Rappit Junior is an American professional wrestler currently working for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment aka UWE. He uses nicknames such as "The Extreme One", "The Dardevil, and "The Showstealer". He has also worked in companys such as EHW, XPW AND PHW.

Adam Riley
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Adam Riley]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 5 foot 6 inches
Weight 165 pounds
Date of birth January 4th, 1986
Place of birth Miami, Florida
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Resides Miami, Florida
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Trainer THAPAT and Rey Mysterio
Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
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Debut 2003
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Promotions Wrestled for

Early and personal Life

Rappit Junior is a wrestler that grew up in Miami, Florida. He had a hard life growing up. He began drug dealing at a young age of 13. He was involved in a shooting at the age of just 17 where he got shot in his right arm and his cheek (this is why he wears a mask to the ring, to hide the scar). After realising his luck he told his Mam and Dad that he would stop hanging around with the same old troublemakers and concentrate on something else, wrestling. This came as no surprise to his Mam and Dad because his Grandad was a wrestler and he had always loved his Grandad and told him that he would succeed him just before he past in his hospital bed.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling

Will be added soon.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling

Will be added soon.

Power House Wrestling

Will be added soon.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

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Finishing and Signature moves

  • Rappitsault - (Double Moonsault off of a 20 foot ladder)
  • Rappitcanrana - (Hurracanrana)

630° Senton
The Greatest Enzuigiri Ever


EHW World Title (x3)
EHW U.S. Title (x2)
EHW European Title
EHW Tag Team Titles (x4)
EHW Hardcore Title
XPW World Title (x2)
XPW TV Title
PHW World Title
PHW Tag Team Titles




The Daredevil The Extreme One The Showstealer

Theme Song

"Crank Dat (Superman)" by Soulja Boy. He choose Soulja boy to do his entrance music because they are both good friends.


Rappit Junior and Carmen have been with each other since he came into the wrestling business in 2003.

Rappit Junior and his trainer THAPAT were sometimes friends and sometimes enemys EHW. He had his most brutal matches against him.

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