Randy Roko
Real name Randy Roko
Ring Names Mr.Roko, The Shark's Bite, Serrated Edge, The Deadliest Poison and The Nautical Warrior,
Height 6'2
Weight 212 Ibs
Date of birth 1979 18th febuary
Place of birth Irvine, Scotland
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Resides Edinburgh, Scotland
Billed from Edinburgh, Scotland
Trainer Omega
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Debut XTV 4:02
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Randy Roko Born 1979 18th February is a Scottish professional wrestler currently signed to TWOStars.

Early Life

Randy was born in Irvine Central Hospital on 1979 . He had a Mother ( Sonia ) who worked in a care home next to there house and a Father ( Matthew ) Who was unemployed. he grew up with one brother Owen Roko who is currently training to be a TWOStars Superstar. He went to Loudon montomey primary school at the age of 5 And for the most of it wasn't the most popular guy. He fought with a friend of his numerous times until it got so bad one of them had to stay in at interval while the other was out and it was swapped every day.He left Primary at the age of 12 and went to Irvine Royal academy and became more popular and athletic. His friend that he fought with in primary reconciled with him and the two became good friends. He tried many different sports until he found one he loved : Wrestling. He started wrestling as Randy J.J and his gimmick was a Tough street Bully, But after his parents sat him down when he was 16 and told him he was distantly related to The Pirate Long John Silver, he changed his gimmick to that of a pirate and his name changed to " Randy Roko ". He lefy Secondary school with a lot of experience in the wrestling business and he went straight to university and became a part of its wrestling organisation : AWP ( Ayrshire wrestling promotion ) And won numerous titles. He captured the World champ of AWP on the 3rd of March 1999 and doing so caught the attention of TWOStars who was in attendance to the show. He soon signed a TWOStars training contract.


Soon after signing his training contract, he met up with another new rookie on the block, but this was no normal man no, this was Angus McDonald. the Train Who Never Stops, the two striked up a strange and light hearted friendship, and both sailed through training, Angus graduating a week after Randy. Randy had done well enough in the training, his personality was something to be considered, but the wrestling skill was there. Randy and Angus soon teamed up to form the still active team ' The Immortal Highlanders ' with another relatively new guy Willard 'The Immortal' who had graduated a while before both men. The Highlanders saw a lot of succes, and almost at once they were drawn into a feud with the power stable at the time, 'The Chosen'. The Chosen worked for the boss, Arron Winter, and done his bidding while also pursuing their own carrear, the two teams feuded until a TWOStars PPV, where both teams faced off, the result was The Immortals walking out with their head and their hands held high. Following their victory at the PPV, Angus and Randy were put against Poodle Cage with a mystery partner, who turned out to be the returning Apollo Chambers! It was the reunitation of AC/DC!! They destroyed Randy and Angus, using their old signature moves and finishers until Randy and Angus could have been down for a ten count before lifting a shoulder a little bit. Angus and Randy continued to float about on the shows, not doing anything in particular, and eventually, Randy's grandmother fell dangerously sick, so Randy decided to take some time off, he still appeared on the shows, but hardly more than three appearances.

Randy returned, and had a few fun weeks, until Jason Bell turned his attention to him, Jason killed his parrot, Petey, and Ramdy went on a war path, enraged at Jason.

The feud included the death of Randy's parrot Petey, and Randy beating Jason in a three way dance with Angus McDonald, Randy went on to steal Jason's title belt, only to have it re-took from him later on. Jason and randy had various brawls, before Jason beat Randy at No Remorse with the help of his assistant Portia, he won via count out, with Portia holding Randy's legs before he could slide in.

Randy then went on to float about, until him and Willard ended up in a match against Image Ink, after Famous insulted Randy and challenged them to a match, Angus McDonalad was the special referee. Image Ink beat Highlanders clean in the middle of the ring, depressing Randy even more.

Randy is currently wondering if being a pirate is the way to go.

The question was answered for him, Randy, in a bid to impress his idol, Sickness, won a four way ladder match, and won his first ever championship, the Television championship. Randy had finalised his dream, and now, the old Randy has returned.

But, just two weeks off of winning the title, Jason Bell took it back from him, and the two decided to have a match at WrestleNova 5 to see who was in the right once and for all. It would be for the TV Championship.

Randy won the match, and reclaimed what the Television championship.. Which he soon lost to Harry 'Hardcore' Hart.

Randy is Stalked.

Soon after losing his Television title belt, weird static alongside a mysterious voice over started interrupting Randy on numerous occasions, frustrating 'The Nautical Warrior'.

His Stalker, who obviously no one knew who was, left him various notes and messages, and on one occasion; A stuffed parrot. This led Randy to the conclusion that his bitter rivals Jason Bell and Portia Ferrera were to blame, and he and Angus confronted them, only to be proven wrong.

The next week, Lucian Jones, Evil Gringo and Angus McDonald (All friends of 'The High Sea's Highlander') had to break into Randy's locker room which was barricaded from the inside... What they found was not pretty. Randy was beaten, blood spilled all over the locker room which was trashed. And the trio found a picture of the masked man standing over an unconscious Randy, blood on his boot and a sick grin on his face...

