Rated-R Destiny
Real name Christian Storm
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Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight 240 lbs.(110 kg.)
Date of birth April,25 1982
Place of birth Bucharest, RO
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Resides Bucharest, RO
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Trainer unknown
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Rated-R Destiny is a Romanian professional wrestler currently signed to W365. He's the godson of The Warrior of the Light. He is also currently co-holder of the W365 Tag Team Championship with his RX's partener, Johnny Cage and he is reigning the W365 Romanian Champion.

He made his debut as a cocky-heel on July 2007, defeating Mr.Rating in their first W365 match. After that he lost a tag-team match(w/Angel of Darkness) against Mystic Vegeta & Black Tiger. Rated-R Destiny lost the chance to be the first W365 Champion at W365 Plead Guility in a Ladder Match against Death Bringer, Quick Silver, Killer Boy, Mystic Vegeta, Johnny Cage. and Black Tiger. At W365 Battle Of Chaos Rated-R Destiny couldn't prove that he's the future of W365 after his lost against The Maniac & Mr. Rating and WRM's Team Russia, when he teamed up for the last time with Angel of Darkness. He made a draw this month, when Rated-R Destiny and his new alliate Johnny Cage fought XPC in a Non-PPV match. At W365 eXplosive Rated-R Destiny defeated Pierre in a Tables Match, after a Frog splash style flying crossbody through the table. At W365 Dangerous Santa "Mr. Destiny" lost a very important match in front of the Rebel Team's lider, The Maniac, after a fast roll-up. At W365 New Age War 2008 Rated-R defeated his arch rival, Maniac in a Street Fight after performing an Rated-R K.O. on a steel chair. A month later, Destiny became the first ever dual champion in W365's Champion after he defeated Brad Michaels & Tony Diaz in a triple threat match to win the W365 RO Championship at W365 Click after Destiny forcing "Lucha" tap out using the Choose your destiny lock.

Revolution X

Johnny Cage and Rated-R Destiny formed a new tag team Revolution X. At Non-PPV W365 show Revolution X defeated two former members of X-Perience, Mystic Vegeta and QuickSilver to qualify in a W365 Tag Team Championship match at Metaphysic against other two members of X-Perience Black Tiger and Matt Cartman. At W365 Metaphysic Revolution-X were crowned as the first ever W365 Tag Team Champions after Cage and Destiny defeated X-Perience Club. At New Age War's Non-PPV Revolution X will must defen their tag-team titles against Mystic Vegeta & The Maniac and WRM's boys, Evolution of Revenge.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Rated-R K.O.(Jumping Cutter)
  • Choose your destiny lock(Ankle lock)
  • Super Rated-R K.O.(Elevated Jumping Cutter)
  • The Rated-R Kick(Running punt to a kneeling opponent's head)
  • O-Zone(Overdrive)
  • Elevated DDT
  • Standing dropkick
  • Jumping Knee drop
  • Inverted headlock backbreaker
  • Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker
  • Snake eyes followed by a running big boot
  • Rated-O-Matic(Sitout rear mat slam)
  • Frog splash style flying crossbody
  • High knee strike
  • European uppercut
  • Wreching chinlock
  • Springboard enzuigiri
  • Nicknames
  • "The Godson"
  • "The Ladies Man"
  • Theme music
  • "It's Our Time" by The Chris Warren Band
  • "Crack Addict" by Limp Bizkit - while Destiny is a part of Revolution X

Championships and accomplishments

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