Wilson agreed on a brand split and purchasing HCW from Eric. Eric would be the HCW Chairman appointing Jonathan Doberman, his PWP rival, as his General Manager. Clyde Wilson would run the Blood Zone brand. This was the most successful period in UHW's history because several big stars began joining the company and taking UHW global. During this time Eric's career suffered because he stopped putting focus on wrestling and instead focused on putting over talent. He wanted to learn how to be a business man and let go of wrestling until he could find the passion for it again. His record during these times was misleading as he would only wrestle when it was absolutely necessary.


Eric returned to TWI during its reopening and felt a revival as he won the Supernova and Tag Team Championships back to back of each other and held them simultaneously, he was the first in the company's history to be a double champion. He would go on to drop the Supernova Championship to the White Guardian and the Tag Team Championships to Venym, Jay Williams and Daimon Kane. Before the match Jay faked an injury to test how Eric would react. After noticing that Eric only cared about himself, in his opinion, he turned to Eric's rival Daimon Kane as a teacher and tag team partner. Eric is a loner now for the first time in his career and is proud of it. This has caused Eric to focus on wrestling completely for the first time in a very long time and it shows as the amount of clutch victories in 2008 have proven. Eric no longer has distractions and has started to show the aggressive attitude that nearly got him the Extreme Title at HVW Liberation 2006.


He served one short stint at GWL as well but problems with creative's treatment of Veronica, his girlfriend, caused him to leave. He in character got written off TV with a brutal battle against Brian Kennedy that saw him be hit with the Lifeline off an ambulance. His stay lasted not even two or three months. He came in when UHW was bought by them so his contract carried over. During his stay he was very bitter at their treatment of his girlfriend by jobbing her unjustly in their women's division instead of giving her an actual chance.


He returned in early 2008 as a tag team with Jay Williams but that tag team wouldn't last long due to the above mentioned split. That saw Eric focus completely on wrestling. Eric has had some success in FTWO earning himself title shot after title shot and gaining the respect of the locker room. He's far from being done as he intends on winning a singles championship finally in one of his home feds. He believes that if he can't win a title in his own home fed then it's time to truly retire.


He uses these as rehab feds where he can start fresh and relearn wrestling the hard way. He hopes to win the World Heavyweight Title again sometime this year again but knows it will take a lot of stepping up to do this. The hardcore messiah is intent on making sure that this isn't the last time you see him wearing gold. While in SWA, a man by the name of Joseph Light inspired Eric Herrera to be more aggressive in the ring once again. At first, he had stopped at the request of Vero so that the violence wouldn't reach home. Now that he has matured mentally in a way, as far as anger management is concerned, he has gone back to it because that's the attitude that got him gold. He hopes this increase in aggression will help bring another World Championship to his mantle. And it definitely did as Eric finally won the big one at Christmas Kaos 2008 defeating the American Freebear for the SWAT Mid South Heavyweight Championship ending a two year drought since his last World Heavyweight Championship.

Post SWA

After getting unjustly terminated from SWA, Eric went on to focus completely on FTWO. This resulted on him having the best winning streak of his entire FTWO career, culminating in him winning the FTWO Alternative Championship on June 1, 2009. Eric has finally broken the glass ceiling and it's only a matter of time before the world realizes the growth of this half of fame inductee. He followed that up by winning the HVW Tag Team titles with his girl friend Veronica Rodriguez at Fans Choice 2009 defeating Ice Age in a ladder match. He continued that gold streak and won the SWAT Mid South National Title against Sangre at the Ernie Hamilton Cup a week later. Leaving SWA has given Eric the most focused mind he's had in years. Triple champion and he's not even close to done yet.

Present Time

With his recent final termination from SWA, Eric has shifted his focus once again. There have been rumors swirling around that his remaining contracts are the last ones as an active wrestler due to continuous company closures and betrayals. One source very close to him says that the termination and the apology events in SWA made him trust people even less than before. This definitely can't help the chances of his opponents. After discovering the deaths of his aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa - the people he considers his parents - he turned to the dark side for the first time in four years. We could only hope he finds the balance in time to win a fourth Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestling Profile

Eric Herrera was born in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up with only his mother taking care of his brother and sister by herself. He had to put up with since he was 4 years old watching his mom try to take care of three kids on her own from a handicapped state due to his dad's violent nature. Thus making him mature at a way quicker rate than other kids. He had to learn to be the man of the house when his brother was acting immature and when his sister got married early. His brother was known for making dumb ass decisions and caused Eric's family to move to El Centro, California when he was nine years old.