Next week... a injured Randy came down to the ring, angry, frustrated, he demanded the masked man come out and face him... well. He did. The masked man assaulted Roko from behind, and in the end challenged him to a match at Zero Tolerance. Before he left, he unmasked himself... Revealing to all that he was indeed... Christopher Ryan Eagles. A former enemy of Randy Roko... Lucian and Angus came sprinting down to attack Eagles, who just managed to escape via the crowd.

At Zero Tolerance, an injured Roko just managed to make a returning Eagles tap out to The Rocky Ride, getting revenge for the assaults previous, and ending their feud. (Or... did it?)

Randy gets a crush...

Randy's former rival, Jason Bell, had also been stalked recently as well as Roko. And he was getting frustrated and angry in regards to it, so much that he took it out on Portia, who surprisingly stormed off in anger. Throwing various jobbers and crew out of her way, her path of rage eventually led her to be comforted by an extremely surprising source; 'The Nautical Warrior' Randy Roko, her former rival.

Meanwhile, Jason was away wrongly confronting who he thought was his stalker; the stalker of Randy Roko; Chris Eagles. Soon after Roko returned to his locker room, and confiding in Angus about where he had been and who with, Angus rightfully questioned him, but Randy was 100% sure of his actions.

Next week, at XTV 5.14, Randy Roko came down to the ring, saying that he had gotten over Petey being killed, and said he did not blame Portia, but Jason. And he was about to say the words "Portia, I forgive you" until a local talent with a female manager came out, trash talking the crowd and Roko. Darkstar then made it the opening match.. In it, the female manager cost David (the local talent) the match by interrupting pin counts too many times. After the match, the local talents were about to assault Roko with chair shots, but Portia came down and saved Roko from the assault, before winking at him and heading back up to the back.

Later on in the same night, Cari Dee, 'The Bangor Beauty' was walking along looking for a place to sit, and eventually found one, at a table with Portia Ferrera. When she questioned Portia about her and Randy, Portia pulled out her phone and showed Cari an angry voice message from Jason Bell, and she made it clear she preferred Roko to Jason.

On XTV 5.15, the last week before Endgame, Jason came down to the ring alone, and angrily called out Portia Ferrera to come down and explain her actions. She came down, and the pair eventually ended up in an argument. Jason sneakily insulted Portia, and Portia reacted by slapping Jason, who grabbed her by the throat and prepared to punch her. Randy Roko came down and made the save eventually, and challenged Randy to a one on one match at Endgame, to end things once and for all. Randy accepted, and Randy and Portia left backstage.

At Endgame, him and his rival Jason Bell had a trendous match at. The end result was pretty disappointing though, as Jason, in his anger, was going to assault Roko. Portia came down, in a flurry of rage with a steel chair in hand, surprising everyone; she hit Randy instead of Jason. Turning on her former admirer.

Randy was clearly heartbroken, and was sent into a state of sadness, rage and depression.

The Maxx and Randy.

Randy eventually became his good old self, thanks to the aid of Cari Dee.

Eventually however, Cari Dee attracted some unwanted attention. She returned to her locker room to find The Maxx inside, who threatened her, and would have hit her if Roko had not made a timely save.

This started off a series of events, usually with Maxx stalking Cari, stealing her laptop, bashing it, covering her room with blood (this led to a massive Roko/Maxx brawl in the back, blood was spilled) and eventually, ruining Cari's date with Roko.

Roko challenged Maxx to a match at End of Days, and it was to be Maxx vs Roko for the Television championship. Maxx walked out with the win, however, Randy did do some damage to Maxx abnd vice versa.

The first XTV after End of Days, Roko and Maxx had a rematch in a hardcore match, Roko was close to winning until Matt Denton came on screen and threatened to shave Cari's hair (she was strapped to a chair) if Roko did not lie down for Maxx. Roko did, and Cari was released.

On XTV 5.30, Maxx and Randy were booked to fight... In a mixed tag team match! With, guess who, Cari and Angel as their respective partners! Cari and Roko went on to wint he match, causing a disruption between Angel and Maxx later on, however, it was quickly sorted out.

The two men would feud up to World War, Maxx would target Cari Dee more often and his stalking actions would become more wiked and malicious as they go. Eventually, it came to Cari breaking down in tears. Roko and Maxx were set to go at it one on one at World War, in a barbed wire steel cage match! However, the match was not to be as Maxx would attack Randy before the match and Randy would be severely injured, nearly fatally and he was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

The very next XTV, bookers would not go lightley on Roko as they booked him in a one on one falls count anywhere match for the Television championship against Maxx, Randy didn't show for the match. But before the referee could count him out and award the match to Maxx, Maxx headed up to the backstage, attacking Randy in the medical area and dragging him out to the ring in front of his family. Darkstar would come out and lay down the law, saying that neither Roko or Maxx could even touch each other until Season's Beating's. The next XTV, Darkstar came out and announced that on the following XTV, 5.35, there would be a sit down interview between Cari & Roko and Maxx. He also said that if Randy broke the rule and attacked Maxx, then Randy would be forced to pay for all the Immortal Highlanders outstanding fines since they were in their pranking run, which, came up to a lot of money. Likewise, he would also be banned from competing for titles for a year.

