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Real name Randy Corson JR(The second)
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Weight 287 lbs.
Date of birth June 3rd, 1983
Place of birth New York City, New York
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Resides New York City, New York
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Randy Corson was 21 when he wanted to become an xWo Superstar. Before that, he wanted to be in the NFL. When he was 21, he got a contract to play Offensive Linemen in the NFL, he turned down the offer though, because he found something else he wanted to do. He wanted to be an xWo Superstar.

College Football

Randy Corson played College Football in 1997. He played until he broke half of his ribs. He couldn't play Football until he was old enough to play in the NFL.

Journey to the xWo

In In 2004, he signed with ROH. He trained there for months and months until 2005 came. He left ROH and attempted to sign with the xWo. Contract Negotiations weren't discussed as he was too busy with his other job, owning a gym to handle it. He eventuallly got a deal with the xWo in 2006, on December 16, 2006. He was signed and put on the Meltdown Roster.

The xWo

Ever Since Corson joined the xWo, he has met up multiple times with Mike Styles. Corson believes that Styles is wanting to form a tag team. The two men grew up together but were split up in 2001. Rumors are flying around that this is NOT a kayfabe. This really true and Styles is trying to contact with the owners of the xWo to see if they can manage a few storylines in so Styles can make the jump to Meltdown. So the two long time friends can re-unite.

Finishing and Signature Moves

Finishing Moves: 1)-Corson Express( Shooting Star Press into a DDT)

2)Corson Wizard(Shining Wizard)

Other Moves:

1) Corson Drop(Modified Samoan Drop)

2) Modified Neckbreaker

3) Ultimate Hell(Corson, running at opponet, jumps up in the air and lands a DDT from the air.

4) Fishermen's suplex turned into a body slam pin.

5) Top rope Exchange(While opponet sits on top rope, Corson approaches opponet, lifts him by the neck and walks him to the center of the ring, dropping the opponet. Similar to the Widow's Peak.)

Personal life

Randy Corson currently is single. He is not looking for a woman or partner of any kind. He manages three Gyms in the United States. One of them he has owned ever since 1997, which is in Atlanta, Georgia. A second one is in Washington, DC. Which he owned ever since 2004. And his newest Gym, which is in his hometown of New York City, New York. He just opened in 2006.

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