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Enigmar Wrestling (June 2008 - Present)
Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment (June 2007 - January 2008)


Handled by Big Ace, D.C., The Dev, Downward Spiral, Prax, KT.
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Debut (June 13th, 2007)
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Rated X is a faction consisting of D.C, his valet Lindsey, and Brian Michaels in Enigmar Wrestling. Rated X made their original debut on June 10, 2007 at Turmoil for Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment. Their theme song is It's Going Down by X-Ecutioners feat. Linkin Park. There have been several incarnations of the group, however all reincarnations have included D.C. and Michaels, the two core members and founders.

The Early Days

Rated-X was originally concocted by Brian Michaels and D.C. Michaels met D.C. at a Super Show in New York, when Michaels was a rookie and D.C. was just a manager.

They met backstage and Michaels called D.C. aside and told him he had potential. They had a short conversation, and after 6 months of in-ring training, D.C. was skilled enough to get in the ring. Michaels watched his debut in a Rumble event and D.C. won. D.C. went on to go to the Main Event at a Major PPV after being beaten-down by several other heels and overcame the odds to win the promotions' World Title.

Michaels felt that both men were ready for the big-time. The seeds had been planted, and Michaels quickly inked a deal with upstart Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment.

The Original Rated-X

Michaels quickly made an impact at MWE and was already main-eventing by the second Pay-Per-View. Squaring off against MWE World Heavyweight Champion David Whitman and Devlin Sharpe (who would be a future Rated-X member), Michaels knew he'd have to talk a good game to intimidate his opponents. Instead of just talking a good game, he introduced what he claimed would change the face of Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment and Professional wrestling forever.. He cut a promo at his Hotel, where he introduced Rated-X, D.C., his girlfriend Amber Von Dresch, and his old friend, Downward Spiral.

Reactions varied from different MWE wrestlers. Some, who were thought as egotistical, didn't fear the newcomers in Rated-X, who were virtually unproven. Several others, however, feared that led by loudmouth rookie D.C., a technical diplomat in Downward Spiral, new MWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Michaels and a secretive woman in the group, Rated-X was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

D.C. made an immediate splash in MWE, capturing the X-TV Television Championship on only his second attempt. Spiral was 'spiraling' out of control. Michaels and D.C. did not trust Spiral because of his affiliation with WrestleZone Championship Wrestling and issued a violent beatdown of Spiral on an episode of Monday Night Mayhem. Rated-X officially kicked out Downward Spiral after this.

Departure of Amber Von Dresch

Brian Michaels and Amber Von Dresch were getting very serious. Michaels was thinking about committing to her, and Amber revealed the week before Wrestle-Wars that she was a month pregnant with a brand new baby boy. Michaels was ecstatic about the news, and wanted to celebrate right away.

Michaels and Von Dresch went out and bought an extravagant dinner and partied all night. They woke up the next night for Monday Night Mayhem slightly hungover. Michaels, still hungover, asked Von Dresch to marry him. She took awhile to answer, but finally decided to. They set the date for Monday Night Mayhem the next day after the show.

All cameras were on, and D.C., X-Television Championship and all, played the Best Man for Michaels. The marriage was all over except for the I Do's, and as Von Dresch wrote her vows, Michaels surprisingly bursted out with anger. He called her a stupid bitch, for thinking he was stupid enough to believe the B.S of a hoax she was pulling. He called her a goldigger he threw his ring into the crowd, and left with D.C., triumphant, leaving Amber Von Dresch crying in the middle of the ring.

Rated XX

The first revival of Rated-X included Brian Michaels, D.C., Devlin Sharpe, and honorary member Katherine Tenaud. The first revival lasted about as long as the first one, however.

Devlin Sharpe was recruited by Brian Michaels and was introduced as the new member the night that Downward Spiral was released from Rated-X. D.C. and Katherine Tenaud had strucken up a friendship after D.C. won the MWE Television Championship and Katherine had won the Women's Championship.

All four wrestlers were in action at Wrestle Wars. Brian Michaels was facing off against Pala for the MWE World Heavyweight Championship, D.C. was facing MWE X-Television Champion Antonio DeMarco. KT was in the very first MWE Women's Championship match against Mandy Swist and Patricia Gias. Devlin Sharpe was in a grudge match against, ironically, former Rated-X member Downward Spiral in a Loser Leaves MWE match.

In the first match of the night, Devlin Sharpe was successful in overcoming the odds and defeating the technically sound Downward Spiral. Then. Katherine Tenaud successfully became MWE's very first Women's Champion. D.C. won his very first MWE Television Championship against Antonio DeMarco, but Brian Michaels was not able to defend his MWE World Heavyweight Championship against Mayhem Mafia's Pala.