If Maxx attacked Roko, then Maxx's submission move, 'The Dark' would be banned from TWOStars. And he would also be stripped of his Television title. The rules had been set, however Darkstar had also said that Roko was to choose Maxx's opponent for the week after the sit down interview.

Sit Down Interview.

The time came, and both parties made their way out of the back. The interview was heated, flamed words spreading between Maxx and Roko. Eventually, Maxx and Roko started hitting signature moves on various TWOStars employee's. Maxx grabbed Cari, but somehow the duo managed to escape once more. Roko announced that next week Maxx would be taking on a mystery opponent in a One man blindfolded match... Where Maxx is the blindfolded!

Maxx's mystery opponent was Work Experience Boy, who tried to outsmart him during the match, only for Maxx to eventually catch him and perform his finisher, ending the match. At Season's Beating's,  Randy overcame the odds, beating Maxx and winning the Television championship for the third time (being the first man in TWOStars history to do so) and putting Maxx out with an injury.


When Cari-Dee debuted into TWOStars, she was a bubbly, over-excited personality. And that hasn't changed one bit! Cari and Randy struck up a close, budding friendship almost as soon as the two set eyes on each other. Both loved fun, pranks, and were adored by the crowd. Cari has seen Randy at some of his lowest points, and was there first-hand when he had his heart broken by Portia. Randy has been with Cari through hell-ish times as well, during her bad interactions with Portia and Angel.

The two have nicknames for each other, Randy calls Cari Gummi and Cari has labelled Randy Coco. It was clear from the early stages of their friendship, that their connection bonded deeper than just friends, but would they admit it to each other?

Getting them to admit it is no small feat, nearly their entire selection of friends tried and failed, to make them admit it. Even if the two did come very close to admitting it, at the Christmas Party where Lucian and Lindy planned a mistletoe kiss for the two, which went bang on according to plan.

Cari was involved, MAJOURLY, in the Randy/Maxx feud. Cari was stalked, and threatened by the residential madman. Cari is the one way to truly make an angry pirate come after you, as Maxx found out.

Eventually, it started to become more clear the feelings the two shared with each other. And, one week on XTV, in the blur of the moment of a near argument with Cari, Randy blurted out the question "Will you go out with me!?" Cari jumped at the chance, and from that moment on the two have been a couple. Girlfriend, and boyfriend, after months of dodging around it.

Randy and Matt Denton...

After winning at Season's Beatings, and becoming the Television Champion, Randy Roko was re-watching some old piece of wrestling footage of him standing up to SCW in the old days. He was not alone however, Matt Denton—who had turned slightly psychotic after the downfall of SCW—was watching him all along, and approached him. The two shared words, and a creeped out Randy left the scene. Later on in the show, while Randy was alone in his locker room, after being defeated by Craig Van Dam, Matt Denton sneaked up on the poor pirate, blacking out the camera so we can't see what happened as he charges Randy into it. The fans are left to wonder as to the state of the pirate... Until... Christy Hemme turns up at the Television Champion's locker room, seeing as he no-showed an interview (due to being attacked, although no one knows that just yet) she enters, and the sight is devastating. Blood is everywhere, glass shattered, Randy battered brutally... and on the Television title case, is Matt Denton's signature in blood.

Next week, Randy was mauled by Jenny McKellen who pretended to be his love interest Cari-Dee (before they were together) to lure him into a room. After being let out by Willard, they ran into Cari Dee, and that ended in them being a couple. However, later in the show, Randy's television title was found lying in the parking lot, alone. Matt Denton walks into the scene, to find a note from a mysterious 'M' who people assume is The Maxx. Denton is about to lay hands on the title, before Randy Roko jumps him from behind! He smashed Denton's face into a windscreen, and locked in his submission hold 'The Rocky Ride' before a horde of referee's saved Denton. Randy then declared that Denton and him would fight at The Battle Royale, and Denton would be choosing the stipulation. Later on in the night, Randy Roko defended his Television championship against Christopher Eagles in a Hardcore match, with a little help from Kyle Gilmour.

Next week, on XTV 5.40, Randy Roko announced he has chosen him and Matt Denton to be in a tag match where Randy picks both teams partners. Randy picked Crash to team with Denton, and Jason Bell to team up with himself, which was huge considering him and Jason's past. Before their match however, and after Willard's match, Willard was assaulted before hand by Matt Denton, smashing his face into a wall and doing more, but closing the door so we couldn't see. He was found later, and in blood, the match stipulation was named... "NO... DQ" Jason and Randy went on to win the match, due to Denton exiting the ring and leaving after hitting his finisher on Randy. Randy beat Denton at the Battle Royale, retaining his title in a gruesome, murderous match where blood was spilled by both men.

