Michael Sommers
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Height 6' 8"
Weight 285 lbs.
Date of birth July 2nd, 1975
Place of birth Lansing, Michigan
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Additional Information

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Tweener

Manager: Requiem

Nicknames: The Franchise - The Soul-Taker

Quote: "There will be no rest for you; When the darkness claims your soul!"

Tag-Team: Krymson Dragons

Ring Entrance: The lights dim to near total darkness, save for four spotlights attached too the rafters that begin flowing over the arena. Smoke begins to fill the ring and a single GONG! Echoes the coming of the pyros! First, they set off on the stage, in succession as they burn a trail down the ramp until they reach the bottom. Then from the four corners of the ring, more pyros explode as the smoke grows thicker. As the mist begins to clear, the arena explodes as the shape of the Soul-Taker; Raizzor, takes form in the middle of the ring. Shooting one fist into the air, the lights blast back on, and Raizzor stands solemnly, waiting his opponent.

Normal/Ring Attire: Black long trunks, with boots that depict lightning strewn on them. Tight fitting top, also black, short sleeved. On the front of his shirt, three red slash marks cross from his left shoulder blade down to his right midriff. He wears cut off gloves, dark purple in color. Raizzor wears a demonic mask, to hide his burns, with his long thin black hair covering his face.

Fighting Style: Raizzor moves fast for his size. Mainly a brawler, ground technician in the ring, he is capable of executing some aerial maneuvers and has a stronger cardiovascular system then most his weight and size, allowing him to work faster. Raizzor is master of many submission maneuvers and devastating power bombs. Coupled with his seemingly endless tolerance for pain, Raizzor is a force to be reckoned with inside the ring.

Persona: Raizzor is quiet. He does not go out of his way to be socialable, except for close family. He can be easily annoyed, but controls himself and almost never has any sort of outburst. He is extremely focused on his tasks, and deadly in the ring. Although very dark and foreboding, Raizzor maintains a high moral standard and will be one of the first to come to the aide of someone in distress.

Favorite Moves

Signature Moves:

- The Guillotine Version 1 (Clothesline from Hell)

- Choke Slam

- Spear

Finishing Move:

-The Guillotine Version 2 (Leg drop off the top rope)

- The Final Exam (Widow's Peak)

- Tombstone Shoulder Breaker (Tombstone onto knee)

Records, Accomplishments & Federations.


1) PWA World Champion (x3).

2) PWA Inter-continental Champion.

3) PWA Tag-Team Champion (x4).

4) PWA Internet Champion.

5) PWA Hardcore Champion (x2)

6) TWSN Internet Champion

7) BWF Tag-Team Champion (X2)

8) PWN World Champion

9) PGW World Champion

10) PWN Tag-Team Champion

11) PGW Tag-Team Champion


1) Holds Fastest Pinfall of 25 seconds (PWA)

2) Was first to successfully defend a title at a PPV in the PWA. (Hardcore Match with Prima Donna)

3) Earned the title "The Franchise" by winning Who's The Man.

4) Has been the Co-Owner of the PWA

5) Only PWA Star to compete at all Seven Genesis Events

6) AOWF Hall of Fame

7) PWA Hall of Fame


1. PWA




5. W4F

6. HIC

7. BWF (a.k.a) Blazenwing Wrestling Federation

History 1

Raizzor began his career under the name of Chamelion in the March of 1999 when he joined Pioneer Wrestling Association and TWSN. Fresh on the scene, he did not at first realize the difficulty in splitting his duties between two federations and it would take only a month before he exited TWSN to focus solely on the PWA. Unlike TWSN, PWA was new, barely a month old and he felt his energies would be best utilized in that federation. Raizzor’s first PWA match pitted him against Scotty Snow, and he truly showed his power by pinning Snow in 25 seconds. A record that was never beaten.

Before long, Raizzor would begin his first real feud with Prima Donna, and in doing so learned the necessity of forming strong alliances. It did not take long to make friends with Rage and his wife, Banshee and with their experience, helped Raizzor to overcome Prima Donna in Raizzor’s first Steel Cage Encounter. In a move to solidify his place, Raizzor added BBB, Fear, Nuke and Nitro to the group, enabling the stable to make fast progress to the top of the PWA. However, Prima Donna was not finished with Raizzor and he quickly created his own stable, inviting Cinergy, Southpaw and a few others to create ‘The ICONS’.

