CURRENT COMPANY: Lock Wrestling Federation

FORMER COMPANIES: Global Wrestling Coalition

Classic Wrestling Organization

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: GWC Ultimate Championship (4/30/08-5/21/08)

GWC Television Championship 1st Reign (1/23/08-3/3/08)

GWC Television Championship 2nd Reign (8/26/08-11/12/08)

GIMMICK: The name says it all. This guy's just not all there. No one knows what to make of him...not even the audience. Half the time he'll seem like a stand up guy while the other half is spent being a complete jerk off. Always ready for a fight and always quick with a smart ass remark. He truly is the Asinine Assassin...emphasis on the ass.

BACKGROUND: Since he was a young boy, there's always been something a little off about Random McRally. Hell, you'd be a little off too if your parents had named you Random. He got into a lot of fights growing up and that phase has never ended. After graduating high school, a friend recommended that Random become a professional wrestler. After all, it's one of the few jobs where you can kick someone's ass for a living. The Asinine Assassin has now made his way to the Lock Wrestling Federation looking to make an other words, kick some ass.

APPEARANCE/ATTIRE: Random is 6'3" and 240 pounds and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. When competing, he wears black boots, black kneepads, white wrist tape, and black short tights with the words "ASININE ASSASSIN" in white lettering on the back. When he's simply cruising around and being an asshole, he wears black and white Converse shoes, a black pair of jeans, and a white shirt with the words "ASININE ASSASSIN..." in black lettering on the front and "...EMPHASIS ON THE ASS" in black lettering on the back.

HOMETOWN: Parts Unknown


STYLE: X Division

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'3", 240 lbs.

FAVORITE MOVES: European uppercut, release German suplex, spike piledriver, sit out powerbomb, double arm DDT, superkick

COMMONLY USED MOVES: Random Roll-Up (McRally rolls up his opponent in a comical way for the pin), Random Rush (McRally hits a series of sumo chops followed up by a European uppercut and finished with a left cross to the temple, dropping his oppoonent), Random's Way (McRally hits a double foot stomp off the top rope or another elevated surface), Asinine Assault (Asai moonsault), Assinated (McRally hits a backwards splash in the corner on his opponent), McRally Monkey (Random flies from the top rope or another elevated surface, doing a cartwheel-like flip in mid air, before landing a splash on his opponent), LuchaGORE (Random rolls forward in a front somersault and hits a massive spear on his opponent), Zero Clutch (Pentagram Choke), Assphault Assault (Curb Stomp)

FINISHING MOVE: Random Killing (Running Canadian Destroyer)


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