Randy vs Denton vs Helms

On the first XTV after the Battle Royale, Randy Roko found himself in a one on one non title match against Crash, who beat him and struck him with a chain to end the match. Randy found himself, once again, in the medical room, where Cari Dee came to lift his spirits.

Next week, Randy Roko opened the show in a tag match with his friend Willard, beating an arrogant team of Dave Hunter. Just as Randy was about to get some promo time however, he was interrupted by Matt Denton, who had a young upstart from the training academy locked in a chair. Denton requested another shot at the title, at No Remorse. Randy refused, and Denton went on to obliterate the youngsters fingers, one by one, until Randy accepted to end his torment. Denton and Randy were on once more, at No Remorse. Later, Randy and Ken had a very interesting run in with a vending machine... And the Immortal Highlanders went toe to toe with Boyo and The Great Ken, The Immortal Highlanders were beaten by The Hot Critters in a respectful contest, in the match Randy and Willard went toe to toe with Boyo and his Son, Ken. Willard and Roko kicked out of mulitple high impact moves, leaving the Hot Critters stunned, and likewise, The HC also kicked out of numermous high impact moves by TIH. Later on in the night, Joseph Helms made a surprise return by beating Tonkatsuman Kaijin, becoming number one contender to the Television Championship, could this mean he is involved at No Remorse? Indeed, Joseph Helms made that his intentions...

On XTV 5.43, Matt Denton had some promo time, in it, he declared that he was planning something major for this weeks show, something that would hurt Cari, Willard, Angus (who had returned the show previous) and every single one of the fans... Later on, Willard and Angus find an envelope in the Immortal Highlander locker room, containing an address. Signed, D & J. They ponder who it could be from, saying it could be for Willard, Angus, or Ro... Then it dawns on them. They rush out of the locker room, heading to the place they believe Randy has been kidnapped to. Straight after, Randy Roko no-showed a one on one match with The Great Ken, and footage was played of Joseph Helms and Matt Denton abducting, ABDUCTING, Randy Roko. Angus and Willard turned up at an abandoned warehouse, bursting inside, they eventually found a battered, broken, bloodied Randy Roko hanging from the rafters. They resuce him, and send him to the nearest hospital.

On XV 5.44, the main event ended in a bloodbath. Willard and Randy Roko were covered in blood, by the schemeing Helms and Denton (who they had fought). The match was on at No Remorse, Randy vs Denton vs Helms, although people have to wonder if it really would end up a triple threat, or a handicapp match.

At No Remorse, it DID end up a handicapp match. Although, the team of Helms and Denton gave in to their lust for the belt, and their teamwork stopped, allowing Randy to capitalise and win the match, once again retaining his championship.

Randy vs Christopher Eagles vs Drake Rush vs Edward Samson.

After No Remorse, on XTV 5.45, Randy Roko went one on one with Drake Rush. Rush was more so interested in Randy's girlfriend, Cari Dee (who had accompanied him to ringside) and that eventually cost him the match as Randy rolled him up. Randy managed to keep his composure and not attack Rush, despite all his hints to cari Dee to call him. Matt Denton did proclaim in the show that he would come for Randy Roko eventually, however.

On XTV 5.46, Drake Rush came out to the ring, microphone in hand. He declared that he wanted to face Randy at Hell to Pay, for his Television title. He claimed he would take his title, and also his woman. Christopher Eagles interrupted, coming down to the ring, he declared that now that he has driven Kyle Gilmour out of town, he has eyes set on the next 'Weakest Link' in TWOStars... Randy Roko. Rush and Eagles agree'd to a match at Hell to Pay between themselves to determine who faced Randy Roko for the Television Championship. Randy and Jason were later beaten in a tag match by Samson and Drake Rush, Rush pinning Randy after giving him The Snapshot. Beaten, hurting and isolated, Randy was found in his locker room by Todd Grisham who tried to interview him. Randy had a long, rant directed at Drake Rush and Christopher Eagles, he admitted he was injured through all the high impact matches he has been involved in over the last few months, prompting Grisham to ask him if he IS the companies 'Weakest Link' to which prompted the Pirate to declare his involvement in the Rush/Eagles match at Hell to Pay, making it a triple threat match for the Television Championship.

On XTV 5.47, Randy Roko burst into the locker room of Drake Rush, informing him infront of his two beauties that he is the special referee for his match tonight against Christopher Eagles. Leaving Drake with something to think about, he leaves. He then confronts Christopher Eagles, notifying him as well. However, Eagles offers that Randy and him team up to take out Drake before Hell to Pay, making it much easier for them. However, before Randy could either accept or decline, Cari Dee came along and he left. Although, he reassured Cari that he would be walking out of Hell to Pay champion, leaving us wondering as to what he decided on... Before the skit ends, we hear a familiar cackling that we just can't place... Before the match can take place, (Rush/Eagles) Rush and Eagles taunt Roko, who eventually snaps after Drake directed an insult towards Cari. Randy beats both men, clearing the ring dominantly.

