Rain Storms
Real name Rain Raven Athena Storms
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Height 5'8
Weight 132 lbs.
Date of birth March 27th, 1984
Place of birth Seattle, Washington
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Resides Seattle, Washington
Billed from Seattle, Washington
Trainer Unknown
Online Championship Wrestling
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Debut October 3rd, 2003
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Rain Storms (born March 27, 1984) is an American Professional Wrestler also known as The Cause of Nightmares. Rain is known to be unbalanced and often has a clause in her contract in regards to her violent tactics, which often earns her the title of 'that crazy bitch'.

Early life

Rain Raven Athena Storms was Born in the Seattle,Washington area. Life for Rain was never fun. She grew up in a home with an abusive father and a mother who rarely talked. She had two older brothers Christian and Simon and three sisters an older sister named Kimberly, a younger one named Rebecca and a twin named River. Christian moved out of the house when he was sixteen leaving a five year old Rain in a house. Simon and Rebecca were her half siblings and at the time she didn't know they existed as for her twin River. Her parents had sent her off to live with other family long ago. The real trouble for the family started on Christmas morning when five year old Rain was sitting on the floor opening persents her mother was in a chair reading and her older sister had yet to come down when her father did. It was shortly after he came downstairs that she could tell something was wrong. When she rushed upstairs she found her sister laid out on her bed strangled and bloody.Rain had laid with her sister and cried when her father who had been mentally unstable for sometimes now had come back up the stairs along with her mother. Upon seeing her child she had rushed to call the police only to be the next victim of the mad man. It was after he killed her he turned his rage to Rain when the cops finally did arrive she had been knocked out and was carted off the nerby hospital.Upon waking the stress and horrifc memories proved to be to much for her small mind and she lost touch with reality and was relocated to Sutter Pysc Ward in California.

Enter Denis and Kira

When Rain was seventeen she was finally allowed to leave the property of Sutter for a few hours at a time to attend a school for troubled teens. It was a wrestling school and it was there she first came into contact with the sport that would later be her career track. While at Sutter one day she learned that her closest friend at Sutter named Samantha had committed suicide. The fresh death opened her old wounds and she rushed outside and into one of the supply rooms before sliding down the wall. It is here shes told people that she first met Denis, her manager and more often then not weapon of choice. Denis is of course as most know a Steel Chair. Denis has been with Rain for six years and is much apart of her family as anyone. She is violently protective of him and most should just avoid touching him all together

Another friend that Rain has made over the years happened in one of her very first feds SCWE during a feud with a woman by the name of Jodi. During their match of the Womans TV Championship someone unknown woman had ran in from the crowd and attacked both of them ending the match in a double DQ. After the match the fragil psych of Rain seemed to once again break and she lashed out at Terri R. the backstage interview at the time and struck her over and over again with Denis. When a couple of the other wrestlers finally pulled Rain away from the bloody body of Terri they were reported as saying it looked as if Rain wasn't there mentally and had a glazed look in her eye. It was later at the hospital where Rain was getting treated for stitches that Kira made her first appearnence. Kira Athena Storms. Is the split personality of Rain. While Rain had spent years repressing her rage it had turned into a violent counterpart that would often take control.Kira has been around for about five years now.

Both Kira and Denis remain by Rains side, though While Kira is a little more dormant anytime that Rain needs her she will and does come out.

Free of Sutter

When Rain was eighteen and just recently came to terms with who Kira was to her, a young man by the name of Simon storms had arrived at Sutter, he would prove to be her older half brother and would have her released into his care. It was after this that Rain started her career in professional wrestling.

Simon would spend a couple of years trying to rid her of Kira and Denis but soon came to terms with them [even though he himself as a doctor finds it wrong to allow them to stay] and finally relented after it was clear his constant war against them was upsetting the balance of Rains still fragil mind.

Simon is often seen along with Rain in whatever fed she is in and was rumored to one time have a relationship with Rains closest friend Scarlett Manson

Early Carrer

Rain Has been in numerous feds since before her main stream debuted and in all of them shes held titles and taken out the 'best' recently though she has cut back on the amount of promotions she is in at one time to focus on a current goal. Some of her past feds have been W2K,IGGW, SCWE, WWE, WXWR. One of her most remembered matches came in WXWR when she had a hair vs Hair match and ended up shaving a woman bald.

SCWE is considered the birthplace of Kira and was one of Rains most violent times in life. Rivaled only by what shes done in OCW and BUD.