Prima Donna and Cinergy then captured the PWA Tag-Team Titles, and this lead to Raizzor challenging them to a handicap match. The ICONS agreed, even so far as to put the titles up for grabs in the match. Raizzor put on an impressive match, winning the tag team titles and further pushing Prima Donna over the edge. Raizzor then offered the former PWA Champion, Tundra, the other half of the titles, to add the veteran to his ranks.

However, President Rob Robinson declared Raizzor ineligible to be the tag-team champion, thus stripping him of the titles and re-awarding them to the ICONS. Raizzor would turn the tide, winning the new Internet Title shortly there after, but that also would not last, as Robinson would be instrumental in Cinergy winning that title when Robinson clocked Raizzor with a chair.

Deciding that this was getting him nowhere, Raizzor declared he was taking time off. However, since he was already booked in a match with the Canadian Crippler, Robinson declared that if he did not show for his match, not only would he lose, but he would be ultimately fired! When the match began, the lights dimmed and a man dressed in a trench coat, with flowing long black hair covering his face.. attacked the Crippler and injured him.. Then the man flipped back his hair and everyone saw it was Raizzor! This was the point when he changed from Chamelion to be known only as Raizzor, the Soul-Taker.

Shortly after that, the feud with Prima Donna really took off.. since Prima Donna petitioned strictly for the Hardcore title to be instated, he felt he should get his hands on it first. But in a bizarre turn of events, Raizzor captured the Hardcore title in a Steel Cage match with Mr. T.. and used the hardcore title to lure Prima Donna into a super-hardcore match at Battledome. Raizzor proved his worth and retained his title, effectively pushing Prima Donna over the edge, and eventually leading to his disappearance.

Raizzor then dropped the hardcore title to Slice, in search of bigger fish to fry, and that was the World title. Raizzor took on all comers, and started racking up an impressive set of wins. However, when Raizzor left the PWA, he did so without telling his friends, and that pissed off Rage. So, while trying to move up the ranks, the feud with Rage took center stage.. and the two men had verbal confrontations on a regular basis. Rage's wife, Banshee, did not like their feud, as she still wished to remain friends with Raizzor and try to patch up things between the two. In fact, during a match with Steven Remo, Banshee came down to try to assist. This was actually first caused because Remo had, prior to that match, shaved Banshee's hair off. Raizzor lost to Dr. Remo in their match, but as Remo threatened Banshee with physical violence, Raizzor saved her and tombstoned Remo. Banshee and Raizzor embraced in the middle of the ring, and the feud with Rage soon dissipitated. Also, Remo's Super - Heel turn was well underway, using his "Superior Pinfall" over Raizzor as a basis for propelling him to world title status. Raizzor, meanwhile, still was feuding with Robinson and goaded him into putting up 50% of his company should Raizzor win the Who's The Man franchise tournament.

Because of the earlier loss to Remo, the final at Who's The Man became very important to Raizzor, not only for the control of the company, and to screw Robinson over.. but also to get back at Remo and win the world title. Robinson, however, continued to work his devious power and forced the referee to call a quick count, giving Remo the win. At this point, the world was shocked when the new Vice President, Mark Sommers stepped out and declared the match to continue. Raizzor won, securing the World title, 50% of the company and more. Of note, it would later be discovered that Mark Sommers and Raizzor were brothers, thus giving them 2/3rds control of the PWA.

The power of control ended up going to Raizzor’s head, and he began controlling his own matches, booking himself weekly, taking out veterans and newcomers alike. With this new confidence, Raizzor challenged Dr. Remo to a rematch for the World Title, and said if he lost, he would leave the PWA! During the month leading up to their match, Raizzor would continue to use questionable means to tally up his wins, and then The Corpse stepped up to the plate.. and in what can be described as the best two matches to ever be seen in the PWA, The Corpse and Raizzor battled heatedly and severely. But The Corpse used Raizzor's own misguided ness to his advantage, and scored the victory to obtain the world title...

But Raizzor was not worried, he had anticipated this event, and signed an immediate rematch for Tuesday Night. Amazingly, during that match, Dr. Remo saw fit to interfere in Raizzor's favor.. but his interference, though it could have cost the Corpse the title, was for naught. Raizzor gained the advantage.. then waited for the Corpse to turn back around. Raizzor smiled, motioned with one finger to "come on" The Corpse cracked the hint of a smile, and the two waged war once more. However, Raizzor again, was caught in the Closed Casket, and on his way to a second defeat. But Raizzor had warned he had "figured out" a way out of the Casket, and to everyone's amazement, he did. Raizzor's checked past caused expectations of a cheated outcome, but Raizzor was back.. mostly.. and used a sleeper hold to incapacitate the Corpse just long enough to score the pinfall with the Guillotine Leg Drop.