On XTV 5.48, Drake Rush bursts into Randy Roko's locker room in a similar fashion to what Randy did last week. Informing him that this week, Rush would be the special referee for Randy's match before leaving. For Randy's match against Edward Samson, the match ended in a screwjob ending. Leaving Randy down and out on the canvas. Straight after, Darkstar makes an announcement, that instead of having a three way dance at Hell to Pay for the Television Championship, it will be a fatal four way and the fourth man will have a chance at RECAPTURING the Television Championship.

At Hell to Pay, the fourth man was revealed to be Edward Samson, completely changing the outlook of this match. Randy was batterd by all men, Pedigree'd through the announce table by Christopher Eagles, and thrown out of the ring by Edward Samson. However, somehow, the pirate managed to hit the Overhead Kick, and Lionsault, on Edward Samson after the 'Dead - Eyed Killer ' took out both Drake Rush and Eagles with a double inverted powerslam. Randy retains, once again.

Christopher Ryan Eagles vs Randy Roko


On XTV 5.50, Randy Roko was first caught on screen talking to his Girlfriend, Cari Dee. Cari was tending to his needs as Randy was tenderley resting his injured body before a match against Crash. Randy promised to consider Cari more whilst making decisions that would make an impact on both of them. Later on in the night, Randy would go on to secure a hard fought victory over Crash after hitting the Meet My Knee move, leaving Crash unconscious. Soon after his match, Christopher Ryan Eagles stated in an interview that he would force Darkstar to give him a rematch for the Television Title, and headed to Randy's locker room. Pretending to be a courier, Randy was tricked into opening the door which resulted in Randy falling onto a lone dumb-bell (as Eagles threw him down) and breaking a few ribs. Eagles then procceded to smash Randy's face into a TV monitor, cutting open the skin. Eagles then taped the iron plate from an iron onto his boot, and kicked Randy's head in with The End is Near. Later in Darkstar's office, Eagles and Drake Rush were both dying for another shot at the Television Championship, and Darkstar said that Randy Roko will choose his opponent next week on XTV.

On XTV 5.51, the show kicked off with Cari and Randy in their shared locker room. Randy was heavily bandaged, and Cari clearly worried. Drake Rush visits Randy, offering that if Randy picks Drake as his opponent as WrestleNova then him and Drake would take Eagles "out of the equation" with Randy's terms. A confused Cari pointed out that Drake could then easily turn on Randy, which left Drake with no words. Later on, Eagles walked in to the locker room as well, claiming that they both know Drake Rush is full of sh*t and he has turned on everyone he has sided with. Eagles made it very clear if he was picked he wasn't going to go easy on Roko, and threatened that if he wasn't chosen then he would kick Roko's head in, every week. When it came to decision time, Drake pleaded the polite and nicey road to Randy, while Eagles said he knows that Randy will pick him simply because Eagles knows Randy. Going against Cari Dee's wishes, Randy Roko picked Christopher Ryan Eagles as his WrestleNova opponent. Drake Rush was not happy.

On XTV 5.52, Drake Rush managed to pester Darkstar into enforcing a stipulation onto Drake and Randy's one on one match tonight. He said that if Drake wins, he will be inserted into the WrestleNova match to make it a Triple Threat. But, if he loses, he will be off the WrestleNova card entireley. Randy won the match very quickly with a roll u p, and Drake stormed off curing Darkstar declaring that he set him up. Post match, Eagles attacks Randy with a chair and hospitalises him.

On XTV 6.01 (JRock Night!), Eagles visited Randy Roko in hospital. Posing as his brother, Owen Roko, Eagles slid past the receptionist and into Randy's room where he coldly told an unconscious Randy that he will end his career. Darkstar interrupted from the arena (a live feed from the hospital was shown on the tron) and Eagles demanded that Darkstar give him the Television title. When he was refused, Eagles assaulted Randy in hospital.

On XTV 6.02, Randy Roko was in attendance at the show, however as part of the viewing audience. When asked what his comments were regarding last week by Paul Heyman during an impromptu interview, he answered with no comment. Later on in the show, Eagles came down to the ring with a mission. He claimed that he had negotiated a deal with Darkstar that says he deserves a warm up match before Nova, and Darkstar agreed he could pick anyone on the roster. So Eagles, naturally picks Roko who is in a bad shape. Randy refuses to get in the ring with Eagles, who has to exit the ring and force him inside. Eagles is assaulting Roko until an angry side to Roko reveals itself and Randy manages to turn the table with a massive chokeslam, then he follows up with the Third Times a Charm.

At WrestleNova, Drake Rush would interfere in the match by Snapshotting Randy, stunning him long enough for Eagles to make th epin and become the new Television Champion.

Randy's New Attitude

On XTV 6.03, Randy's doctor announced thatRandy would be out of action until the next PPV, Redemption. At Redemption, Randy Roko returned with a new attitude and attire, the pirate theme he had going on seems to have nearly disappeared entirely! He went on to say how he'd grown up personally over the last two years and now it was time for him to grow up professionally now as well. This lasted for a few months, before Randy was called away on family business once more.

