The Rainbow Pro Dream or Rainbow Pro Nightmare Championship is the top singles title contested for in Rainbow Pro. The name of the title alternates based on its holder. If a tecnico (good guy) holds it - it is known as the Dream title. If a rudo (bad guy) holds it - it is known as the by those names for the duration of the holder's reign.


The first Dream/Nightmare champion was crowned when El Hijo de Pollo last eliminated Doctor Phate in the Starburst Scramble at Monkey Wash on February 9th, 2008. El Hijo de Pollo would go on to make two successful defences of the title before he was sidelined with an arm injury following a tag team match at Detox Mansion on April 20th, 2008. He was forced to vacate the title as a result. The title is to be contested for in an eight-person tournament that will take place at Dirty Life on Saturday, May 31, 2008.

Current Champion

The title has been vacant since being relinquished by El Hijo de Pollo on April 21, 2008

List of Champions

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes:
El Hijo de Pollo 1 February 9, 2008 Honore de Balzac Coliseum Last eliminated Doctor Phate in the Starburst Scramble.
? 1 May 31st, 2008 Honore de Balzac Coliseum Defeated ? in the tournament final.

List of Reigns by Length

The bold text denotes the current champion.

Wrestler: Days Held: Date Won: Date Lost:
El Hijo de Pollo 72 February 9, 2008 April 21, 2008
'?? ? May 31, 2008 Current Champion

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