Rains career in WWoW was long and enjoyable. When she first arrived in WWoW she wasn't as well known as she is today and she was over looked by management after a brief hitaus from them she re-debuted with a new attitude and was quickly noted. Her first oder of business had been to take out Lucky Falcon the then current champion

After attacking Lucky and making it clear she had no intention to leave anytime soon she was placed in a multi match challenge having to win four straight matches[one a week] in order to face Lucky at the PPV for the womans title.

Her first match was against Jubilee and it had been a quick and easy victory. The second match had been against Stephanie Starrett and had spurned a side feud for Rain that ended with Stephanie leaving the company because of Rain.

The third match had been against Jade Jiles the two woman already having a past. The match had been violent, long, and one of the better matches Rain had taken part in but in the end Rain had in fact pulled out the win

Then came the fourth match against Beyonce this match actually ended with both woman being declared the winner and then they both went on to face Lucky Falcon. Rain would win the match with a pin on beyonce and would go on to be the last woman's champion of the original WWoW and hold the title for Eight Long Months before the company closed down

BUD and the Cause

Another of Rains major companies had been BUD. While the Cuase had formed before Rain came here this had to be where the four of them shined most. It was in bud that Rain would go Six and Zero and capture the Franchise Championship. Rain and the Cause would move on to demolish everyone that came into their path. Winning singles matches and tag matches. But it was a loss to Mat Collins the man she managed that would have Rain part with BUD. During the title match Mat would pin her with the help of the ropes. No one ever really found out why he felt the need to cheat her out of the win but Rain didn't care it was clearly time to move on.

The Cause was started back at the beginning of Rains career with a woman named Keisha Williams. Keisha and Rain would be the Leaders of the cause and would later recruit Rebecca Rancid, Scarlett Manson, and Taylor Lynn

After a brief internal fight Taylor parted Ways and is hardly ever mentioned anymore by the other four woman if at all. While a bit later the Cause did later disband to concentrate on their own goals Scarlett and Rain have taged together and traveled together ever since.

Rumor has it, that the Cause is in the works for a reunion.


The last fed that Rain was in. Our amazing Cause of Nightmares would go 12-0 tying the longest winning streak record with Trish Stratus Payne. She would also be the first woman to ever hold the Hardcore titled [and is credited for bringing respect to the belt] as well the first ever Co-Womans champion of OCW.

Rain was due to face off against her best friend and the other co champ Scarlett Manson in a match to decide who was in fact the sole holder of the belt but due to personal reasons she was unable to put her all into the match and the owner Justin Klien feeling neither woman cared enough allowed both Lita and Maria to run down to the ring in the middle of the match and Maria was able to get the pinfall when Rain wasn't looking.

It was after an argument with the owner Justin 2 Fine that Rain felt it was time to part ways with the company and after vacating the title she was irate to learn that a week and a half after doing so and leaving the company she was added into a match to defend it. Showing that she was in fact a good sport she showed to the match only to have the title land in the hands of Ambika Renton but again Rain was not the one pinned and is still in her mind undefeated since her shoulders have never touched the mat for a three count

In The Ring

  • Quotes
  • "Mary HAD a little lamb"
  • "I kill Lambs for Fun"
  • "My Little Prettys'"
  • "I can kill you with my mind"
  • "I fucking hate you"
  • "Who the fuck is Stephanie Starrett"
  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Short Out (Gory neckbreaker)
  • Black Widow (Sitout inverted powerbomb)
  • Lights Out (Forward Russian Legsweep)
  • Pitch Black (Crossface hold with an armbar)
  • Standing moonsault
  • Slingshot Somersaultlegdrop
  • Powerslam
  • Bridging reverse chinlock
  • Savate kick
  • Cockscrew Moonsault
  • Missile Drop Kick
  • German Suplex
  • Sunset Flip
  • Implant DDT
  • Allies
  • Notable Feuds
  • Lucky Falcon
  • Summer Stratus
  • Stephanie Starrett
  • Jade Jiles
  • Jason Carr
  • Leigh Harlem

Notable Championships and Accomplishments

  • OCW 12-0 Record (Tied for Longest before loss)
  • OCW Longest Woman's Internet Title Reign-3 Months 5 days
  • OCW Longest Internet Title Reign period, beating out Bryan Williams by a few weeks- 3 Months 5 days
  • WWoW Womans Chamion (Past 8 months)
  • BUD Franchise Champion
  • w2k Championess [1x] (Current)

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