Randy's home...

At the Battle Royale of 2011, Randy Roko made a surprise return to TWOStars that not a single soul had heard about in advance. He put up a good fight but was eventually eliminated. Then on XTV 6.37 Randy made in his in-ring return, talking about how good it was to be back and how he had missed everyone. Eventually, Angus McDonald his good old buddy came down to the ring with Randy's now ex-girlfriend Cari-Dee. In a shocking turn of events, Randy Roko assaulted both Cari-Dee and Angus McDonald much to the displeasure of the crowd, Randy Roko had gone bad

On XTV 6.38, Randy Roko no showed the event, however Angus McDonald was caught watching a pre-recorded congratulations message to Gringo which clearly had an affect on him.

On XTV 6.39 however, Lucian L. Jones and Angus McDonald went against each other one-on-one only for this astounding bout to be ruined by Randy Roko who interfered and assaulted both men, drilling Angus with his new finisher 'Riptide'. Later on in the night Randy walked into his old nemesis Eagles, and the two shared for what must be the first time non-hostile words between the two, Eagles claiming this 'parade' wouldn't last for much longer.

On XTV 6.40 Randy Roko had his first match since his return against an unknown opponent who turned out to be none other than... Jimmy Tsunami. The young superstar of Tsunami was destroyed by Roko, who showed a new aggression in the way he wrestled. Angered, Randy called out Angus only for Lucian to answer the call. Lucian tried to talk sense into Randy, but Randy wasn't for listening and Lucian joined the list of people to suffer the 'Riptide'

On XTV 6.41 Randy was teaming up with another old nemesis of his Craig Van Dam to face off in a tag team bout against Lucian L. Jones and Jimmy Tsunami. Early on in the night Van Dam and Roko agreed to work together as a unit to take down their opponents for one night. And that they did, the tream managed to take down Tsunami and Jones that night.

On XTV 6.42, Lucian was set to go against Eagles in a one-on-one, however just after the match got started Randy interfered once again and Lucian suffered the 'Riptide', once again. Angus McDonald comes from the crowd in a desperate attempt to stop the madness, taking down Eagles with a cross-body but getting caught by Randy with a vicious clothesline. Soon after, Angus joined his friend Lucian in taking the 'Riptide'.

On XTV 6.43, Randy Roko opened the show, claiming that Angus McDonald was no more than a little cowardly worm and seemingly wanting the fans to choose the right side; his side. They refused, and Randy called Angus out once more... for Lucian to answer, once more. He asked Randy to stop the hurting, stop the pain he's putting everyone through... and Randy agreed. However, Lucian was led into a false sense of security as moments later Van Dam and Eagles jumped him from behind, assaulting him and beating him down to the canvas. Something no-one could have predicted, Van Dam, Eagles and Roko all working together as an effective unit. Randy calls Angus out one more time... to no answer, and Lucian is package piledriver'd into the canvas. However just as soon as this happens, Angus charges out from backstage, taking out Eagles and Van Dam while Randy retreats from the infuriated Angus. Later on in a match with Chav and Eagles teaming up against Sickness and Angus, Chav and Eagles blindsided them both, while Angus is confused Randy appears, next to him, as if nothing had changed. Angus thinks his friend has seen sense... before he is attacked with the Third Times a Charmand attacked again by Eagles after. Later on Todd Grisham caught up to Randy to ask whats going on, and he said that he was tired of being weak and bullied, and that he wants to be strong.

On XTV 6.44, Randy Roko was in the main event in a fatal four way against Rockefeller, Cage and Samson. However a long time before this his interview with Todd is interrupted by Lucian who demands a one on one match at End of Days, and Randy makes a compromise of a three-on-two, Van Dam, Eagles and Roko vs Jones and McDonald. Lucian accepts. In the main event, Randy Roko was taken out of the match by a Gore! from the top ropes from Draven Cage.

At End of Days 2011, Randy Roko, Van Dam and Eagles all came out victorious in the handi-capp match after Randy fought Angus on the outside for a short duration, before putting him through the Spanish announce table with the 'Riptide' before tagging himself in just after Van Dam lands the Package Piledriver on Jones for the win. The road to WrestleNova had begun.

WrestleNova here I come...

On XTV 6.45, the only time we saw Randy Roko was when he attacked Angus McDonald backstage, beating him down and taking off his mask for himself to keep.

On XTV 6.46, Randy Roko opened the show, coming down to the ring and basically dragging Angus McDonald's name in the muck, challenging him to a match at WrestleNova and showing off McDonald's mask, dirty and unkept now, for all to see.

On XTV 6.47, Randy Roko was set to headline the show in the main event against Draven Cage and Lucian once again warns Randy away from Angus, however Randy simply says tonight, he has something special planned. Later on we find out that last week Randy had trashed Angus's locker room once it had gone off the air. Randy comes down to the ring and warns Draven Cage that tonight it is him that will walk out the winner, before showing off an 'Angus McDonald's best moments tribute montage' which consisted of everything good Angus had ever done, and the contrasting bad things he'd done. Later on Randy went on to be victorious over the former Triple Crown Champion Draven Cage, clean in the middle of the ring.