Once in El Centro, his friends at school got him into wrestling which pissed off his mother and his siblings. They both thought wrestling was pointless to get into and tried to talk him out of it by any means necessary. He took wrestling into the extreme getting into fights at school on several occasions. At one point his own mother removed the cable from their house and punished Eric that way. But Eric wasn't dumb. He did anything possible to stay in touch with wrestling. His friends eventually helped him discover AAA and CMLL which he watched off Antenna. He felt blessed to live so close to the Mexican Border despite despising his Mexican Heritage, since he was embarrassed of botching his Spanish a lot and not having been in Mexico long enough to know what it felt like, aka felt like a hypocrite.

It was in school that one of those friends would end up becoming his best friend slowly but surely. Veronica Rodriguez, who now happens to be his girl friend. They met in high school in his many wrestling get-togethers he would have in the school. What attracted him to her was that she loved a lot of stuff that girls would usually puke at. She was fascinated by a lot of Eric's interests and shared the same pain of his of her parents despising her for her interests. At one point Eric and Vero considered each other to be like family. So of course them dating soon was a complete no-brainer. During high school Eric would wrestle in Indies to try and get some practice. Once he graduated from high school and saw he wasn't having much success at Indies at first he went over to Canada to get trained by Chris Benoit. Once he finished getting trained by Benoit he continued Indies under his teacher's guidance and passed with flying colors. Eric would go on to win nearly every title he was qualified to get in his stay in the Indies.

By the time he signed to his first fed, UCW (What would become WOF/FTWO/HVW/Etc.) he had become the most wanted Indy free agent available. Think of CM Punk and Samoa Joe when they were signing with WWE and TNA. He had accomplished all that there was left to accomplish in Indies, including be a grand slam champion in one federation so him being scouted by Jonny B was a no-brainer. Ever since then Eric has shown signs of his Indies days in between one retirement and one injury. The first being when Grave Digger choke slammed him off the stage in a HVW show sidelining him for near 4 months. The second being when Michael Black defeating him in Tournament of Kings 2007 causing a near half a year retirement. In between all that Eric has managed to stay on top. He retired on top and returned on top shocking the world by winning the Supernova Title. He went on to hold the title for 2 months until he lost it to White Guardian. After leaving TWI and having PWO close down, Eric shifted his focus to FTWO and SWA where he began to work his way up the ladder the hard way. It was in SWA where we saw Eric mature into a more focused competitor.

That focus drove him to sign with SWAT Mid South to put into action what his matches against Andrew Raynes and his stay in SWA taught him. SWAT saw Eric take that next step from eternal mid carder to main event. He closed off the year the same way he started it, winning the SWAT Mid South Heavyweight Championship. He started the year as a champion and ended it as a champion. When 2009 started, the unthinkable happened... Eric returned to HVW after a two year hiatus. Not only did he return, but he squashed the jobber reputation from his record as he went on to win the Full Throttle Championship, his first within that company in four years of services, AND THREE sets of tag team titles. Talk about a major comeback huh? He went from being 9 - 32 in his first three years of services to.... 11 - 9! His first time above .500 within those grounds. He even went on to pin the reigning Continental Champion, World Champion, AND International Champion on several occasions. Eric cemented he had changed and in a major way.

During that same time span, Eric had an epiphany of sorts. On November 10, 2008, Eric faced off against Andrew Raynes for the Alternative Championship in a Dog Collar Match. During that match, Eric was near paralyzed. He hadn't suffered that much brutality in his entire lifetime, at least by his own admission. That near death experienced caused him to start valuing life and his own profession a whole lot more. Eric vowed to restore honor and tradition to professional wrestling. He wanted this business to be restored to the way it was in the 80's when wrestling about being a family and competing for the sake of it. Not out of ego, money, or power. That's what helped propel Eric into the most successful stage of his career, one that he would admittedly repeat ten times over in order to be honest to both the fans AND himself.