Before Michaels' match, however, Rated-X was shocked to see Devlin Sharpe laying on the ground, unconscious. D.C. called over trainers and they noted that he had a large scar over his left eye, appearing to be from a beer bottle. The three Rated-X members were shocked, and the trainers let them know that Sharpe would be out anywhere from 2–3 months. Michaels couldn't concentrate on his MWE World Heavyweight Title match due to this, and lost. Upset with himself, he walked quickly toward his Mercedes-Benz. Before he did, MWE interviewed him, and he congratulated Pala in a sarcastic manner, and claimed he would use his rematch clause. He hopped into his Black Mercedes-Benz and began to ride off.

However, another car sped right into it and hit the drivers' seat. Michaels spun out of control, crashing into another parked car, and a huge fire spread out. Michaels came out, choking and visibly red, as Wrestle_Wars came to an end.

Rated-X: D.C.'s Time

With Michaels out to a broken leg, D.C. vowed to avenge Michaels. He quickly accused Mason Resoan of CX (Canadian XChange), of running Michaels over to get him out of the Title picture. Michaels broke his leg in the accident, and was going to be out at least for three months. Rated-X seemingly broke apart, with only D.C. and K.T. remaining.

D.C., however, carried the Rated-X name and said Rated-X would never die. K.T. was seemingly showing up less and less to Monday Night Mayhem tapings and eventually left the company. D.C. was left alone, with the MWE Television Championship until Michaels made an announcement from his hospital that he would be cashing in his rematch clause: but the twist was that he would give it to D.C. D.C. was ecstatic, and promised to deliver the bacon.

D.C. was forced to vacate the X-Television Championship, due to MWE rules about holding only one Title. He cashed it in at a Fatal-Four Way match at Independence Day against Aiden Copane, Pala, and Mason Resoan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Aiden Copane won the Title, however shortly after D.C. and the three other men were attacked by WAR, an upstart promotion with wrestlers waiting and watching in the front row.

Rated-X vs WAR

D.C. was struggling to hold onto his Main-Event spot in MWE, when a new influx of talent from WAR came in. To help ease the pain being lonely on the road, D.C. brought in Lindsey, his brand-new manager and girlfriend. D.C. quickly befriended WAR leader Windy Bridges and had a brief reign as Tag Team Champions as Sick Addiction.

It was around this time, after the Independence Day Pay-Per-View, that rumors about Rated-X ending began to become rampant. With D.C. seemingly best friends with Windy, and Michaels and Sharpe still out to injury, Rated-X appeared to be over. Until, however, Brian Michaels made his triumphant return over a month early.

Michaels shocked the wrestling world by ignoring his doctor's advice and returning to the ring to help Rated-X and MWE in the war against WAR.

D.C. quickly embraced Michaels back as the old buddies relived their old fun. A month later, Devlin Sharpe returned, and with Lindsey, the four re-created Rated-X. However, this revival was also short-lived as Devlin Sharpe was having problems with management and left about two weeks later. Michaels returned to his Championship ways and Rated-X was seen hanging around each other less and less, and many felt that the relationship between D.C. and Brian Michaels had become strained.

At MWE'S January PPV, Brian Michaels lost the MWE World Heavyweight Championship to Sonny Williams. Michaels had still not fully recovered from his leg injury and wasn't ever at 100% as he used to be. With D.C. becoming not just a rising star, but a bonafide Main Eventer, Michaels' star-power and enthusiasm for Pro Wrestling began to slip. Michaels and D.C. still fought in brawls against WAR wrestlers backstage, but never together. Michaels left the company in late January, never to be seen again in an MWE ring. D.C. and Lindsey packed up their bags for Enigmar Wrestling after Michaels' father, Richard Covell sold the company to EW's owner.

The New Era of Rated-X

The New Rated-X unofficially debuted on June 8 in Houston, Texas for Enigmar Wrestling after D.C. cut a promo claiming he needed a friend and Brian Michaels came out. Rated-X chants broke out, but they were still not a team.

Rated-X made their official return to Pro Wrestling in the form of D.C., Lindsey, and Brian Michaels on June 18 in a promo by Brian Michaels. D.C. uttered the term, we're baaaack and Rated-X is back, causing hell on EW for another year or so.

Rated-X Former/Current Members

  • Amber Von Dresch
  • Brian Michaels
  • Christina Darby
  • D.C.
  • Devlin Sharpe
  • Downward Spiral
  • Katherine Tenaud (Honorary)
  • Lindsey
  • Windy Bridges (Honorary/President of Rated-X Fan Club)

Titles Held

Rated-X Move Set

  • Finishing Moves and Signature Moves
  • The O.D. (Ace of Spades into a Chemi-Kill)
  • Double Moonsault (Michaels spring-boards into opponent, followed by D.C. jumping off the top rope)
  • Poetry In Motion (Michaels whips opponent into corner, bends on all fours, as D.C. jumps off his back and hits opponent in face with legs)
  • The Flat Line (A Flatout followed by the Career Stopper)

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