On XTV 6.48, came down to the ring near the end of the night. He gloated over his victory over DC in the previous ring, claiming it was a testament to his natural abilities. Then, sickly enough, he invites children of the ages 9 – 12 down to the ring, asking them their favourite superstar. The names, Cari-Dee, Lucian, Sickness came up, and Randy mentions how they seem invincible and like superhero's. Throwing Angus's dirty mask at the children's feet, he claimed that they are no such thing, they are just normal men and women like their own mummies and daddies. Angus McDonald wasn't taking this, and he came down to the ring, finally pulling Randy up for all his misgivings and such. 'The Flying Scotsman' claimed that Randy no wanted to build his own bridge to success, but merely tear down everyone elses, and that the only way to stop it was to face him one-on-one. Angus accepts the match at WrestleNova. Randy tries to get a sneak attack, but Angus is wise to it and quickly sends him out the ring, and Randy makes a hasty retreat as Angus stands proud with his mask back in his grip.

On XTV 6.49, Randy Roko and Angus McDonald were set to go one-on-one as a WrestleNova preview. Before the match, Randy came down to the ring holding a toy kiddies mask, saying that last week Angus stood up for the fans and agreed to fight for them, but then posed the question 'Would any of you do the same?'. After insulting some fans, Randy physically drags one unlucky fan into the ring. Luckily, just before Randy can deliver the Riptide to the fan, Angus bursts out from the back and the two begin to brawl, with Angus coming out on top. Angus checks on the fan, and the next time he turns around, he is greeted with a steel chair. Randy then follows through with a Riptide to Angus, on the steel chair. Randy then claims that it is the fan in the rings fault that Angus took that chair shot, and says Angus's blood is on their hands. He said that the fans do Angus more harm then good, and he needs to realise that, before leaving.

On XTV 6.50, Randy was set to go one-on-one against his idol, Sickness, with CVD as the guest referee. However, Sickness explains that CVD is out here to ensure Randy doesn't pin Sickness and end his streak, as CVD has vowed to do that at Nova. And indeed, CVD screws Randy over many times in the match, before surprising everyone with a PP to Roko and a low blow to Sickness, the match ends in an unfair double count out.

On XTV 6.51, Randy Roko appeared on the tron, talking about Angus and his relationship and how their friendship was now dead and gone, buried. He warned Angus to sleep well tonight, because come Nova, he won't be able to sleep peacefully ever again.

At WrestleNova 2011, Randy Roko lost clean in the middle of the ring to Angus McDonald. After all his hype and talk, he couldn't beat his former friend and former team-mate. His second loss, on the grandest stage of them all.

On XTV 7:01,

Former Tag Team

The Immortal Highlanders

Entrance Music (s)

Randy Roko's current theme tune is Hollywood Undead - Been To Hell

Former entrance themes during TWOStars run:

Pirates of the music - POTC Soundtrack

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane - Music Video03:28

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane - Music Video

Randy Roko Entrance Theme

Battle Metal - Turisas

Ensiferum - Guardians of Fate.

Beast of Pirates Bay - Voltaire

Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane


Randy used to be a face who was loved by everyone, but now he is hated by everyone for his notorious acts and is considered a total heel.


Finishing Moves

  • Riptide - Randy will stun his opponent before coming around to face them face-to-face. He will then kick them in the gut (or some other measure to double them over) and grab their left arm, lifting it up and to the side. He then lifts his left leg and puts it over their left shoulder, drilling them into the canvas with a DDT that targets the face and the arm as well.
  • The Rocky Ride - Randy will get his opponent on the mat and on their stomach, before foldinghteir legs onto their back, he will then sit on their back (And their legs) and adopta Camel Clutch position, he will then do a normal Camel Clutch in that position.

Signature Moves

  • Third Times a Charm (TTC) ( Randy will spin around, and side kick his opponent in the stomache, causing them to doubleover, Randy will then quickly grab them and get them into a powerbomb position, then he performs three repaeated powerbombs in quick succession, third one leading into a pin if needed..)
  • Skull driver ( Bull dog followed up with a leg drop to the back of the head)
  • What's my name? - Randy will stun his opponent before turning to the crowd momentairly, cupping his ear as if he can't hear them jeering before turning around and using his momentum to land an impressive Enzuguri.
  • LOAR Landing on a rok, Once Randy's opponent is downed, he will stand next to hiim and cup his ear to the crowd, before jumping over his opponent, rebounding off of the ropes and jumping in the air, twisting backwards and hitting his opponent with a runing moonsault.
  • Blast From The Past - Running Enzuguri.
  • Meet My Knee - Running, Step Up Knee Strike to Face.