With the tragic death of HVW and FTWO, comes some major changes. Eric Herrera has had several personal tragedies damage his psyche. The once lovable underdog, has now turned to the dark side after the death of his aunt and uncle, the betrayal of his brother, AND the exile of his teacher Sickle have caused him to venture into the schizophrenic realm. Eric has reverted to his old ways of being a sadistic, downright twisted son of a bitch. Venturing into his own home domain of hardcore is only going to make it worse. How much time is left before this man snaps and a career has to pay the price for this? Only time will tell... We just know that the Hardcore Messiah has returned and with a vengeance

Gimmick: He is a schizophrenic. It is caused by his aunt and uncle dying while he was away entrenched into his wrestling schedule. This caused his brother to betray him over not placing enough emphasis on his family. With the close bond they had, it caused things to spiral down into madness. He claims he could hear his aunt, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather all from mother’s side talking to him. He feels guilty because of not being there for their death and decides to take it out in the ring with increased brutality.

He is also a big follower of the punk scene --- very anti-establishment, existentialist, the whole shebang. His mental disabilities --- epilepsy, attention deficit disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder --- have caused him to be an outcast of society. Rather than helping him, the general society decided to treat him like the butt of every joke. It all spiraled from there as Eric took refuge in his school and his wrestling. The only one that holds the key is Vero because of being there longer than any other human being. As such, she is the only one he trusts to yank the chain or extend it when it comes to brutality.

Gimmick Evolution: Underdog Cruiserweight → Punk/Existentialist → Darkness V1/Emo → Teacher → Darkness V2/Chosen One → Darkness V3/Goth/Nihilist

Character Rep: Masked --- Rey Mysterio. Unmasked --- AJ Styles. Will wear it in the ring, won’t wear it outside of it. Lucha Libre tradition, his true roots.

Manager: Veronica Rodriguez.

Purpose: She will be there to yank the chain, control how much actual violence he commits.

Entrance Theme: "Different Than You" by The Exies

Entrance: "Different Than You" by The Exies starts to play as the crowd begins to stand up in anticipation. On the titan tron we see an image of Eric standing in an open field in the desert is shown, Eric is seen looking down at the ground. As the beat picks up you see the wind at his surrounding begin getting more violent and him staring into the camera with a smirk on his face.

Right at the start of the chorus the camera pulls back to show him walking out to the stage. Right as he walks out the tron switches to videos of him in action over his eleven years as an active competitor. He stands at the entrance ramp and does Jeff Hardy's guns taunt as pyro shoots up at each side of him. He walks down the ramp avoiding contact with the fans that reach out to touch him. He gets on the top turnbuckle and does the guns taunt once again. He then leans on the ropes and starts stretching while waiting for his opponent.

Ring Attire: Black tights with red colored dragons surrounding them. A black colored vest with red dragons painted on it. The vest he takes off prior to his match.

Casual Attire: Cargo Shorts or warm up pants (colors vary, depends on weather), tank top or fleece jacket (matching color, depends on weather), black Nike logo cap turned backwards or black Nike skull cap (depending on weather), black Nike sandals or black Converses (depending on weather).

Fighting Style: All Arounder (Chris Benoit). Wrestling wise, just picture Chris Benoit in that he's methodical in how he approaches the ring. If he goes to the top rope, it's to target a certain area. Kind of like Chris Benoit and Randy Orton did. They don't just fly all over the place. They make it special. There's a move there for every affected part to set up the finisher. I specifically designed it so that it would be 50% head/neck and 50% back that way you're not stumped on how. Even when he uses weapons, he believes there's an art to it like Terry Funk. He doesn't swing for the fences. He incorporates his own moves into them like a modified choke, an impact move onto it, sandwich holds, etc. To show he's well versed and not just a spot monkey.

Signature Moves

  • Electric Chair Drop (False Hope)
  • Romero Special into Dragon Sleeper (Las Rites)
  • Moonsault (Doomsday)
  • Tiger Feint Kick (Bite of the Dragon)
  • Running Headscissor into Armbar Takedown into Crossface (Eye of the Storm)


Knockout Finisher:

  • Downward Spiral
    • Mic Check by Ken Anderson. Was also done by Edge in older games.

Submission Finisher: Believe the Hype

  • Figure Four into STF - Link

Aerial Finisher: Rising Sensation

  • Shooting Star Press performed by Evan Bourne.

