Name: Rated PG

Billed Weight: 208 lbs.

Billed Height: 5'9

Gimmick: Cocky Guy Who is All About Boosting the Ratings

Billed Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi

Fighting Style: Aerial

Primary Finisher: Rating Drop (spin out side slam from a powerslam position)

Secondary Finisher: Mississippi Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)

Signature Moves: Shooting Star Press, Asai DDT, Corkscrew Moonsalt, Diving DDT from top rope, Bicycle Kick

Entrance Music: "What I Want" by Daughtry


First ever ROG X-Rated Champion

First ever ROG Fallout Champion

First ever SUPLEX World Tag Team Champion (w/ Nightmare)

First ever FFW World Champion

Competed in the first ever Monday Night Meltdown match

First ever ROG wrestler to win a second championship


Rated PG made his in-ring debut on November 19, 2007 on the first episode of Monday Night Meltdown. He teamed with Johnny Nico in a losing attempt to Jack Williams and Tristan Artist. Later that night, he attacked David Sykes after his match leading to a match being signed at Aftershock with the winner getting either the choice of what match they have next, Ashley Nero's managerial services, or the X-Rated Championship. The fans voted for the X-Rated Championship, and after a low-blow from Rated PG, the first ever X-Rated Champion was crowned.

At the next pay-per-view, Adreneline Overdose, Rated PG and David Sykes faced off once again for the title, but the outcome was the same, this time with PG winning cleanly.

PG held on to the X-Rated Championship for one more month before dropping it to Dash Blade at Riot City Showdown. This was an open match that also included Tristan Artist, Y2J, Steve Ace, Aaron Kendrick, Jack Williams, and David Sykes. Later that night, he and Aaron Kendrick were recruited by Erik Michaels to join the Powers That Be. After a successful attempt at helping Erik Michaels retain his title against David Simmons the Powers that Be got into a brawl with Simmons and Dash Blade.

This lead to a Lethal Lockdown match the next month at Off the Hook with PG, Erik Michaels, Aaron Kendrick, and Ella Perez of the Powers That Be taking on David Simmons, Dash Blade, Beth Storme and an unannounced partner. The partner turned out to be Beth's brother Steve and he aided his team in victory. However, after the match the Stormes abandoned their partners and let them get beat down by The Powers That Be.

Earlier in the night it was announced that ROG would be splitting up into two brannds, Meltdown and Warzone. PG, Ella, and Kendrick all went to Warzone while Erik Michaels, the ROG World Champion, stayed on Meltdown, thus breaking up the Powers That Be. Rated PG would team up with Ella on the first episode of Warzone, but it would prove to be the last appearance by The Powers That Be as a team.

After feuding a bit with Steve Storme on Warzone, PG was placed in an interpromotional over-the-top battle royal at High Stakes, the first ever dual branded ROG PPV. The winner would receive the new Fallout Championship. PG would prove to be successful, and after eliminating his old rival David Sykes, PG became the first ever wrestler to hold a second championship. Later in the night he saved then-color commentator Jimmy DeMarco from an attack at the hands of STL. OWW Takedown World Champion the appeared on the Titan Tron saying he wanted a shot at PG's newly won title. PG spawned the idea that Fan should wrestle STL on the next Warzone to determine the #1 Contender for his title. The match took place, and Fan's fellow OWW wrestler and tag partner Legend Killer helped him win the match.

At Apocalypse PG lost his title to WWEfan after interference from Legend Killer and STL on PG's part.

The two continued feuding and PG got his rematch at Death Wish. During the course of the feud PG turned face after Fan attacked PG's wife. At the PPV, PG lost once again thanks to interference from Legend Killer.

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