Normal Moves

  • Irish Whip
  • European Uppercut
  • Leg Drop
  • Running Shoulder Block
  • Rapid Punches
  • Karate kicks/blocks/attacks
  • Arm Drag
  • Arm Wringer Flip
  • STO
  • School Boy Pin
  • Scoop Slam
  • Snapmare w/ Chin Lock
  • Neckbreaker
  • German suplex
  • Enzuguri
  • Superkick
  • Leg sweeps
  • Side Slam
  • Samoan Drop (if able)
  • Full Nelson powerbomb (if able)
  • Running Headbutt


Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane begins to blare out of the speakers as the lights dim down. Red smoke sprays out at the stage, hiding everything below the TWOTron in misty, red smoke. This smoke remains for 29 seconds (the amount of time it takes for the song to reach it's proper tune) before fans at the sides of the stage turn on in full and blow the smoke backwards. From the mist, a figure forward rolls through the red smoke and once getting back to a vertical base, performs a standing backwards flip. This figure is Randy Roko, and he just did his taunt 'The Rolling Rok'.

[b]JR:[/b] *Insert comment talking about match, opponent, story etc.

[b]Heyman:[/b] *Insert retort, usually against Randy and backing his opponent.*

After doing his signature taunt, Randy straightens up and looks out at the crowd with a broad smile on his face, he walks down the aisle, hopping up on the left security rail as he does so and runs along it carefully, slapping heads as he does so. As he jumps off the end of the left barricade, he turns and hops up on the right barricade (at the bottom of the ramp) and runs along it carefully, slapping heads as he does so. As he reaches the top of the stage once more, he hops off so he is facing the TWOTron, then spins around and tilts his head back, letting out a battle cry (known as The Battle Cry) As red pyro goes off behind him on the stage in multiple directions.

Tony: Introducing first/his opponent (delete as necessary), weighing in at 212 lbs, standing at a height of 6 ft 2, he hails from Irvine, Scotland... Raaaaaaaaaaaaandy Rokooooooooooo!

[b]JR:[/b] *Insert comment regarding match, story etc.*

[b]Heyman:[/b] *Insert retort usually against Randy, usually backing his opponent.

Randy walks down the aisle now, a broad smile on his face as he slides in underneath the bottom rope and hops up on the turnbuckle, raising his hand to his eye and 'Searching' the crowd before hopping down into the ring as Diary of Jane fades out.

Wrestling Style

Will use his martial arts background to his advantage, whilst using technical moves mixed with speed to beat opponents. Does take high flying risks from time to time, and has a good swing with any sort of weapon he can arm himself with. Likes to ground and pound his opponent.


Rolling Rok - A roll then he does at backflip at the end of it (ONLY DONE TO ANNOY CROWD)

The Search - He will lift his hand up to his eye and "search" the crowd. (ONLY DONE IN A MOCKING WAY)

The Battle Cry - Tilting his head back and letting out a proper, Scottish roar.

Sorry, what? - Will cup his ear to the crowd as if he can't hear them booing.

Known to dislike

Barry Gower, Arron Winter.

He HATED Jason Bell, and used to be tense around him, however Randy has forgiven and forgotten, and the two are now friends.

He really dislikes Maxx and will not say one nice thing to him.

Him and Christopher Eagles have a rivalry that dates back to Endgame of 2008.

The Chav

Angus McDonald

Has teamed with

Angus McDonald and Willard `The Immortal` in The Immortal Highlanders.

Has feuded with (in order)

The Chosen

Jason `The Phoenix` Bell after Bell killed his parrot, Petey

Chris Eagles

The Maxx.

Matt Denton && Joseph Helms

Drake Rush && Chris Eagles && Edward Samson

Chris Eagles

Angus McDonald


XTV 4:02 Frank Erwin Center Austin Texas Against "The Straight-Edge Xtremist" Fletch On April 4, 2008 He won the match after doing his signatire move Rn'R

Previous Gimmicks

Not in TWOStars.

Randy `JJ` - Tough bully with a rough background.

In TWOStars

Randy Roko - A Scottish Pirate who is influenced by Martial Arts.

CURRENTLY - Scottish wrestler who wants to prove to people that he can be a proper headliner by any means necessary, tired of being a mid/lower carder.

Favourite Weapon

Gloves with barbed wire around them.

Titles Held

TWOStars Television Championship - Won on XTV 4.51 against Lucian L. Jones, Sickness (c), and Kyle Gilmour.

TWOStars Television championship (2nd reign) - Won at WrestleMOva against Jason Bell (c).

TWOStars Television Championship (3rd reign) - Won at Season's Beatings against The Maxx (c)

First man in TWOStars History to be a Three time Television champion.

The second TWOStars Unified World Champion - won at Mid-Summers Nights Destruction, 2011


  • Randy was injured for the majority of his third Television Title reign, he still competed through his injury.

  • Randy is said to be very entertaining when working with in the ring.

  • Randy turned down the opportunity to star in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Randy's TWOStars idol is Sickness.

  • Randy Roko and Christopher Eagles always compete to see who can do better than the other in real life.

Photo's and Media

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