Raizzor had learned his lesson, and he had hoped, was not to late to rectify the respect he had for, and hopefully from, The Corpse. Now it was time, however, to put up or shut up. Summer Sizzler came.. and the main event was moments away. Raizzor stepped into the ring with Remo, and the two men with ferociously at each other's throats... In the end, Raizzor got the upper hand and was ready to retain the world title.

When All Hell Broke Loose.

That night, at Summer Sizzler, the world was witness to the end of an era, where Raizzor was ultimately destroyed by the 8 ft tall Nightmare.. and Remo captured the PWA World Title. True to his word, Raizzor left. At this time, an angry Mark Sommers quit his job as Vice President and took on Raizzor’s former name of Chamelion, vowing to avenge Raizzor against Remo.

That didn’t go over well, as he lost. But the taste of wrestling pulled him for good *See: Chamelion*

Six months passed with no sign of Raizzor, until...... The ICONS break up, Prima Donna wins the PWA World Title, and offers Cinergy a chance to take it from him...the two swear they will beat each other to a pulp at Bad Blood in a first blood match. But then, Dr. Steven Remo returns and is made the special referee for the main event. When the ICONS state they fooled everyone, and won't fight each other, Remo said he expected this, and declares it a triple threat match... the third man being.....Raizzor. On that night, not only did Raizzor return to the PWA, but also captured the World Title for an unprecedented THIRD time.

Raizzor was then able to defend the title successfully until he faced off against Prima Donna one last time. Numerous interferences cost Raizzor the match that night, and per his word, he dropped the PWA title to Prima Donna.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, Chamelion, who returned to the PWA with him during Bad Blood... sought out Thomas Riley for the AOWF TV title. In a failed attempt to assist Chamelion, Raizzor ended up costing him the match, and shortly after that, during a Tag Team Title Match with the Brother's Grimm, Chamelion turned on Raizzor and attacked.

Soon though, it was time to declare a new PWA world champion, and it came down to Raizzor and his friend, Ironheart. The battle was strong and fierce, but interference from Chamelion threw Raizzor off his game and Ironheart was able to pin Raizzor for the PWA World Title.

Raizzor swore after that, that he would hunt down Chamelion, and bury his own flesh and blood...but then, someone else got in Raizzor's way.

A new mysterious figure entered the PWA, her name; Mrs. X.

Mrs. X and Raizzor almost immediately took sides against each other, and with Mrs. X's control of the company, Raizzor was forced to take on a new, insulting gimmick of "Skippy" The Plumber Boy. Raizzor accepted these new stipulations, and hung up his ring attire and resumed his life as Michael Sommers. Michael then would only be referred to Mrs. X's new Skippy gimmick when entering the ring.

Mrs. X then announced that the only way that Michael could have the Raizzor gimmick back, was to win every single match going into Genesis 2, and that he must defeat Chamelion, or be banned from the PWA forever.

However, at Genesis 2, because Michael had been totally successful, Mrs. X wanted to renege on her deal, but Jasmine Lee coaxed Mrs. X into the ring, and pinned her in the PWA's first ever woman's match. Michael Sommers could go back into the ring against his brother, Chamelion.. As Raizzor.

But it didn't end there. That night, before Raizzor could take on his brother, Mrs. X revealed who she really was....: Banshee, Beth Anderson.

Believing this news would drive Raizzor crazy and she could rid the PWA of him, Beth Anderson sat quietly by as the two brothers went toe to toe in a no holds barred, loser leaves town war.

After a hard fought war, Raizzor connected with the Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope over a steel ladder to score the pinfall.

Again, all Hell Broke Loose.

Nightmare had returned, determined once and for all to eliminate Raizzor from the PWA. But this time, finally.. all would be revealed.. The man behind Nightmare.. the man who initially tried to take over the PWA with this 8foot monster, was non other than Chamelion himself.

Raizzor was attacked and seemingly left for dead that night, as Chamelion and Nightmare disappeared from the PWA.

But All was not over. Raizzor returned. During his short absence, he had found Nightmare and Chamelion and fought and subdued the 8foot monster, and defeated his younger brother once and for all.