Desperation / Special Occasion Finisher: Descent into the Abyss

  • High Altitude version of the Dreamer Driver by Tommy Dreamer.


  • 132 in 2005 Top 200.
  • 29 in 2006 Top 200.
  • 34 in 2007 Mid Years Top 200.
  • 15 in EWC 2007 EWC Mid Years.
  • 6 in EWN Top 120.
  • 9 Cruiserweight of the year 2007.
  • 11 Face of the Year 2006.
  • 9 Finisher of the Year 2006 (Downward Spiral)
  • 2x Cruiserweight of the Year (2006, 2007)
  • 15 in 2008 EWS Top 100.
  • 60 in 2008 TSC Top 100.
  • 2007 UHW Hall of Fame
  • 2007 NBW Hall of Fame
  • UCW Television Champion - Never lost it.
  • NEWA Light Heavyweight Champion
  • MCW Hardcore Champion - First and Last
  • XPW King of the Cage Champion
  • HVW Unified Tag Team Champion w/ Jay Williams
    • Defeated Odin Knyght and Christian Spade to unify HVW and FTWO.
  • SWAT Mid South National Champion
    • First to hold the National and Heavyweight Championships. Not simultaneous.
  • HVW Full Throttle Champion
    • Continuation of the Alternative Championship after merge. Never lost it.
  • HVW Tag Team Champion w/ Jay Williams
  • HVW Tag Team Champion (w/ Veronica Rodriguez)
  • FTWO Alternative Champion
  • SWAT Mid South Heavyweight Champion
  • TWI Supernova Champion
  • TWI Tag Team Champion (w/ Textbook Nolen Phillips)
  • WIA Destination Champion
  • WIA Tag Team Champion (w/ Jay Williams)
  • 2x NBW World Heavyweight Champion
  • NBW Tag Team Champion (w/ Dreamer)
  • EWA Tri State Champion
  • UHW Platinum Champion
  • UHW Cruiserweight Champion
  • HDW Titan Champion
  • PWE Tag Team Champion (w/ Sean Philbrick)
  • 3x PWP Extreme Champion
    • Most reigns as Extreme champion.
  • 3rd place in Hardkore Helloween 2008 #3
    • 1st Place was Punisher Dan Stein and 2nd was Ken Shiro.
  • 2nd place in SWAT Ernie Hamilton Memorial Cup Tournament.
    • 1st was American Freebear.


  • 2x Cruiserweight of the Year (2006 EWRT, 2007 EWN)
  • HVW Most Improved (2006)
  • EWA Most Improved (2007)
  • UHW Hall Of Fame (2007)
  • EHW Hall Of Fame (2007)

Training History

Students (OOC):

Ken Nogueira (Justin)
Travis Daniels (Alex)
Brian Gun (Zach)
Brandy Danielle (Rich)
Daniel Gafet (LW)
Sean Philbrick (Sean)
Sangre (Andy)
Herkules/J.D. Cunningham (Halestorm)
Jordan Post (Jordan)

Students (IC):

Daniel Gafet
Paul Gafet
Allante Clark
Brandy Danielle
Jay Williams
Lance Williams
Hector Venegas
Veronica Rodriguez
Sean Philbrick
Tim Timmons (Jay)
Sangre (SWAT)
Andre Perez (PWA)

Student of (OOC):

Iron Man (Tim)
Dave McIntyre (Dave)
Sickle (Vincent)
Crystal Cole (Misty)
Brian Sasso (Brian)
Packer (Tim)
Final Verdict
Mark Hodgson (Hodgy/WIA)
Scott McMurray (Murray/WIA)
Y2Jericho (Alex/PWP)
Pat Laba (Pat) - Very first. PWP/PWC days. After two years of being ignored. Without him, I wouldn't have lasted past a month let alone 5 years.
Enigma Violator (Sean/XPW)
Dave England (Serge/XPW)
Torch (Nicole/XPW)
Immune (Casey)
Dazz (MCW)
Dojo (John/MCW)

Students of (IC):

Iron Man
Dave McIntyre
Scott Stonewall (Lance)
Crystal Cole (Vero)
Daimon Kane (Jay)
Final Verdict (3CW)
Vincent Williams (Lance)
Dazz (MCW) (Jay)
The Dreamer J-D (EHW)

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