Now, Raizzor found himself in a new dilemma. All he had ever sought to do in the PWA, he had done.. Only one thing was left to do.


Raizzor battled Sirus Moran in one of the greatest technical wrestling matches of all time, but he came up just short of winning. President Robinson awarded him a special "World Title" as thanks for all the hard work in the PWA.

But retired from active wrestling did not stop him from returning to manage the career of another up and coming superstar; Brymstone. Raizzor created the "Dark Forces"; Managing Brymstone, his brother Chamelion and the returning Nightmare. The Dark Forces quickly found themselves in a heated battle against "DEATH" led by Brymstone's wife; Nina Daemon Macabre. Nina and her forces quickly established themselves as the dominate force in the PWA, and it was up to the Dark Forces to stop them.

Finally, At Good vs. Evil, the final war took place, with each match earning a 'point' and which ever side earned the most at the end of the night, won the war. Before the main event, which would pit Raizzor's brother, Chamelion against the leader of DEATH, The Sword. Death took Chamelion out of the picture, and since this event was deemed a non-sanctioned event, Raizzor stepped in and did battle with, and eventually defeated the Sword, giving the Dark Forces the win, and more importantly, the war.

However, this match would leave it's mark on Raizzor, and even though he tried so very hard to deny it, a part of him longed to return to the ring. But because he valued his word so much, he took no action. That was, until, a new force entered the PWA; The M.o.A. (Masters of Armageddon).

The MoA's first official action was to kidnap and torture Chamelion, Brymstone and even The Sword which turned out to be Ironheart! The actions of the MOA, and their threats to Raizzor's family eventually took their toll, and The Sharp One returned!

But, sensing the strength of his adversaries, and the lack of supporting allies, Raizzor returned to his dark roots. He embraced the embers of passion, of fire, of violence.. and became "The Soul-Taker". Since his return to the ring, Raizzor has dominated his opponents like NEVER before. He, along with Brymstone and others, has rid the PWA of Four MoA members in less than two months! Along the way, others have fallen victim to his wrath, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, after a defeat at the hands of Monkey McDee, Raizzor paired up with his brother Chamelion to create the Tag-Team; Krymson Dragons. In only their second match, the duo won the PWA Tag-Team Championship from the Infamous Brothers Grimm. Their reign as champions lasted 40 plus days, but then at High Stakes, the two were eliminated in the fatal four way when the other three teams ganged up to take them down. Shortly after, Raizzor and Chamelion took a break to recoup.. returning at London's Burning against Jeckyll & Hyde. Later that night, The Dragons put themselves back into contention by attacking the PWA Tag Team Champions.. their goal; to recapture the belts they never really lost. Raizzor and Chamelion took back the Tag-Team titles rather quickly, then lost them to the Cereal Killas in a re-match. Raizzor then joined up with Sirus Moran to create Team Supreme, took the titles back and held them for nearly 50 days. When they lost the titles, Raizzor decided it was time to break away from the PWA, to spend time with his family. Recently, Raizzor applied for his Ref's license and took work in the PWA as an official.

From early December 2001 until April 1, 2002; Raizzor acted solely in a referee capacity, but in many instances, his judgment was questionable. The motivation behind would become clear at Genesis IV when Raizzor, reffing the Dream Match between Undisputed Champion Sirus Moran and AOWF Champion Jeffery Drake, attacked both men and leave them laying in the center of the ring. Raizzor's reasons: To deliver a clear and precise message to Sirus Moran...a message Sirus surely understood.

This Would lead to Raizzor's final run, as he feuded with Sirus Moran for three months.. with Sirus getting the final win over the Soul-Taker at Manitoba Mayhem. Raizzor then would go on to feud with Erik Draven.. and the fans began to cheer him once more.. but soon after, the Soul-Taker would return to working as a ref for his brother's federation, the W4F.

Raizzor has officially retired, wrestling one street fight match against Apostle at Final Showdown, the very last PWA event... Shortly there after, Raizzor was inducted into the AOWF Hall of Fame... below is his speech:

Sommers reaches the ring and slips into it...graciously taking his award and the mic from Joel...He takes a moment to examine the award, and then as he turns to face the camera his eyes lock on Drake's...It last only a moment, and he's speaking...

Michael Sommers: Well, odd as it may seem.. it’s a little difficult to find the words to express how I feel about this. Ironically, the best days of my career happened even before the PWA Joined up with the AOWF Community….

…Back in early March of ’99, as I was searching for a strong federation to join up with.. I began working in three territories at one time. Among them was the TWSN and PWA. I think the TWSN gave me my first break when I fought and won their Internet title… but the biggest break was when President Robinson came to me, after only about six weeks in the PWA and asked me; “How would you like to be PWA World Champion?

I knew then I’d made my mark in professional wrestling.. to earn the respect of the fans and the eye of the company to become their head man… so early. But the funny thing was, I turned him down. I personally didn’t think I was ready. But it wouldn’t be much longer that I earned that shot… winning Who’s The Man… that was what catapulted my career…

Strangely, that career lasted a total of one month… Pride and ego quickly consumed me.. and I agreed to a loser leaves town match against Steven Remo.. and lost.. Sure, the records show that Nightmare was instrumental in that loss, but truth be told.. I was thrown into the pool before I really had learned how to swim. Some time off, a regrouping, and a clear head gave me the best opportunity I’d ever receive…and that was to fight for the World Title against some of the most legendary of PWA stars of that time.. Prima Donna, Cinergy and The Corpse. Yeah, I’d have to say that was probably my best moment.

As I look back, standing up here in front of everyone… I may not have made the biggest impact in the AOWF as some of you have… but the Soul-Taker definitely became a name everyone knew… my exploits, though not always the best.. they were certainly infamous… and I thank everyone who believed in me.. no matter what I’ve been through. Will this inspire me to return to the ring?

A brief pause.

Michael Sommers: Nah.. but never say never… Thanks again…

He holds the trophy up as his music hits and the fans launch into cheer once again. Finally he exits the ring and makes his way back up the rampway...

That would have been the end... however.

History 2

Upon Chamelion's urging, Raizzor returned with him to the HiC to reform the Krymson Dragons. It wouldn’t take long, however, for the two to split up as Chamelion began a long run in the World title program. Raizzor, himself, would have a title match... focus on taking out small fish... and wrestle more for the fun of it, then anything.


Near the end of the HiC... Michael Sommers decided to drop the name of Raizzor, and his 'gimmick' of the dark powers... only to fuel the rage of another dark soul' Eric Draven.. who would return and create havoc for the Sommers family. This was bad enough, but the return of Panzadise as well.. would cause Michael to lose grip on reality... images, visions and dreams would plague him.. and then his wife, Jasmine.. was killed in a car accident, just days before Genesis 6...

Michael would have not competed, but the coarse, seemingly uncaring words of Panzadise lured Michael into the ring... and with rage and fire anew.. Michael Sommers would defeat Panzadise...only to be attacked by Erik Draven at last.

Michael would call on the power of Raizzor, and got the upper hand on Draven... but Draven was able to set Raizzor ablaze... and in a huge flash of fire and screams.. Raizzor disappeared.

Nearly two years later, Raizzor would return to face Draven at Genesis Seven and extract his revenge.

Currently, after much time has passed, most of the tension and strife between the families has faded, and under the guidance of Nina Macabre, the two families along with the Moran Clan, have come together to form ‘The Kindred’.

As The Kindred, the group joined the PWN and very quickly took control, dominating the federation between the four men. As a group, they captured the PWN Tag-team championships; and took turns defending the titles during the short run of the entire PWN. During this reign, Raizzor was granted the opportunity to compete for the vacant PWN World Title. He took this chance and succeeded in earning his first World title in over seven years. The PWN then closed and returned as the PGW; with Raizzor still both Tag and World Champion. Sadly, the PWG suffered from this change and would not last.

With the close of the PGW, both Raizzor and his brother Chamelion have finally decided to hang up their boots and retire. They may consider occasional special appearances to compete with some old rivals and allies, but the careers of the Sommers Brothers have finally come to and end, and unlike many; on a high, very HIGH note.

Raizzor's Favorite Matches.

1. Raizzor vs. Dr. Steven Remo (World Title Match)

2. Raizzor vs. Erik Draven (Seven Gates of Hell)

3. Raizzor vs. Erik Draven (Buried Alive Match)

4. Raizzor vs. Panzadise (Finishers Match)

5. Raizzor vs. Thunderwolf (Intercontinental. Title Match)

6. Raizzor vs. Chamelion (Hell in the Cell)

7. Krymson Dragons vs. Brothers Grimm (Tag-Team Title Match)

8. Raizzor vs. Prima Donna vs. Cinergy vs. The Corpse (World Title Match)

9. Raizzor vs. The Corpse (World Title Match)

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